Weekend Spent at the Track

Good morning! If you’ve followed for a bit, you know I’ve mentioned that Matt races his Nissan 240 with the SCCA: Sports Car Club of America. We hadn’t been to any track this year, but we finally were able to go and had a blast! We hadn’t been to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH, but we sure loved it!


I started the day with overnight oats made with leftover smoothie from breakfast the day before. It included frozen banana, berry/cherry/kale blend, Greek yogurt, milk, and cocoa mocha powder I found at our discount market. It looks ugly but was so good!


Matt said I looked like Woodstock from the Peanuts, ha!


We were so fortunate to have amazing weather all weekend long! The skies and mountains were so beautiful.


The first rest area we stopped at was gorgeous!





A sweet gentleman offered to take our photos! ❤


Random fact: Matt wore this polo to my house when he first came over and we officially started dating on July 12, 2005. And yes, I remember this. ❤



Later I fed Matt his lunch while he drove, and it had to look hilarious! It made me think of a baby trying to get the whole bite in his/her mouth as the parent feeds them. This was leftover peas and carrots with Italian dressing and queso crumbled into it. He also enjoyed our leftover pasta chilled.


I had a salad with the peas and carrots, brown rice, hummus, and queso. It was an awesome combo!


Jammin’ and drivin’

I spotted this “Prison Mike” bumper sticker, ha! It’s one of Michael Scott’s alter egos for those who aren’t familiar with The Office.


During the drive, I enjoyed Chobani vanilla yogurt + cashew butter cup for a snack as well as an apple with sprouted sour cream and chive flavored cashews and sunflower seeds.

We arrived at just a little after 4:00 and had made great timing. Matt unloaded the car, and we aired up the mattress, put up the tent over the car, and got our food and trailer organized.

We had hoped to walk the track, but the test day went later than we expected, so we walked the grounds. A gentleman told us this A-frame was built by I believe the founder of the track and is the oldest building on the property. Sadly, it was deteriorating, but we thought it was really cute.


Had to take some selfies with it in the background. 😉






It’s located by the pond, which was also very pretty.



This camper looked really neat! It was made of real wood.


Observing the track, and I’m sure his mind was racing about racing, ha.


Gorgeous planters!

The fields and sky were just so pretty.

I had roasted green beans and potatoes for us to enjoy with rotisserie chicken for dinner on Friday and Saturday. We brought along our beloved Cholula garlic oil hot sauce as well. The portions look small, and I realized I should’ve brought more chicken.


But our evening snack after each taking a shower hit the spot. I had a banana bar with pb and milk while he had banana bar with Chobani vanilla yogurt + cashew butter.



Welp, it may be August, but it gets very cold at night, especially since we sleep in a metal framed trailer. Hahaha. Matt got the comforter at some point during the night, but sleep wasn’t great. Breakfast, however, was fab. Oatmeal with pb and peach raspberry jam.


All lined up for his first qualifying session.



So I’ve never considered myself very graceful, but I sure am a klutz. I sat in the metal bleachers to watch, and I was wearing my Chacos. The grass was wet, so my shoes were slippery. I discovered this as I walked down the stairs, lost my footing, and I landed square on my right butt, thigh, and arm. Holy guac, it hurt. I have a beautiful welt/bruise on my thigh, one across my right cheek, and my arm. HAHAHA it was absurd. I took his tire pressures when he came into pit at the end then I hobbled back to the trailer. After my shower, I felt a lot better and was able to laugh about it. Sheesh.


Selfie for the day!


Our sweet set-up. He got us really close to the bathrooms too. 🙂


For lunch, we enjoyed Amy’s wraps with carrots. This was the pizza supreme flavor, and I highly recommend it! I then had an apple and a Van’s chocolate pb bar for a sweet finish.


A clip from his first race!

Even though I want him to get as much track time as he can, I loved that he only ran one race because then we got to walk around together.


