Friday Favorites!

Hello sweet people! I’m back with another round of my favs to share with you all!

First up is this stellar oatmeal creation. I soaked a packet of Ancient Grains oatmeal overnight in dark chocolate almond milk then I heated it in the morning. I transferred the hot oats to our pb jar and topped it with banana and one slice of my leftover crispy bacon from First Watch. Y’ALL, this was amazing!

Continuing with the bacon theme, I enjoyed my last leftover slice (yes, I really did stretch out my order, haha) with egg, sautéed spinach, and pesto on a toasted GF Canyon bagel plus a side of local tomato with 21 Seasoning Blend and frozen grapes. Another stellar weekday breakfast!


I really have never eaten Petro’s (I know, who am I), so my friend at work and I enjoyed it together for lunch. I’m a big fan now! I chose their Original with black olives and pickled jalapenos. I went half-and-half on their sweet and unsweet tea with an orange slice. Such a delicious meal!


One evening I baked wild caught salmon from frozen seasoned with olive oil, s&p, smoked paprika, and dill. I made a lemon caper yogurt sauce to add on top, roasted Brussels sprouts (can anyone else eat their body weight in them?), and a 90-second organic brown basmati rice pouch.


I made a triple batch of Kath’s Super Oatmeal Cookies, and they are delicious! Funny story, though. I went by Ingles on Wednesday for more GF oats, but surprisingly, they didn’t have any. So I went by Kroger on Thursday, and as soon as I got setup to bake, I realized I forgot pumpkin. So I went to Aldi, and they only had pumpkin pie filling. Soooo I went to the old basic Ingles around the corner and finally got it! Four stores, two days, and about two hours prep and baking time – these babies were ready.

While I loved trying something new, I went back to “my” cut and love it! My hairstylist is the best of the best.

I’ve shared this dress before, but I just love it so much. Matt was sweet and told me I looked nice before he left for work. ❤ It’s a simple faux wrap dress, but it really can be worn dressed up or more casual. I love pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways. Versatility is key.


I ordered a set of 3 lb weights from Amazon to up my Barre3 game at home, and they sure did the trick! While people may scoff at a measly 3 lbs, Barre3 approaches fitness from a different point of view. We can create our own amazing resistance even without weights, and it’s the high reps that really ignite your muscles. I guarantee after several reps of bicep curls to triceps kicks, 3 lbs will feel far heavier. Post 30-minute workout that had me feeling so accomplished. Christa Joy led it, and she’s one of my fav instructors!

This will forever be one of my favorite memories!!


Jackson was so sleepy one evening. The babies’ cuddles will always mean so much to me.


I recently bought this Jergens lotion, and I’ve found it to be a lot creamier and better at moisturizing my skin. We have this vintage bottle that had been at our lake house, and I think it’s fun to compare the two.

Lastly, Maranda, an amazing artist by the name Vagabondary, shared this message. I love it and made it my lock screen wallpaper. Great reminder!

Wishing you all an amazing day and weekend ahead!

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