‘I Love Lucy’ on the Big Screen!

In June, I saw an advertisement for tickets to watch ‘I Love Lucy’ in the theater on August 6th, what would have been Lucille Ball’s 108st birthday. Kaci and I immediately purchased our tickets! We absolutely adore Lucy, the show, her fashion, and her humor. I’ve loved her and the show since I was as young as seven.

When Matt and I were at the track, the other driver in his class sweetly gave me this newspaper article detailing the event!



Naturally, I had to wear a Lucy-inspired outfit. I purchased both the dress and petticoat, Grace Karin brand, from Amazon. I’ve never worn a petticoat, but I wanted to give the dress some more of a 50’s flare. I absolutely loved it and wish they would make a comeback!



Loved Kaci’s outfit too! The orange was like an ode to Lucy’s iconic red hair, and the midi length was perfect.


I feel like this pose is a little nod to the 50’s, no? 😉


We enjoyed an awesome, quick dinner at Chick-fil-a before making our way to the theater. A sweet younger girl told me she loved my dress. I think this style should be brought back and worn more often!



Tried to get a selfie with the Regal Cinemas sign in the background. ‘Twas the best we could do. ❤


‘I Love Lucy’ on the sign! They were giving out free posters but ran out. Cue the crying emoji.


Seeing the photos in color on the big screen gave me chills! I know not everyone would understand, but I just love this show so much.



They shared footage from CBS, “Redhead Tales”, on how they were able to colorize the original black and white series, and it was absolutely fascinating! They had to research tablecloths, decor, clothes, etc. of the time, and they also found real color photos from some of the sets that depicted their clothes and the props. The amount of effort and attention to detail to transition the episodes into color was unreal. I truly saw things that I hadn’t noticed before: paintings in their apartment, decorations on the mantel, dinnerware, you name it! I was in awe. They then played five episodes: “Lucy Does a TV Commercial”, “Job Switching”, “Pioneer Women”, “The Million Dollar Idea”, and “L.A. at Last!”. If you have not seen an episode, I so urge you to do so. Despite being at least 60 years old, the humor and story lines still apply today! Now that I’m married, I laugh at the skits in a different way. I just love the writing and execution by the cast so very much. It was an honor to attend. Our mom got to watch a taping of “I Love Lucy” I believe, so had she been alive, I know she would’ve loved to come with us. ❤

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