You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Hello and happy start to a new, exciting week! I sure hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their weekend and feel refreshed and content.


I started the day with a simple bowl of cereal including Love Grown chocolate Power O’s, banana, cinnamon, sunflower seed butter, and vanilla almond milk. Matt made a GF Amy’s dairy free wrap topped with melted Sriracha cheddar, garlic oil hot sauce, and two over easy eggs. He gave me a bite, and it was phenomenal!


All ready to have a great day! I stopped by Mahalo on my way to our monthly quality meeting, and I got a cafe au lait with their oat milk. ‘Twas fabulous.

After a great day, I went to the salon and got my hair cut! My sweet stylist understood my desire for a change but nothing drastic. We went shorter on my neckline, longer in the back, and a more asymmetrical look with it longer on the left and shorter on the right. I really love it!

Dinner was so easy and so full o’ flavor. I cooked us Dr. Praegers Sweet Heat Beet Burgers topped with sauteed seasoned mushrooms cooked down with red wine (thanks to Matt’s suggestion!). Salad with canned three bean salad, tomatoes, cucumber, and ranch.


My super sweet coworker made the chocolate zucchini muffins after I shared the recipe with her, and she surprised me with one! I enjoyed it warmed and paired with apple, pb, and yogurt. We watched some of Last Week Tonight then called it a night.



I got up before Matt and made us Kylie’s Honey-Sweetened Cherry Pie Baked Oatmeal. I enjoyed some Greek yogurt with chocolate Power O’s and pb while I waited for it to bake.


I love how it bubbled and smelled when I removed it from the oven. Yum!

I used equal parts cherries and plums, and we really loved it.



After lounging then completing a 30-minute Barre3 flow, I got myself ready for a really fun day with Kaci and Drew.


I ate this quick light lunch before I headed over to their place. Scoop tortilla chips, beet hummus, carrots, apple and sunflower seed butter.


Kaci and Drew hadn’t yet visited the sunflower field, so we went out together. We had to walk a little farther to find ones that were alive and well, and we hit the jackpot! Isn’t Kaci beautiful? It was hotter than hell, though, and we were all sweating profusely. Heat index was in the low 100’s. Yikes.




After a trip to Home Depot, Drew met up with friends while we headed to Cruze Farm for a twin ice cream date! Axl had a day with the ladies. 😉


Kaci enjoyed birthday cake dipped in chocolate, and holy moly it will be the next flavor I choose!


I should have turned around the cone, so this was sort of a fail. Lolz. But I tried! Gotta model with mah cone.


Their latest seasonal special: blackberry ice cream with cheesecake bites, lemon cookie crumbs, graham crackers, and drizzled with honey. Y’all, there are hardly words for this. It was just what I was craving!



Once we were finished with our dreamy cones, we went back to their place to hang out together. We played a game of Kings in the Corner, listened to Mary Poppins original tunes, and I tried to be of help with putting the slipcovers back on the couch and loveseat. Kaci sweetly gave me some of her Mrs. Meyers baking soda cleaner, so when I got home, I *finally* cleaned our silver!

Dinner was a winner! Organic greens, three bean salad, last of our sauteed ‘shrooms, cucumber, leftover seared and chilled tuna coated in pepper and EBTB seasoning. We dressed our salads with apple thyme vinaigrette with rosemary crackers for me. Jax was happy to model with it!


We decided to watch a few episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Some of the episodes are funny, and I like the premise. Some just feel forced with fake laughs and odd exchanges. Have any of you all seen it? I noshed on yogurt with halved frozen grapes, ginger, cardamom, ground flax, Cheerios, and almonds.



We made another killer breakfast but this time on the savory side! I took inspiration from Alexis’ post highlighting Aldi’s latest hummus varieties. Sprouted honey oat toast topped with rosemary sea salt hummus, cucumber, smoked salmon, and tomatoes. We had fluffy scrambled eggs over wilted spinach and an apple on the side. Amazing combo, and I highly recommend it!



We were so relaxed and just chilled for a while together with the babies. I worked on a word find and then did some tasks around the house. Kaci got us a blueberry sage hand tart made with rye dough from Wild Love Bakehouse to split, and I was so grateful! I had wanted to try it, but they had run out during my last visit. I made an extra cup of coffee to go with it, and man did it taste wonderful.


I showered and grocery shopped first at Aldi then Kroger and found some amazing food. Once home, I enjoyed this awesome lunch including organic greens, cottage cheese, avocado, fresh blackberries, and Love Grown Coconut Lime Ancient Grains granola. Any other sweet-savory lovers out there?


I was so fortunate to get to take a free community Barre3 class taught by the studio owner. She is so fun, and the whole class was stellar. Diamonds are the only pose I struggle with immensely, but I took modifications and breaks and pushed through. Class left me feeling so rejuvenated!


Another quick shower later, I did laundry, dishes, vacuumed, and meal planned + prepped. Dinner was seasoned roasted cauliflower/carrots/red onion/yellow squash layered with organic canned lentils and cooked quinoa. You know I had to add Sriracha. Simple, nourishing, and satisfying. We love “power bowls”.


Snackage included yogurt, plum, Cheerios, and sunflower seed butter. We watched to or three episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee then went to bed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fall asleep for a while, but I feel pretty good today, so I’m counting my blessings.



I’ll end with this PRECIOUS video of Mason!! It came up on my memories, and it made my heart swell. He is our sweet baby boy!!

4 thoughts on “You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

  1. Aw I love that y’all went back to the sunflower field!

    Ok that ice cream flavor you got sounds like maybe one of the best flavor combos… especially with the lemon.. you know how I feel about anything lemon!

    How do you make your ahi?! I have tried several times and always overcook it.

    Goodness gracious- this all looks delicious! Thanks always for the meal inspo!


    1. I couldn’t stay away!

      Give me all the lemon too! I wish you could’ve tried this creation. So good!

      Matt & I seared it & turned down the heat some to ensure it didn’t overcook the outside while leaving it pink. I have overcooked ahi tuna steaks before & was so sad.

      You are so welcome!


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