Goodbye Summer, You Were Good to Me.

Hello Autumn!! Even though it has been hotter than hades, I am very excited for this change of season and to my favorite season of all! I think we *may* get a thunderstorm today that would lower our temperature and also hopefully save the leaves from just dying. I will be devastated if we don’t get any foliage change.


Alright, let’s back up to the last official Friday of summer. I enjoyed the last slice of vegan pumpkin bread toasted and topped with banana, peanut butter, and maple plus some Greek yogurt.


I stopped at Mahalo before attending our monthly meeting. How cute is this setup?


I tried their matcha latte, and it was so earthy, flavorful, and not overly sweet at all!


I have shared before, but I love to keep Healthy Choice frozen bowls and other entrees on hand for those days when I don’t feel like packing anything. I do bring sides and snacks to make sure I’m nice and full.


I was able to get my hair cut after work, and it felt amazing. I chat my hair stylist’s ear off, but I just love visiting, and she always gives me such a lovely cut! Dinner was quite delicious. Greens, carrots, avocado, last of our cooked Italian quinoa, quality roast beef deli meat that Matt bought, and Italian dressing. This was full of flavor!


Evening snackage included shredded wheat with walnuts and milk, apple, tea, and then Matt gave me some of his smoothie. Yum yum.



I was in the mood for an oat muffin, but we had a nearly empty pb jar that I wanted to use as well. I made a muffin, allowed it to cool, then I crumbled it over yogurt with fig jam. A delicious apple on the side was just perfect. Kitty photo bombs!

Before shopping at Aldi, I enjoyed an Amy’s GF Indian wrap over wilted greens with avocado, garlic oil hot sauce carrots, and chocolate pb banana bites.

Then Matt and I loaded up and headed out to join a fun gathering for the race group plus other friends of the hosts. Matt nicely offered to take my photo. I honestly didn’t ask. 😉



It only took one shot, and we got a winner. 🙂


They catered a lovely barbeque meal, and I brought a salad to contribute. I went back for a little more and was very satisfied.


Chocolate chip cookie for dessert.


The hosts hired their oldest son and his band to provide the entertainment, and they did a phenomenal job! They’re called The Royal Hounds. You can follow them on social media!


The guitarist’s father makes guitars, and he was incredibly talented. They had awesome stage presence.

We were fortunate to witness a pretty sunset, then we made our way back home.



I was in the mood for cereal, so I had shredded wheat, peach, spices, pb, roasted pepitas, and milk.


I got some Jackson snuggles while I sipped my coffee. These photos side-by-side make his body look so contorted. Ha!

Rachel was mid-yawn, and this photo turned out awesome! She’s such a photogenic princess.


Lunch was oh so good! I had some of the salad I had made and added chickpeas, tomatoes, Aldi spinach artichoke tzaztiki sauce, and warmed cornbread.


I met Kaci at Pope’s Plant Farm to buy a few pumpkins and fall décor.



How gourd-geous are these pumpkins! [Mackenzie, I am trying to channel your wit 😉 ]


We couldn’t resist a little photo op. What a cute setup!


This unique pepper plant was behind me, and the colors were so eye-catching.



My gorgeous other half!!


Kaci and Drew are kindly allowing us to borrow their power washer next weekend, so right now, our patio looks meh. But I still wanted to share our little bit of fall décor. ❤


I added this bundle of Indian corn to the windowsill and love how it goes with our wreath.

I *finally* made Rachael’s Tex-Mex Migas, and boy were they fantastic! I added black beans, used four eggs for the two of us, used a mix of freshly shredded cheddar and queso fresco. We topped our plates with salsa, garlic oil hot sauce, and avocado. I highly recommend you add this to your meal plans as soon as possible!


Tea with the last of our open tub of yogurt with our chocolate pb banana bites rounded out my day.



Now here we are officially in autumn! I am rocking my new pretty green ON jumpsuit with my necklace and earrings that Kaci made.


I wish everyone an incredible day and week ahead!

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