Sweat & Reset

Good afternoon! I wasn’t prepared for our weather today as it dipped into the 70’s with some drizzly rain. It feels like fall! I L O V E fall, but the clinic has been freezing, so it’s made for a chilly day. Not like last weekend when it was hot!


I began the day with a yogurt and mashed banana bowl topped with two of the Super Oatmeal Cookies, maple syrup, and pb.


I wore my lemon jumpsuit with a jean jacket, and I really love it. Only by the end of the day, I always look forward to getting changed because tugging on a strapless outfit off and on during the day gets annoying. Haha


Dinner was an amazing salad topped with warmed roasted Brussels sprouts and rotisserie chicken plus avocado toast topped with lemon juice and EBTB seasoning.


I enjoyed a mug of Cheerios with pb and oat milk I believe along with a few slices of apple sprinkled with cinnamon. We relaxed and played some Wordscapes, an app Matt found. He finished packing because he was going out of town to help a friend. Basically what I’m saying is we partied supah hard and lived it up on a Friday night. Lolol


I woke up with Matt around 6:00 and decided to have breakfast: shredded wheat with cinnamon, banana, cottage cheese, pb, and dark chocolate almond milk.


Unfortunately, our coffee at home had such little flavor, and life is too short for crappy coffee! So I went down to Mahalo and had an *amazing* coffee while relaxing in their open, inviting café. I ordered a 16 oz., but they only have to go cups that can accommodate that amount, so they refilled my mug once. So nice of them as I don’t want to be wasteful with paper products.


I got ready and then joined a lovely friend for a 75-minute hot yoga class. I hadn’t taken class in so long, and man did it feel gooood! We showered there, and it was so nice to be able to do so as I planned to stay on that side of town for the afternoon.


I purchased this Umgee dress from the co-owner of Mahalo for only $12! She had only worn it once, so it is basically new. I so love it! I snuck this photo and the one below it at Nostalgia for their adorable birthday party for their cats, Felix and Oscar. They are precious seven year old brothers who have grown up at the shop with their human parents, so they are incredibly chill.



Nostalgia has so many booths full of amazing vintage finds! I always love browsing and shopping there. They had snacks and beverages, which I really appreciated.


I loved the wallpaper in this booth.



Owls, owls, and more owls for my owl-loving heart!



This basket reminded me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and I love the orange rotary phone!


These shelves weren’t for sale, but I’d love to have something like it one day!


The cookie decorating station and mini cupcakes were so cute!


My oddly decorated but tasty cookie and cupcake.


One of the birthday boys, Felix! His brother, Oscar was hiding somewhere. They look so alike too.


I then went to the nail salon and enjoyed a manicure and pedicure. I got a pretty olive-y green on my toes. The names of my polish were, “Rice Rice Baby” for the pink and “Suzi – The First Lady of Nails” for the green. Unfortunately, one of my nails has already chipped. I didn’t do dip or gel because I want my nails to heal from the last dip mani, so it is what it is. I swear polish doesn’t last like it used to. Anyone else agree?


I then went to a free outdoor concert at the food truck park. It was supposed to rain, but thankfully, the weather was so nice!

I primarily came to shop at Vagabondary. I found the cutest red velvet dress that I can’t wait to wear soon! It was only $12 as well.


Plus Maranda makes her own merchandise, and I had been wanting this sticker for a while.


I picked up this trail mix from Nostalgia, so I munched on it and some pretzels then made a quick trip to Kroger.


Kaci got to come over, and she showed off her new 2019 Subaru Forester!! It’s beautiful! So proud of her for doing all of her “homework” and research and securing such an awesome deal.

My easy dinner was leftover baked salmon heated with the last of the Brussels, steamed mixed veg, slaw, and our lemon caper yogurt sauce. I was so hungry, and this sure was tasty. I also had a Garden Lite broccoli cheddar muffin as an “appetizer”. 😉


After Kaci got home, we chatted on the phone for over two hours, ha! During that time, I munched on apple with Cheerios, pb, and almond milk.



Y’all, I slept SO good! I woke up to feed the babies, went back to sleep, woke up and took off my eye mask only to fall back asleep until 8:00. It was glorious. I then made a killer breakfast! Salmon omelet with cage free brown eggs I bought on sale, freshly shredded cheese, and EBTB seasoning. I cooked the omelet in butter sprinkled with our garlic herb seasoning blend as well, so it was flavor central. I dipped it in the lemon caper yogurt sauce with seasoned cuke on the side and a Nature’s Path organic frosted maple brown sugar toaster pastry.


I had bought new coffee, so this had much more flavor, thankfully.


I got ready and met Kaci at their place for our day together. She carpooled us in her hip ride to K Brew! I ordered their key lime iced latte specialty drink, and it’s topped with house-made vanilla whipped cream. It was very enjoyable!


First twin photo together in her Subie.


We ran some errands then had the pleasure of visiting one of our best friends, her husband, and their new, sweet baby. She was a bundle of so much cuteness! I got to hold her for a while, and it was wonderful. After catching up, we headed back, and I made an actual trip to Kroger for more than a handful of things. I know, it’s a second home for me. Sheesh. I had snacked on a banana with pb on the way to Kaci and Drew’s then snagged some chips and hummus before leaving.

Another day, another yummy salad. I topped this one with sweet hot pickles, pickled jalapenos, Dr. Praeger’s burger, pesto, and extra virgin olive oil. I prepped our lunches for today, meal planned, cleaned the dishes, and scrubbed the toilets, so I felt prepared going into a new week.


Day-sert: shredded wheat, cinnamon, cotton candy grapes, almonds, and almond milk. Has anyone else tried these grapes? They are good but definitely far sweeter than your basic green grape.


And that is all I have for you guys! I certainly hope your day started on the right foot, that you know you are worthy and accomplishing big things even when it feels you aren’t doing enough, and I wish you well for the week ahead!

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