Unfortunately, this tunnel wasn’t open, but you could walk through it to the other side where there were some bleachers that had a great view of the track.


My beautiful bruise. It looks quite a bit worse now, but as the saying goes, it usually gets worse before it will get better. Kinda looked like it was part of my ink, ha.


As Matt changed the tires on his car, I ate a Chobani vanilla yogurt + almond butter cup then took a little cat nap while basking in the sun. It felt amazing! I jumped and woke up when he used the impact to remove a lug nut. But it was just long enough of a nap without causing me to feel drowsy.

We went on another awesome walk, went to the tower to collect the timing sheet, snacked on a cheese stick with the last of the sprouted cashews + sunflower seeds, then we heated our meal.

Dinner on repeat but with better portions.


After showering, I enjoyed a banana bar with Greek cream cheese, sunflower seeds, and two cuties. Stellar combo!



We made savory oat muffins for breakfast, but unfortunately, Matt cooked mine just a tad too long such that I didn’t want to heat it with the cheese. It did melt some as I ate it, and it was delish. I crunched on an apple on the side.


Typical 😉


One more selfie with the tower in the background.


I enjoyed the spanakopita wrap with hot sauce, carrots, and bell pepper. I ate a Chobani chocolate yogurt + hazelnut butter cup for that sweet finish.


Then we sadly loaded up to the leave, which is always such a depressing part of any trip.


BUT I was SO excited because we got to visit with one of my very best friends!! Randi, Josh, and their girls moved to OH in July, so it worked out absolutely perfectly for us to get to see them before we headed home.


Love her so much! She so sweetly put out amazing snacks, coffee, and water for us to enjoy while we caught up with each other then surprised us with snacks for the road. I have the best friends!


❤ My heart felt so happy.


Sadly, we had to leave as we had a little more than seven hours ahead of us to get home. Randi gave us each a water bottle from their new church where Josh now works, so I filled it with ice cold water. Perfect!


Filtered photos for ish and giggles.

Matt wanted to wait until we got into KY to eat dinner, but then it started to get late with very few options. My hanger definitely appeared. But I saw a billboard for Cracker Barrel, and we made it in time, phew! Cracker Barrel is so nostalgic, and I love dining at one on a road trip.

Bathroom selfie before filling my belly with delish food.


There is a huge twin festival that takes place in Twinsburg, OH, and it happened to take place last weekend. It was four hours away from where we were, but we saw these adorable elderly twin brothers and wondered if they had attended. They were still dressed the same!


My cutie.


We both ordered the lemon pepper tilapia, and I had salad, cornbread, and their Brussels sprouts kale salad with mine. He enjoyed pinto beans, Brussels kale salad, and carrots.

I bought this cookie at the track, so I ate several bites until I was satisfied. Very sweet but very good, and I love the salty crunch!


I felt so terrible that I couldn’t help drive, but there is no way I would drive a manual diesel truck towing a 27′ trailer. NOPE. I never fell asleep, but my eyes got very heavy. We jammed to Tool, which gave us a boost. But after stopping at a rest area and brushing our teeth + me washing my face, we carried on until we were about 30 minutes away. We pulled into a McD’s parking lot and rested for a bit, then we finally got home a little before 3:00 am.

The babies were SO excited to have us home! Jackson kept mewing and rubbing. It was like he was saying, “it really is you! My hoomans are home!” Kaci took amazing care of them (they’re her babies as well, so she’s just as much their mama <3).

I got up and fed our sweeties, then once I was up, I helped to unpack, wash clothes and sheets, put away dishes, etc.



So cute!


And there you have it! I’m sorry it’s so long, but I was just snappin’ away and wanted to share all of our fun adventure. We had a few squabbles, namely just when I was frustrated by my fall, but we had the best time! I so appreciate that Matt’s hobby can include us both and give us new experiences.

Kaci and I will be going to the movie theater to watch ‘I Love Lucy’ to honor Lucille Ball’s birthday! I will share a recap tomorrow. Have the best day!

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