Life is Sweet

Here we are again, sweet people. A fresh week with our weekend in the past. I wish they wouldn’t zip by! But sharing a recap always helps me to relive them.


I’m now totally hooked on purple sweet potatoes! I enjoyed half over Greek yogurt and topped with cinnamon, cotton candy grapes, maple bourbon seed corn bites, and pb. I know the lighting is bad, but look how pretty the purple and green are together. ❤


The babies were all of us I think! Jax really couldn’t deal with the light. Sweet babies!

I tried wearing some orange and “white” to show my pride for the Vols. However, their performance is terrrrible. That’s another story.


After working at the Sweetwater clinic, I finally stopped at this ice cream stand I spotted on my first clinic visit. It’s so cute! It’s called Bradley’s Sweet Side, and they are in conjunction with Bradley’s Pit BBQ.



The choices were overwhelming! I had to go with butter pecan in a waffle cone with M&M’s. Look at those pretty colors starting to dye the ice cream. They started to drop off quickly from the heat, but I tried to save them. I ate what I could until I felt satisfied. ‘Twas a lovely start to the weekend!


I then headed out to the lake house to check on it, and upon opening my car door, I was greeted by this view and these sounds. ❤ HEAVEN.

I couldn’t resist a dorky photo. I’m so proud of this place. The coordinates on my leaf tat are for the lake house. 🙂


After getting caught in traffic from a wreck, which I hope those involved were unharmed, I finally made it home. I was greeted by these amazing earrings I ordered from Bonnybee Designs!! She had a Labor Day sale of buy two pairs and receive one pair free. Of course I had to support. It was hard to choose!


Despite being lower on fresh vegetables, I was proud of this meal I whipped up for us. I sautéed red cabbage with freshly shredded carrots, mushrooms, and the last of our roasted okra. I then combine it with a 90-second rice pouch in a fried rice flavor. I think it was Seeds of Change brand, but I can’t remember for sure. Whoops! I added some canned organic dark red kidney beans for protein then topped with avocado. I know I’ve said it before, but throw-together meals are some of the best.


After getting cleaned up and all relaxed, I noshed on a mug of shredded wheat, banana, cocoa roasted almonds, chai spiced cashews, and oat milk. We watched the pilot episode of a show that Matt watched with his friend and his wife recently when he stayed with them. It was odd. I’ll have to ask him the name of it, but I’ll try to give it a chance.



I slept very well and “in” until about 8:00, which felt glorious! We slowly woke up and got started on our day. I enjoyed a fabulous breakfast of the other half of my baked purple sweet potato heated over spinach with sunny side up eggs cooked in butter seasoned with garlic and pepper then topped with EBTB seasoning and smoked paprika. Tomatoes and cutie to complete my plate. YUM.


They can really be so sweet together sometimes!


After thoroughly enjoyed a Barre3 workout, I showered and got ready to join Kaci and Drew at their tailgate! I ate a simple snack-lunch of avocado, peppers, carrots, hummus, naan, and a pb-stuffed chocolate-covered date.


I sported one of my new pairs of earrings and absolutely loved them! One of the many things I love about having my pixie is getting to show off statement earrings.


I had to stop at Mahalo for their pumpkin spice latte. Yes, it was so hot and very much summer, but their PSL was calling my name.


It had amazing spice and was not overly sweet. So smooth and like autumn-in-a-cup!


I swung by Kroger to make a quick purchase so I could get cash back in case I needed it for parking, and I saw this tee. So fitting, ha.


Thankfully, we were able to park in Drew’s work lot, so free parking for meeee! My people.


Twinning ❤ ❤


D’s signature photo, lol!


Snacks to tide us over until they announced dinner was ready.


Susan and David finally made it. Better late than never!


More barbeque, and I was not mad about it. Ketchup-based slaw, Bush’s grillin’ beans, smoked pork at the tailgate, potato salad, and Susan’s corn bean feta salad with Fritos. Hit the spot!


They were very sweet and offered me a ticket, but the game didn’t start until 7:00. So I came home, showered, and got comfortable on the ole couch. I enjoyed thawed berries and mango with shredded wheat, pb, and milk.


Snapchats with Jackson!

I was still hungry, so I had pretzels with cocoa roasted almonds. If you’re hungry, then you should eat. No complicating it. None of that, “just drink water and ignore your body’s signals” crappola.


Sadly, after being ahead the whole game, we went into overtime twice over and LOST. This football program needs major help. Sigh.


I slept okay but not the best. Matt stayed over at his dad’s to hang out with his dad and brother, Brian, and I just sleep lighter when he isn’t at home. I made Erin’s Apple Smoothie, and it was fabulous. I froze a banana and used a small Honeycrisp apple, so I omitted the ice. I omitted the maple and decided to top it with pb instead of blending it throughout. Anyone else like it as a topper instead of blended? Pretzels and corn bites for salty sweet crunch.


I ate three of Pioneer Woman’s frozen vegetable bites for added protein while I sipped my coffee.

I came across these photos from 2009 that were in my email inbox. I love seeing photos of us when we were younger. Kind of reminds us of how far we’ve come, you know? I was 21 here. Whoa.


Meal preppin’.


Heart eyes!


I sat on my bum for a while then finally felt the motivation to vacuum, wash dishes, wash Matt’s laundry, and get on with my day.

After another super sweaty, hard, but oh so rewarding Barre3 workout, I threw together this flavorful lunch. Wilted spinach with Susan’s corn bean feta salad, tomatoes, avocado, peppers, and Fritos. It was so satisfying! I’m craving it just writing about it, ha.


I ate this Primal Kitchen bar for my sweet finish. This was the item I purchased at Kroger, but it was $2.50. Overly expensive in my opinion. Funny story: I had a Kroger coupon for it, but Kroger oddly enough didn’t seem to carry them at the time. Now that I found them, no coupon. Oh well. Now I know not to buy them at full price again as it was tasty but not super amazing.


Ready to run errands on errands.


More fun earrings!


I dropped off my rings and necklace at Jared’s for their six month inspection and cleaning then hopped over to HomeGoods. I got awesome food items but had to resist all the cah-ute décor! My sweet cashier loved my earrings and expressed plans to buy a pair. I hope she does! Also, this is where I worked prior to sitting for my RD exam, so it’s always bittersweet to shop here.


Next up was TJ’s. These flowers ❤


It was rather packed and crazy, but I navigated the store quickly. I couldn’t buy much cold foods because I did the bulk of my shopping at Kroger next. Once I got all of the goods put away, I ate the last date along with plantain chips. Different was excellent combo!


Then I had to go Goodwill to drop off donations then the pet store to stock up on the babies’ food.

Brian was kind and gave us four of these pouches, so I used two of them in making our dinner.


I roasted a large sheet pan of sugar snap peas, green beans, onions, and red cabbage. I combined our rice grain blend with the vegetables, two of the above Tikka Masala pouches, and one tin of sardines for protein. It doesn’t look like much, but it was so good!


I didn’t take a photo of my snack, but I enjoyed some Cheerios and yogurt, herbal tea and relaxing time with Matt before having to accept that the weekend was over.


I enjoyed warm oatmeal out of our pb jar and sipped on my cuppa Joe before making myself work-ready.


Rockin’ another one of my pairs of earrings.


Y’all, that’s finally a wrap! As always, I would love to know of something you ate and/or did that you enjoyed! Please share and have a wonderful day and week ahead!


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