“It’s No Use Going Back to Yesterday Because I was a Different Person Then.”

Does anyone recognize the quote in my title? It’s from one of my favorite Disney movies, Alice in Wonderland! I love how it points out that physically, mentally, emotionally, we are constantly growing, evolving, and improving. We are not meant to remain the same as that would be boring. So cheers to growth and positive change!

I so hope you all are enjoying your Monday thus far and made a number of new, fun memories last weekend! I’m always grateful to get to share ours in this space and to have people interested in what we were up to. 🙂


I began the day on a very tasty note. I prepared oatmeal with dark chocolate almond milk and topped my bowl with with fresh cherries and pb. So good!


A friend of mine shared this with me, and it cracked me up big time! Going to the bathroom while wearing a romper or jumpsuit can really take you down in the confidence department. Bahaha


After attending our monthly quality meeting, I stopped in at this boutique while on my way back to the clinic. I browsed but didn’t purchase anything. They had some cute summer clothes while also transitioning to fall. I’m all for time to slow down, but the prospect of fall being here in about six-ish weeks is exciting to my autumn-loving heart!

All thanks to Sarah for sharing this post, I felt inspired to make these Morning Glory Cookies as well! Based on what we had, I used quick cooking oats, chia instead of hemp, walnuts instead of pecans, and our sprouted cinnamon coconut crunch product. It felt so good to whip these up before our fun evening!


We bought tickets to join Kaci, Drew, and Axl at Ijam’s “Alice in Wonderland: Under the Stars” event, and it was amazing!


The outtakes are sometimes the best!

As are the candids. Bahaha

My girl.


Matt enjoyed salmon, potatoes, and sauteed spinach from Aubrey’s on the way since gf food choices would be limited for him. I got this beef stew over mashed potatoes from an Irish-Cuban fusion food cart. It would have been phenonmenal had it not tasted like he accidentally dropped the whole jar of salt into the batch. Matt loves him some salt, and one bite had him cringing. I ate what I could, but it was disappointing. However, unlike old me, it did not ruin my night one bit! Not all meals will be stellar or fancy, but it gave me energy, so there was that.


Goob and his girls!


Figured the stars filter was appropriate.


It was so neat to see the movie on the big screen! Watching Alice took me back to Kaci and Drew’s wedding with her amazing Alice in Wonderland photo booth!



Matt and I each enjoyed one of the cookies then I snacked on almonds and fruit when I got home. We didn’t go to bed until midnight because we’re a couple of party animals.


While I didn’t sleep super well, breakfast made up for it! Two fluffy cheesy scrambled eggs cooked in butter and garlic herb seasoning, served over wilted spinach, and topped with garlic oil hot sauce. I toasted a cookie and drizzled it with honey, and I enjoyed cherries and local tomato on the side as well.


I wore one of my fav tops with flowers and beetles printed on the front to meet up with Randi and the girls for Stanley’s Greenhouse Butterfly Festival. Figured I might as well dress with a little bit of a theme. 😉 I was so excited to receive a message from Randi earlier in the week that she and the girls were coming to TN for a visit!


Kaci made these lovely earrings!



I have never seen an air plant, but these were neat! No soil needed for them to grow.


I love that Randi captured this. I’m proud to be their honorary Aunt Kori, and they are such sweeties!




I didn’t do a great job of videoing the butterfly release, but it was fun to experience!

We walked around and saw some butterflies dining on the pretty blooms.


I showed the girls the scene in Mary Poppins where they jump into the chalk drawing. There is a swarm of butterflies that appear during the scene, and we talked about how fun it would be to draw the beach and jump right into it!


I stopped by Honeybee for a lightly sweetened vanilla iced latte before heading home.


We each made a butterfly feeder, and this was my final product. Each girl and Randi chose a color scheme where as mine looked the most random of all. Ha!


I had a coupon for free Kroger delivery, and it worked out wonderfully! The shoppers were very kind and carried it all inside so as to not have to use plastic bags. I saved $30 in coupons too, score!

For a late lunch, I enjoyed delicious bread that came with Matt’s Aubrey’s meal along with broccoli slaw, shredded carrots, roasted red onion, avocado, marinated artichoke salad, and hummus. I had a mug of Cheerios and Love Grown with pb and oat milk for a sweet finish.

Matt mentioned that one of his coworkers made pesto meatloaf, so I surprised him with it along with classic buttered white rice and roasted green beans and yellow pepper. I had wanted to make gnocchi so it would be an Italian take on an American classic, but the store didn’t have gf gnocchi at the time. This was really wonderful, and I’m looking forward to eating leftovers tonight. I made extra meatloaf in the loaf pan to slice and freeze as well.


We *finally* were able to rent and watch Avengers: Endgame! Truthfully, it was a bit disappointing to us both, though. It seemed to drag on and didn’t really have the same level of excitement and intrigue as the others. But we loved getting to watch it! I enjoyed apple slices and pretzels dipped in yogurt with vanilla and pb powder as my movie snack.



I ate a light snack-y breakfast before I got ready for brunch! My last cookie with pb and dark chocolate almond milk.


I learned that this is called a “French tuck”, and I love wearing some shirts like this! Funny that it was hip to do so in middle school, but I didn’t really look chic. 😉 What is old is new again.


First Watch brunch dates are the best!

Because we had about a thirty minute wait, Matt so sweetly aired up my tire. When we left the house, my light came on, so he took care of it right away. ❤

I went with their classic including two over easy eggs, crispy bacon, toast, and I swapped greens for the potatoes. Plus plenty of coffee!


Matt chose their carnitas bowl but subbed potatoes for the cornbread that he can’t have. Plus they were out of the cornbread, so win-win all around! It came with pork carnitas, poached eggs, black beans, pico de gallo, Cotija cheese, avocado, lime crema, and cilantro. I got two bites, and it was so good! We’ll need to recreate it at home.


After we stopped at the pet store to stock up on food for the babies, we headed to enjoy the afternoon at the lake house!




We wasted no time putting on our swimsuits to enjoy the amazing water! It was warm just like I like it.


But first photos. I accidentally took the left one early, but it turned out cute. Love when that happens. 🙂

I also found an abandoned turtle shell. I hope the turtle lived a lovely life out there.


We both floated for probably an hour, and I swear that water just washes away worry and negativity. It’s hard to ever be in a bad mood when you’re in the lake.

We took note from Kase and D, and we setup my phone on the deck railing to get our own photo together. Success!


The only thing we failed to do was pack snacks, so we swung by Wal-Mart, and I bought this new KIND snack bar. We each tried a package and enjoyed them.


Once home, I took a shower and cleaned up the kitchen. I made us each a hugh jass salad including spinach, local tomato and cucumber, marinated artichoke salad, sauteed cauliflower hash seasoned with chili powder and cumin, organic canned pinto beans, roasted red onion, avocado, and Italian dressing. The last of the bread warmed for me. Random but tasty!


We talked with one of his best friends on the phone for a while then he showered. I noshed on banana with granola and milk then called it a night. We didn’t have time to watch the final episode of Elementary, so we will be tonight. I’m excited to see how the series ends!


That’s finally a wrap! So far today has gone well, and I’m looking forward to getting my hair cut later this afternoon. Please share any fun you had and/or delicious food you ate over the weekend!


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