Friday Favorites

I’m back with another edition of a Friday Favorites post! I love keeping up with fun new products and meal inspiration to share. I hope you all find it helpful!

I tried Bai a few years ago, but recently, Kaci has been enjoying them. So I picked up these two flavors to sip on during the day. I noted that they contain caffeine, so I personally don’t have them in the evening.


I saw these Beyond Meat burgers at Aldi, and I was curious as to how they tasted. We love meat, chicken, fish, tofu, etc., and I’m always up for trying new things! I’ll report back on our verdict after we try them! Anyone out there eat products from this brand? Thoughts?


We love potstickers, but unfortunately, GF are hard to find. Thankfully, Aldi came to the rescue!


I was a bit disappointed when I saw that we only received 11 instead of 12, so I got shorted one. They were oh so tasty! I made a spicy peanut sauce to drizzle over our salad that paired really nicely with them. We highly recommend them!


Processed foods get such a bad rap, but here’s the deal: any form of changing a food for consumption – peeling a carrot, grating a zucchini, and so forth – is processing. Yes, there are ultra-processed foods, like Doritos. But I’m not above buying amazing products that help us to get a wonderful meal on the table. This week we have enjoyed a combination of from-scratch meals as well as meals like the one shown below. I made Dr. Praegers’ Spicy Puff Nachos using their kale puffs, canned organic black beans, freshly grated cheddar, pickled jalapenos, and bell pepper. We enjoyed them over spinach with avocado and yogurt. Fat, protein, carbs, flavor, enjoyment – all were present!



I absolutely love all of Erin’s recipes and am thankful she shared my batch of Avocado Zucchini Muffins! Everyone needs to make them this summer!


This passive aggressive humorous post had been cracking up!


I’ve been working hard on being intentional with my social media + phone usage. In the mornings, I’ve been opting for completing word finds and reading while I sip my coffee. Let me tell you, it creates such a calm feeling rather than a more frazzled sensation after going down a scrolling rabbit hole. Don’t get me wrong – I love to connect with others! Hello, I have this blog space. But I know there are many times I need to be present and enjoy my life fully and not because of being excited to share with others. Anyone else resonate with this? One morning I chose to read more of The F*ck It Diet, and this passage was so profound. The power of suggestion is very real and can truly cause us to see things in a slanted perspective. A study was conducted in which two groups were given the same milkshake but each were told it contained differing calories (140 vs. 640 with it being about 380 in reality). The researchers noted those who drank the “decadent” milkshake had lower ghrelin levels (hunger hormone) where as those who drank the “health” shake had higher ghrelin levels. You guys, this is incredibly important to realize. What we think about a food can directly impact how our bodies respond. The brain-gut connection is real and strong!


I agree with this beautiful message 100%!


Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I have tried bai a couple times- and was bummed it had caffeine too- the only way I care to get my caffeine is through coffee, so even with Komboucha and stuff I have to be careful because it will que that insomnia quick!

    We LOVEEEE The Beyond Burger. DJ especially loves it. When we did the Daniel Fast we ate them a lot, but they were a bit pricy, so we only get them on a rare occasion. Although I did have an “impossible philly cheesesteak” last night that I think it was made with … and wow….one of the best vegan meals I’ve ever had!

    Ok I am blown away by the facts you shared about our perception influencing our ghrelin levels! I have never heard that—but it’s wild!! Thank you for sharing!!


    1. I knew you would understand! I didn’t want a drink I could only have in the early part of the day. I would’ve liked to sip on it at dinner, but not giving myself insomnia either. 🙅🏼‍♀️

      I loved it too! I think Matt was pleased with it but would’ve wanted a real burger a little more. 😉 But he’s so open to trying new foods, vegetarian & animal based!

      It blew my mind! 🤯 Our minds are so powerful!


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