Friday Fav • or • ites

I’m here for another round of Friday Favorites! We’re leaving for Ohio for a fun-filled race weekend, and we’re really excited! I love weekend getaways, and Matt has been itching to hit the track.

I finally got my paws on one of The Pioneer Woman’s frozen food items! They looked awesome for a morning when you want savory but are low on time. I tried them with toast topped with Greek cream cheese and honey along with a local peach. So. Good. Funny story: I was planning to top my cream cheese with jam, but I was SUCH a klutz and dropped the glass jar. Jam and glass everywhere. I just stood there and stared at it. Between Matt dropping our maple and then this, we clearly have slippery fingers in the morning. Womp womp.


Some people don’t like the texture of Triscuit crackers or shredded wheat, but the texture is one of the reasons I love them. I love the braided wheat, and these Triscuit Thin Crisps are a little more delicate or light. I love this flavor! Savory with a hint of sweet.


While we always keep tubs of plain Greek yogurt on hand, it’s nice to have single-serve flavored yogurts at times. I saw these new flavors from Chobani that practically threw themselves into my cart. 😉


All about that herbal tea in the evening! Cinnamon and lavender are two of my favorite flavors, so to combine them sounded like the perfect idea. I’ve really been enjoying this and recommend it!


So because I accidentally wasted our jam, I bought us a new jar and decided to try this new product by Smucker’s. We tried it and both love it!


Has anyone tried this apple variety? I thought they sounded fun, and I’ve enjoyed a few. The skin seems a tad chewy, but they do have a nice flavor. I’m not sure I’d go as far as to call it a “tropical twist”, but if anyone has tried them, please let me know your thoughts! Also, Jackson standing on his tippy toes for Rachel’s food on the counter kills me!


I used the last of our jarred organic vegetable pasta sauce in this dish with local roasted eggplant/red pepper/zucchini and GF elbow noodles. The noodles were made with brown rice and flax seed, and they were delicious! Unfortunately, I cooked them pretty well, but as the leftovers sat in the sauce, they cooked more and became overly soft. Oh well!


Some more meal inspiration for you. “Chicken and waffles” with a twist. I toasted a ‘Thick and Fluffy’ Eggo waffle and topped it with an Aldi Mediterranean chicken burger and pickles. We enjoyed steamed peas and carrots and local tomatoes on the side. Such a fun meal!


I finally made our Beyond Meat ‘The Beyond Burgers’, and we enjoyed them topped with pickled jalapeños and over Canyon Bakehouse Ancient Grain bread with mayo and spicy mustard. I roasted green beans and zucchini to go along with them. Interesting texture and very tasty! Different but great.


I received a free coffee coupon from Remedy Coffee, and I was so thankful! I enjoyed it with a splash of oat milk.


It’s located next to the Knoxville National Cemetery , and I always think it’s so interesting when I pass by.


I used my Burt’s Bees charcoal mask one evening, and it made me think of the scene in It Takes Two where the evil step-mom creeps out the kids with her eye mask. Hahahahaha

I so need this tattooed on my arm as a reminder. So often I can get caught up in feeling less than or as though I’ve failed because something has taken longer for me to accomplish. As old as it is to hear, and I am tired of it too 😉 our home search is quite the struggle all while it feels many others find and secure a nice place. I know we’re rather specific about what we want, and the market is just crazy. For instance, we were the second couple to tour a home the day it was listed, and by the time we shared our offer, our realtor said the first couple already bought it. I wasn’t in love, so in hindsight, it was fine. But I was just frustrated by the mere fact that we can’t even think about a home and really consider all of the costs before it goes pending. Our time will come, though.




Matt was working on one of his boss’s cars, and he spotted this incredible owl in a tree nearby! He text this to me during the afternoon on Thursday, and it made my day!


Have the best weekend!




6 thoughts on “Friday Fav • or • ites

  1. Hi Kori,

    The only thing that shows up for this post is the title and advertisements. Maybe it didn’t publish correctly? Just wanted to let you know, hope you enjoy your Friday 🙂


    1. Thank you for letting me know! I had it all drafted, so I’m not sure what happened. Hopefully I can get it shared soon.


  2. LOL! I am the BIGGEST kitchen klutz ever. I literally dropped a jar of beets yesterday- did you know beets have to be one of the toughest things of all time to clean up?! It gets everywhere!!! Hahah, all that to say I empathize big time!! If I had a dime whenever I broke something…

    I lovee the texture of triscuits too. The more texture something has the more I’m bound to like it!

    Such amazing reminders in here too . I really adore the quotes you share- they always inspire & encourage me. ❤ Gosh this was so nice to catch up on your blog. I was getting into a meal rut, so this inspired me again to change things up! Have a great week ahead, dear friend ❤


    1. Hahahaha! “Did you know beets have to be one of the toughest things of all time to clean up?!” I started laughing so big, but gos that stinks!! I have such slippery fingers sometimes. 🤣 You & I would both be rich!

      Yesss! I saw a meme/joke about how if you like the texture of whicker. I thought I needed to defend our beloved shredded wheat & Triscuit. 😆

      I’m so grateful they resonate with you too! I absolutely *loved* reading all of your comments! I so hope you have an amazing week too, sweet girl!


      1. tehehe! It was so roughhhh. Glad you relate though!

        And that’s hilarious- whicker- lol! Kinda true, but if liking the texture of whicker is wrong I don’t wanna be right!


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