Sweet Summertime Still Going Strong

Good morning, lovelies! I certainly hope you are feeling content and that you had an incredible weekend!


I started the day with an amazing breakfast. One of our friends from our race group gave us figs from his and his wife’s tree. I roasted them with cinnamon and brown sugar on Thursday and allowed them to chill.


For breakfast, I made oatmeal and topped my bowl with the baked figs and had Pioneer Woman vegetable egg bites with garlic oil hot sauce for a savory protein side.

If you read my Friday Favorites post, I mentioned ordering a Pioneer Woman suitcase, and it arrive Friday afternoon!

I put together a quick vegetarian meal after vacuuming the house and doing a load of laundry. Organic greens, mango habanero rice, and white beans heated together and enjoyed with local tomato and sweet + hot pickles. Weird but tasty combo!


Snackage included Fage Greek yogurt, a super juicy, sweet nectarin, Cheerios + Love Grown Chocolate Power O’s, and pb. So good! We watched the week’s episode of Elementary, which was a really good one. Anyone else follow this show?



Y’all, I slept so well and even slept late by my standards! I didn’t get up until just before 9:00. I needed those zzz. Breakfast was stellar! I was proud of my creation. Leftover mango habanero rice and beans warmed over greens then topped with beautiful sunny side up eggs with crumbled queso cheese and garlic oil hot sauce. I had another nectarine because they are amazing! They taste like sweet summer.


Our baby boy!!! He helped us big time with our TN puzzle. 😉 ❤


I completed a 30-minute Barre3 flow led by Barre3’s founder, Sadie Lincoln. It was so challenging and so rewarding!! I hadn’t been in as much of a routine lately, but this week I got back into Barre3 in the best way possible. I put myself together to do a little shopping for the day. Kaci got me this beautiful top from their honeymoon.


Before I left, I ate a slice toasted sprout honey oat bread with pb and banana + a Fage cup I bought on super sale with the remainder of said banana and plenty of cinnamon. I added more as well as nutmeg after I stirred it.


I felt like a kid who emptied out her piggybank for that prized toy because I gathered up $4 in quarters and got an iced coffee from Life House Coffee. I sipped on it while I shopped at Naturally A Deal Discount Market for 10% off everything in the store. Scored some awesome goods! I then went by Kroger because what is a weekend without a visit. Lolz.

Once home, I put away the goods and snacked on carrots with pine nut hummus and sprouted sour cream and chive cashews + sunflower seeds.


Look at this adorable local eggplant! I bought several from the market and roasted a few to enjoy with dinner.


It was a pizza kinda night, which is one of my favorite meals! Salad with broccoli slaw, local tomato, roasted eggplant, avocado, and Italian dressing. I didn’t cook our pizzas quite long enough, so I heated my slices to finish warming them through. Sometimes I kill it and other times I don’t fully cook a frozen pizza. ish happens 😉 I try to time it accordingly given I cook his gf alongside mine, and they often have slight variations in temp and time.


I still had plenty of energy so I went on about a 30-minute neighborhood walk, and would you look at that gorgeous cotton candy sky! It was rather breathtaking in person.


I saw a joke that shredded wheat and Triscuit are like eating whicker. But as Mackenzie said, if eating whicker is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Ha! I’ve been craving shredded wheat, and I enjoyed a mug with a cutie, almonds, and almond coconut milk. We relaxed together, but unfortunately, we don’t really have a show to follow right now. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Lucifer won’t be out until late this year and into next, respectively.



After another incredible night of sleep, I woke up feeling rejuvenated. I used nearly the last of our gf buttermilk pancake/waffle mix to make these beautiful waffles. I topped mine with pb and maple (added more maple after I took a few bites) and had some cherries on ze side.


These sleepy babies! ❤


Rachel sleeps in some hilarious positions sometimes. Girlfriend looked broken. Her right paw was tucked back. Love our baby girl!


I finished even more laundry and dishes before showering and enjoying this lunch. TJ’s vegetable burger topped with avocado and local tomato, carrots with hummus, nectarine, and a small mug of shredded wheat with oat milk.


I headed over to Kaci and Drew’s, but on my way I came upon a horrific wreck that had just happened shortly before. Reports state that an intoxicated POS crossed into oncoming traffic and killed a motorcycle driver with the passenger dying later at the hospital. Three more cars were involved as well. It is right out front from the clinic where I work, and it happened just shy of 2:00 pm. When I saw the motorcyclist’s feet sticking out of the sheet covering his body, I felt ill. The thought of someone leaving their home for a nice joyride only to die and never return home hit me hard. This road I live and work on is quite dangerous. Driving under the influence is so inexcusable. I cannot stand it. When I rode with Kaci and Drew to get Axl’s yearly shots, we watched a woman in a van with kids nonchalantly pick up her phone and use it multiple times while driving down the interstate. I have been so guilty as charged of doing this, but damnit if I’m not going to work hard to keep my phone put away and eyes on the road. She shouldn’t have a license.

End rant. Kaci and I carpooled to a lovely venue called Jackson Terminal to take a $5 Barre3 community class. You may recall we took this class last May, and we were so grateful that they held it again! I had the best time and feel sore in the best way. It reminds me of the time I devoted to myself. Funny enough, yesterday marked six years ago that I took my very first class.

I had prepped two large chicken breasts to marinate in Italian dressing, so all I had to do was preheat the oven and put them in to do their time. I made salads to enjoy with it as well as for today’s lunch. While they baked, I crunched on corn chips with salsa. Such a simple but delicious combo. We had been craving this chicken, and we both enjoyed it!


After we both showered, I made us decaf hazelnut coffee and noshed on the last of this open tub of yogurt with banana, a date, pb, and Multigrain + classic Cheerios.



Make today and this week lovely, be safe, and count your blessings. I for one will be doing the same!


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