Friday Favorites: Random Edition

I have been saving a number of food/products/fashion/kitty favorites to share, so this will be a bit full of randomness but hopefully inspiring all the same!

First up is some late summer fashion. To be honest, I am ready for a bit of a transition to fall, but the weather has different plans. Eye roll. Average in the 70’s versus the 90’s would be nice.



These earrings are by Bonnybee Designs! Kaci let me borrow these pair as well as her beautiful brown pair.


I’ve wanted to donate blood for a while but never have made the time to do so. Also, I developed white coat syndrome over the years, which I’ve thankfully been able to diminish a great deal (!), so I never wanted to go. I finally made an appointment and drove all the way over to the center to be told I didn’t quite meet the weight guideline. *In no way does their weight guideline dictate my health. I simply did not meet it at this time, but I do not consider myself unwell.* I was really bummed. I know it isn’t a blast to do, but I’ve wanted to help. They were kind and gave me this t-shirt anyway, and I think it is really cute. “Donate like a Volunteer” with Smokey on it.


Fooooood. I made a savory oatmeal bowl with two sunny side-up eggs, and it was stellar. I honestly would choose savory over sweet if I was only able to eat it one way for the rest of my life. It’s just so satisfying and filling!


Thanks to Alexis’ inspiration, I made peach avocado toast drizzled with tahini one morning that was incredible. I used one slice each Arnold organic seeded bread and Pepperidge Farm strawberry swirl bread. I highly recommend this combo!


Unfortunately, this peach wasn’t as good, but the bowl itself was a winner. I prepared quick-cooking oats with milk, salt, and cardamom. Then I topped it with peach, spiced fig jam from a friend, pb, and a splash of whole milk for cream.


I roasted an acorn squash a friend gave us from their garden and stuffed it with grilled marinated artichoke hearts and olives with sautéed kale, tomatoes, and an Aldi southwestern chicken burger on the side. Weird but tasty combination.


We also enjoyed a stuffed acorn squash another night with Pereg Italian quinoa with currants, grilled marinated artichoke hearts, sardines, and roasted seasoned cabbage and mushrooms. I love throwing together ingredients we have on hand because so often you come up with new delicious flavor pairings.


This meal turned out quite well. I mixed Barilla jarred pesto with a little more olive oil and poured it underneath the skin of our bone-in chicken thighs. I baked them while I sautéed kale with mixed olives. Baby beets, cucumber, and toast completed our meal.

It doesn’t look pretty, but I made a tuna mac with this mac ‘n cheese that we enjoyed with roasted seasoned broccolini. Both of us loved it, and clearly Jax was interested in what we were eating!

Lindsey Letellier, an RD who goes by the Insta handle @nutritionbyLindsey, shared this recipe that I had to make as soon as possible: chocolate-dipped banana coins that I then drizzled with pb because duh. Ha. I felt like Lucy in the Chocolate Factory episode! I also think that the pb looks like spiderwebs, so this would be fun at Halloween.


At first I wasn’t sure I loved this roast from TJ’s, but I always give it a second try before deciding. It has a lovely flavor but isn’t super rich. Even still, I enjoyed it and am a sucker for a pretty package design.

Matt hit the jackpot at Ingles and stocked up on our fav hot sauce brand!


Often times, I just use pulsed oats in place of breadcrumbs in meatloaf and other recipes, but when I saw this, I knew we should keep it on hand.


I didn’t buy these, but has anyone tried them? Even Werther’s is getting on the pumpkin train!


Pro tip: wear a face mask on a Monday to make it feel less like said Monday. 😉


See Drummond’s magazine issues are always so positive, cute, fun, and full of interesting products, articles, and recipes!


Our babies and Mason truly keep me going some days! They love us no matter what and are always down for snuggles.

Kaci and I were able to take a Barre3 class together, and it seriously felt incredible in my body. Not to mention taking class with Kase is just the best! This mantra is one that Barre3 truly lives by.


We decided to enjoy dinner at Whole Foods, which has become one of my fav things: B3 then WF together. ❤

This meal was so full of flavor and texture!


How many photos does it take to get a good one? Ha!

My sidekick!


Always ending on that positive note. Have an incredible weekend!



9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Random Edition

  1. Kori isn’t it disconcerting to you as a dietitian to not be meeting the weight requirements to donate blood? I know that you have mentioned being in recovery from an eating disorder … so would this speak to where you’re at in recovery if not able to donate blood to the red cross? If you prefer not to respond that’s alright I just find it interesting that you kind of glossed over the fact that you couldn’t donate because of something so important! Thoughts?


    1. I never mentioned being in recovery for an eating disorder. I developed disordered eating while in my late teens & into my twenties. My weight is back where it needs to be & has been for quite some time. I do not own a scale nor do I engage in behaviors to micromanage my size. I was just barely under their weight requirements, but I did not take that to mean my body is unable to manage my size or that I’m not at my correct size. I just am not a candidate at this time to donate.


      1. Kori – I hope that you did not take what I said as an attack it just seemed like you were glossing over the fact that you were underweight and as a dietitian that doesn’t seem like a great combination. Just my personal opinion. I wish you the best of luck! 🙂


        1. So let me ask this: if I were an RD in a larger body, would that also not be a good combination? Underweight by what standards? BMI? The blood drive? They have a set guideline, but not meeting it does not automatically make someone underweight. I have been open with my PCP about my past with disordered eating, & he expressed that he was not concerned at all by my weight because it is fine. I did not share about the blood drive to say I am unwell. I simply shared my experience. I believe you are thinking far too much into it. My weight has no bearing on my work or abilities as an RD. Thank you for your concern.


          1. Kori … I can tell that this is something that is a sensitive topic for you and I apologize for asking about it. As someone who has worked with a number of dietitians I know that I tend to stray away from ones that are either A Overweight or B Underweight because to me that means that they aren’t practicing what they’re preaching! I will be honest I am underweight and I am working to gain weight so I have had to find a dietitian that will help me work towards my goals! 🙂


            1. Weight in no way indicates a person’s ability as an RD or that they are or aren’t taking care of themselves. That is weight bias. There are amazing RD’s in bigger bodies & not great ones in smaller bodies. I wish you the best in your recovery! But I hope you are able to come to learn that weight does not indicate anything of a person’s care or intelligence.


            2. I strongly urge you look in Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. Just as cardiologists are not immune to cardiac problems, orthodontists will have crooked teeth, and hair stylists won’t always have perfectly styled hair, RD’s will come in a variety of sizes and are human. We have our own relationship with food, body image, and our care. You absolutely cannot look at someone and infer their health. You cannot say that someone in a smaller body is taking better care of themselves. People could have cancer, thyroid diseases, hormone imbalances, etc. that could affect their size. Socioeconomic status, financial status, stress levels affect our health. Weight bias is real and rampant. I urge you to address yours and not make assumptions of others.


  2. This is in response to the other comment. As a fellow dietitian, I am amazed at the hurtful (assumption) comments made toward Kori.

    You cannot look at someone and tell their health status.

    I cannot imagine not seeing a dietitian who lives with a physical disability, simply because our movement and lifestyle will have differences.

    I truly hope one day there is not a need for Weight Stigma Awareness Week (Funny how it happens to be this week), etc.

    P.S. Super pumped for Fall and to see all your finds throughout the season!


    1. I thank you so very much, Ashley. I hope the need for this week will dissipate as well!

      So pumped, and thank you for following along with my finds!


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