Friday Favorites!

Good Friday morning!! I hope you all are doing very well. I’m going to start my Friday Favs post with some fun memories. Kaci and I had these photos taken for a twin photo shoot in August 2012 when I had the really long hair, and she had hers short. We’ve switched!





“Twin butterflies” I loved that they were captured!




We created our own picnic menu and made watermelon lemonade with fresh basil and mint.


Poached chicken salad on a lettuce leaf with a locally made Ciabatta roll.


Summer fruit salad.


Aannd local red velvet chocolate cake! I am quite proud of how this came together.


Now onto some meal inspiration! I enjoyed my leftover grilled steak from Labor Day weekend and had it with wilted spinach, a sunny side up egg, roasted local purple sweet potato with ketchup and Sriracha, and a cutie. This was so good!


While working at a clinic that I am temporarily helping to cover, the manager told me she was buying lunch to celebrate one of her staff member’s work anniversaries. I enjoyed a chicken salad croissant with a salad. This is intuitive eating at its finest. Several years ago I wouldn’t have been able to derail from the lunch I had packed, but I sure can now!


Lunch was catered at our Quarterly RD Meeting, and I enjoyed Panera Bread’s Thai chicken salad with baguette and part of a lemon cookie. It was so full of flavor! I loved the peanut dressing. Sorry for taking a photo through the container. Whoops.


One evening I made a British-style meal with baked beans over a GF bun with mashed avocado. The bun actually tastes like a yeast roll and is fabulous, especially for GF! I enjoyed a sliced steamed baby beet, cucumber, and roasted local okra on the side.

I thank Mackenzie for this inspiration! Local baked purple sweet potato stuffed with grilled marinated artichoke hearts, mixed olives, queso fresco cheese, and tomatoes and cucumber tossed with lemon juice, coriander, and TJ’s 21 Seasoning Salute. I enjoyed it over wilted spinach. SO. GOOD.


I wanted to switch up our grains, so I purchased this blend. I love all of the flavors and textures together!


For dinner one evening, I combined it with canned Bush’s Southern Style White Beans, roasted vegetables, and sautéed broccoli pearls.


Another day I was pleasantly surprised to discover that one of our sweet nurses had made brownies and brought in chocolate fudge and Blue Bell vanilla ice cream for a sundae bar. Count me in!


Robyn has shared these bites before, and I was finally super inspired to make them. They are very easy and fun to make! The recipe is originally from Lex of Restoring Radiance. I stuffed six dates with pb, topped them with melted chocolate plus some coconut butter for a smooth texture, and then sprinkled them with espresso sea salt. Oh my word, so much yes! Before freezing.

After freezing and ready to be devoured! Do yourself a favor and make them asap.

I ordered the colorized ‘I Love Lucy’ dvd that includes the documentary of how colorizing was achieved. I’m so glad I have it as I can watch these episodes countless times and still laugh!


Some outfits to share including this amazing red velvet dress I bought from Maranda of Vagabondary! She has some of the best vintage and thrifted finds.


I have froze every time I’ve worked at the clinic I’m covering, so I finally put on my thinking cap and wore this (free) cardigan. Worked like a charm because I was finally comfortable.

Simple but fun speckled top with red pixie pants worn with a French tuck. I decided to wear my pom pom earrings for some more fun.


Kaci is so sweet and talented, and she made me three pairs of leaf earrings (gold, orange, and green) plus the pretty necklace that also includes all three of those faux leathers!


I wore the necklace and green earrings with a golden yellow top to give a little nod to fall.


Love their posts!


A friend shared this, and not only is the message great, but with my love of owls, I immediately loved it.


I always want to try to end on a positive and uplifting note, and Morgan Harper Nichols always delivers. ❤

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

    1. I actually bought it several years ago at a restaurant here! It’s been really fun to use. I’ll need to get some more fun salts soon. HomeGoods often has some!

      I just love Lucy in color & black & white. 😍

      Thank you! Kaci is very crafty & talented.


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