Friday Favorites, Hot Off the Press!

Hello all of you wonderful people! I so hope this week has treated you well. I love sharing some finds, favorites, and meal inspiration, and as always, please feel free to share your own in the comments!

One of the girls I worked with took a new job, and she was very kind to bring in clothes that she was planning to donate. I found several pieces that I love, including these three dresses. The brand of the pink dress shown below is actually Kori! I love the fit – so comfortable with a boho vibe.


I’ve been on a hat kick and decided to pair it with the dress. While shopping at Kroger, one lady told me she loved my hat, and another lady said as she rounded the corner into the aisle, “you look too pretty to just be grocery shopping. I’m definitely not on your level”. She looked great in my opinion, and I appreciated the sweet compliment!


I so love the way this dress drapes on the sides! It is flow-y and comfortable while being dressy enough and pretty. I decided to pair it with my floral Keds and pom pom earrings. for more pizazz.



Lastly, I also got this shirt from her, and I love a good hi-low shirt! I paired it with my floral Boden pixie pants, complete with a bolder lip.



I saw these signs when we ate at Cracker Barrel on Sunday, and I loved them! The rustic, farmhouse chic vibe is so cozy and pretty.


These cards at Kroger are so fancy! I almost wanted to buy the owl just to frame it. Ha. It is very nicely made! It’s a present all its own.

I couldn’t resist and decided to invest in a cute Pioneer Woman suitcase! Matt thought they looked too youthful, but give me all the bright, floral, fun prints. I love that it’s small enough to store in the overhead compartment, so when I travel to FNCE in October, I’m hoping I won’t have to check a bag.

Kath recently shared a post about Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. I first saw it when we stayed at our AirBnB in Nashville, and I loved the packaging! Their mission is wonderful too, and the price was the cherry on top. I bought 48 3-ply 400 sheet count rolls for $38 with free shipping. Score!


Jackson was so happy to model the box! Kaci took these when she so kindly brought the box inside while we were gone. Love him!

Speaking of the bathroom, Kaci kindly bought the babies more litter and purchased Scoop Away with Lil Bub as one of their spokeskitties. Love sweet Lil Bub!


Next up in some meal inspiration! I brought home my other cornbread muffin from Cracker Barrel, and I warmed it then drizzled it with local honey. I paired it with two eggs over wilted organic greens with hidden crumbled queso. I cooked the eggs in butter and 21 Seasoning Salute, and they were so awesome! One yolk did pop, but there was plenty of drippy yolk from the intact sunny side up egg. Apple for that sweet, juicy crunch.


For dinner Monday evening, I thawed wild caught salmon and baked the fillets with olive oil, butter, lemon, and EBTB seasoning. I loosely wrapped them in foil to make sure they stayed juicy. Unfortunately, my fillet was a little dry, but Matt said his was great! We had Tommy’s frozen asparagus/kale/red pepper mix, 90-second vegetable rice, and a wonderful tomato given to us from one of our friend’s garden. Love that this was a mix of from-scratch and convenience foods because together they can help put a lovely meal on the table.


I was rather proud of this meal! I coated a pork tenderloin in our 21 Seasoning Salute blend + salt, seared it in an iron skillet, then baked it for 15 minutes at 450°. I cooked Zatarain’s Mango Habanero rice + quinoa and had a simple salad with hummus for me, Italian dressing for Matt. I sautéed ‘shrooms in the pan as the pork rested, cooked down red wine, then added the medallions to the pan to finish cooking. Mmmm


I’ve never tried a Nespresso pod, but one of my sweet coworkers gave me one of her caramel ones to try. I drizzled it with some of the honey she brought, and it was such a much-needed boost that morning!


I’ve seen this before and finally had to share it myself. Yes to this! Nutrition, eating, food should not be so damn complicated. Enjoy bread, stop villainizing it, and if you don’t like kale, then don’t feel pressured to eat it or anything that you don’t like for that matter. There are so many amazing foods out there that forcing yourself to eat one “in the name of health” makes no sense.


Always ending on that inspirational, positive note. ❤



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