It Was a Triple Coffee Shop Visit Kind of Weekend

On Friday evening, I told Matt the week really zipped on by, and here we are again on a Monday morning. But I’m grateful for both the work week and weekend and all of the experiences I’m fortunate to have! I’ll just keep soaking them up as best I can.


I started the day with the last of our baked oatmeal toasted then enjoyed with yogurt, walnuts, and maple. So good!


I couldn’t resist this filter. It seemed to go with my floral dress 90’s vibe perfectly. 😉


I worked in Sweetwater at our Lead RD’s clinic, and I always love to explore new areas. I realized, however, that I had explored this exact place in April 2015 when I was covering a nursing home in my first job as a Long-term Care RD Consultant. So weird to reflect on alllll that has changed since then!



Love small towns with quaint downtown shops. ❤


Thanks to the clinic’s social worker for telling me about Cup Runneth Over Coffee, I decided to have lunch and coffee there.


Such a cute space! Unfortunately, I had been so cold all morning that I needed to sit outside. But I wanted to enjoy their cafe. Oh well.


Salad with chicken Marsala and a lovely cafe au lait. Such a wonderful meal!


I made such good timing on my work and was able to stop by Barre3 on my way home to get one of their new tanks with my 10% discount. =D

Dinner was certainly one we’ll make again soon! We reheated our loaded kale tots in the oven with more cheese then enjoyed them over wilted spinach with avocado, lime, garlic oil hot sauce, and over easy egg. YUM. Love breakfast for dinner!


Later snackage included Love Grown Chocolate Power O’s, blackberries, banana, roasted lightly salted almonds, and almond milk. I was still hungry while we were watching Elementary, so I enjoyed a few small spoonfuls of yogurt with pb and plain Cheerios. That did the trick!



I was really productive on Thursday and made these stellar Flourless Zucchini Muffins by Brittany that we are loving! I made them with sunflower seed butter, and they turned out beautifully.

Before baking them / baked to delicious perfection.

I enjoyed one warmed along with yogurt, chocolate sea salt granola, and blackberries. I added more granola and felt really satisfied.

Once I was finally ready, Kaci came and picked me up for a twin day! I sported my new Barre3 tank that has an 80’s Stranger Things era look to it, and I love it! “You are golden” by the brand Spiritual Gangster. 😉


We went to Mahalo and had the best time!


I thoroughly enjoyed their house-made chicken salad on wheat roll with black coffee.


We twinned in our tanks and spectacles!


❤ ❤


We swung by Naturally a Deal Market, and they now have local produce. Such beautiful fruits and vegetables!


I stocked up on awesome products for us.



Then Kaci and I went on maybe an hour long walk. Neither of us took our phones or allowed ourselves to be distracted by them. I’m working on making a conscious effort to regulate my social media usage, and it felt so nice to be connected and truly engaged.

I went by Wal-Mart with her then she had to leave to get ready for her nephew’s birthday party. I drove to West Knox to pick up our sunflower field prints, and I’m so happy to have them! I finally am beginning to fill this pretty album that Matt surprised me with.




For some reason, several of the prunes from this container accidentally still have a pit. Yikes! I saw this, thankfully, before biting into it, but sheesh. I tried the new sprouted sour cream and chive cashews I bought at the market.


I roasted one of the eggplants and then simmered it with organic jarred vegetable pasta sauce I had also bought at the market during my last visit. We enjoyed it tossed with TJ’s cauliflower gnocchi and a salad on the side. We both loved this dish! I highly recommend gnocchi of any kind, but TJ’s frozen makes it even more convenient.


We split one of the peaches I bought, and lawd, it was so good! Juicy, sweet, bright. Gosh, I finally chose great peaches. Ha! I had a slice of my strawberry swirl bread that I had frozen, so I warmed it and added pb. Perfection. We watched some of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee then crawled into bed.



I woke up craving overnight oats, but problem was I hadn’t prepped them. Lolz. So I added oats, cottage cheese, and milk to our Sunbutter jar and let it sit while I washed dishes and prepped our coffee. I added blackberries and some Power O’s, and by the time I sat down to eat, the oats had softened perfectly.


This memory warmed my whole heart!!


I was in the mood for Barre3, so I did a wonderful workout with my own personal meow-tivator.


It wiped her out, though!


It was nap:thirty.


I got myself ready, ate a Garden Lite butternut squash muffin, and I headed to Remedy Coffee. They kindly sent me a free drink voucher, but I realized it was only for drip coffee. Oh well! I’m saving it for my next visit to Skyway since I’ll pass by, and I chose to get their “Peggy Hill” special: blueberry milk topped with matcha. So darn pretty! I should’ve mixed it, though, because the matcha needed some of the milk’s sweetness. But it was refreshing. I brought a Larabar and munched on it as well.



I swung by Kaci and Drew’s and got to see them for a little bit before doing our basically weekly Kroger grocery shopping. I saved a great deal, though and stocked up on plenty of goods!

My late snack-y lunch included black bean hummus, Sriracha cheddar, cuke, carrots, Triscuit Thins, and an apple.


I roasted the other two eggplant, local zucchini, and the whole bell pepper. I warmed the last of our quinoa, some of the roasted vegetables, and a big spoonful of our Asian peanut butter sauce that we enjoyed over a bed of greens. We cooked Aldi edamame from frozen and topped the pods with salt. Easy peas-y meal.

Final snack of the weekend included half a local peach with Multigrain Cheerios, pb, and milk. I had some herbal tea with local honey, watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, then we got a nice night’s sleep.

I wish you all the very best this week! We’ll be heading to OH on Friday for a race weekend, and we’re excited!

4 thoughts on “It Was a Triple Coffee Shop Visit Kind of Weekend

  1. I meant to comment in the last post- I love what you said about just reading in the morning before being distracted by technology. The mornings I start with scripture or just in the quiet always are best and set the tone for the day. Interestingly, I was thinking the other day about my “happiest” most calm times in life- and they all included minimal Instagram, a lot of blogging, reading and intentionality with my time. It really makes allll the difference.

    We are recently obsessssed with the cauli gnocchi- gosh, it is soo flippin’ good. It’s something I craveee.

    Ohhh yum- blueberry with matcha sounds soo good!

    Hope the race went well 🙂


    1. It makes such a difference! I just have to commit & not fall back into easy scrolling. It does set the tone for the day.

      Soo so good! And easy to whip up on a weeknight.

      It was a winning combo!

      It did! Matt only had one other guy in his class, but he had fun! He placed first of the two & got a trophy for both races. 😄


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