Labor Day 2019 // A Clean Slate

I hope this post finds you doing so very well on this Tuesday! Last weekend was so fun but also full of productivity. I amaze myself sometimes on how much I can accomplish if I just set my mind to it. Good ole motivation.


I began Friday with a not very pretty but tasty breakfast of shredded wheat, granola, pb, and mashed banana in a yogurt tub. Easy peasy cleanup this way.


After work, I shopped at Naturally A Deal Market and ate one of the kid Larabars and some of these cocoa roasted almonds. They are so good with the addition of the salt! Sweet-salty lover forever.

Pizza night! I love a baking us each a frozen pizza and throwing together a salad. More time to then relax together in the evening.


I enjoyed some thawed berries, Cheerios, pb, and milk for a snack later. We haven’t been keeping up with any shows lately, and as lame as it may sound, we’ve been enjoying playing Wordscapes in the evening. It’s fun and can be challenging. I love that it’s quiet and calming.



I slept well on Friday night and then was in the mood for stove-top oatmeal. I cooked oats with milk, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt then topped my bowl with thawed berries, honey, and pb.


Sadly, I don’t have much UT Vols clothing, so I wore my B3 Knoxville tank to show my support for our football team. Matt and I don’t follow football closely. I do love the atmosphere this time of year and going to a tailgate with Kaci and Drew, though!


We spent the day at the lake house, and it was so nice! Kaci very sweetly let me borrow this swimsuit. I love the print and fit. So retro and fun.


We floated around for a while, but the water was so cold. Tear. I had hoped it would still feel so inviting, but negative.

We enjoyed our leftover pizza with Sriracha and vegetables. I later went back for the last slice and enjoyed it cold. I do love leftover cold pizza. I’m weird and make no apologies. 😉


Matt joined me for a walk, and I left my phone at the house. I do want to distance myself from it sometimes, but the thing that stinks is it serves as my camera (duh). Shortly after we started our walk, two young male and one female deer crossed the road right in front of us. Then a little while later, a gorgeous blue butterfly landed on my left Chaco! I felt like I was the chosen one. ❤

Once we got back, we played Kings in the Corner (I won all of the games!), then I floated around once more.

I took inspiration from Anne and made baked chicken over local green beans with Bush’s grillin’ beans. Such a delicious and simple combo!


Matt and I decided to be nosy and drive up some of the roads/neighborhoods in Rockwood where our lake house is located. There were some awful, dilapidated homes, some Victorian homes that would be so nice if they would be renovated and cared for, and then this behemoth of a home!


After we got home, fed the babes, unpacked our things, and showered, I noshed on Cheerios with banana, chai-spiced cashews, and milk.



I woke up feeling great and refreshed on Sunday, and I was in the mood for sweet and savory. I toasted the last two slices of my sprouted oat bread and topped one with pb, cinnamon, and date and the other with cottage cheese, sunny-side up egg, and EBTB seasoning. SO. GOOD.


I sliced and seasoned our local purple sweet potatoes to do time in the oven along with three whole baked, and then I pressed play on a killer awesome Barre3 workout!


I snacked on a Chobani strawberry banana cup with chai-spiced cashews then we hit the road all ready to have a cookout at this mom and step-dad’s!


No, we weren’t being very responsible, but yes, I love this SnapChat shots. Ha!



We had stopped at Kroger to pick up a few things, and I grabbed these Naan dippers, which I highly recommend. So fluffy and delicious. I ate them with peppers, carrots, celery, and a Sabra hummus cup.



We had the idea to try to do a Boomerang of us alternating squatting down then up, but the outtake was the best!

Matt’s oldest brother drove in from CA, so all three Daniel boys were present. Brian, Chris then Matt in order of age.


Dinner was a lovely combo of some high quality steaks that Brian ordered, corn on the cob that was so sweet and tasted like summer, my roasted potatoes, salad with pickled golden beets, and Brian also roasted red and yellow potatoes that I later went back to try.


We enjoyed each other’s company some more then enjoyed some So Delicious strawberry coconut milk-based ice cream.


I was hungry by the time we got home, so I had a cutie, shredded wheat, pb, and milk. Hit the spot and allowed me to sleep very well.



I made a smoothie for breakfast, but it wasn’t super tasty. Oh well, you win some, you lose some! I blended frozen berries and avocado with cottage cheese and milk. Then I stirred in local honey and topped with shredded wheat and cocoa-roasted almonds.


I washed our bedding, got myself ready, and ate this snack plate of naan, carrots, and pb.


I’m still all for bright, summery clothes, but I love the transition. I wore this sweater but with bright earrings and shorts. Summer outfit with fall vibes.


I rented a carpet cleaner from Home Depot, went by Naturally A Deal to pick up our bbq pulled pork sandwiches, and then to Kroger for our weekly grocery shopping. We go through produce so quickly!

After putting away the goods, I washed another load of laundry, made the bed, then I enjoyed my sandwich with a salad I made + the graham crackers and drink came with the sandwich for only $2.50!


I managed to pinch my left pointer finger as I got this beast out of my car, but other than that snafu, things went fairly smoothly. I vacuumed our home then cleaned the carpet like crazy. Matt’s expression kills me, ha! I didn’t take any before photos because honestly, the condition of our carpet embarrassed me. I was very ashamed of it, but it looks so much better now! It made my heart feel happier and more content.

I couldn’t help myself, and I put out some cahh-ute pumpkins to start slowly decorating for fall.

I made us both a salad topped with hummus and chips and Matt had his pulled pork sandwich as well. He had gone into work, and his boss treated them to a lunch.




Apple nachos, a fav of mine. I sliced a Honeycrips and had it with yogurt, granola, and chai-spiced cashews.



Another bright outfit to start this short work week! Have a great one!


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