Friday Favorites Number…I Lost Count

Hello all of you amazing people! Thank you for stopping in and making my blog a part of your day. As always, I sure hope this post finds you well and offers some fun inspiration.

First up, pumpkin thangs from TJ’s! I couldn’t resist.

I’m really excited to try these soups! Add a chunk of amazing bread and a roasted vegetable salad, and you have a lovely, quick meal.


Fall-shaped tortilla chips? Yes, please!


Because duh. 😉


I’m here for convenience food that is fun, flavorful and helps me get a meal on the table quickly. This makes me think of Rachael’s migas I made recently!


I spotted these at Aldi and thought they looked so good. They also had a chocolate flavor, but the sea salt caramel was calling my name.


Even though the Reese cups don’t taste different, the autumn and Halloween wrappers are just so cute. Gets you in the spirit of the season. 😉


I was torn which planner to buy at Aldi but ultimately chose the brighter pattern. They both are so pretty! Which would you choose?

I saw this on Amazon and was able to order it with my Chase credit card points. SO excited to cook from it! Any fellow Nancy Drew lovers out there?


I was fortunate to be able to take a Barre3 class that was then followed by a Girls’ Night! They had several lovely vendors as well as delicious snacks. Post-class selfie and glow.


The views from the second floor are stunning! These blue autumn skies give me all the feels.


Snacks on snacks.


I treated mahself to a chai latte from Mahalo, and it was the bomb. Something I really appreciate about their drinks is that they are still so flavorful but not very sweet. I would describe some of their drinks – like the red velvet beet latte and matcha – as earthy, which is right up my alley.


For four years now, I’ve had the honor of teaching the renal lecture to The University of TN, Knoxville’s Dietetic Internship class. Several of the students were really engaged, and at the conclusion of class, one young woman said, “you have a really cool job. No day sounds the same”. While I can get caught in my world of complaints and negatives, that flipped a switch and made me appreciate my job a bit more. I do have a pretty neat j-o-b!

I got to meet with a sweet friend who did quit her job at our clinic in favor for something else that better aligns with her wellbeing and that of her family. I’m very excited for her! We met at Mahalo, naturally. Coffee and a warmed autumn spiced scone. YUM.


Now for some homemade eats! I made a savory breakfast sandwich – including a fried egg, avocado, sautéed greens, garlic oil hot sauce, and melted cheddah – on two toasted crumpets from TJ’s. So doughy, soft and flavorful! A crisp apple on the side completed my meal.


Another angle because why not?


For dinner yesterday evening, I cooked seasoned chicken breasts cut into smaller pieces over halved Brussels and chopped onion. We enjoyed it over the last of our cooked rice-quinoa blend topped with fresh tomato from a friend’s garden and Aldi’s spinach artichoke sauce. It’s so so good! We need to now restock it.


Fashion fun! I love neck scarves and look forward to finding some more. I’m going to look at Goodwill and some awesome thrift stores. Love to find clothes that I feel tell a story.

BMI is such crap and needs to be done away with. I’m proud of RD’s and other professionals who are educating about this misunderstanding behind it!


Always ending on a positive note. ❤




2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites Number…I Lost Count

  1. Don’t worry about what number of post it is at least you knew it was Friday!!!!! FYI if you like Reese’s’ you propably love tj’s dark chocolate almond butter cups.Rich but not as sweet.Their pb ones are good also.Have a great weekend and know your posts are always great. Kim


    1. Hahah right, girl?! Sometimes just remembering what day it is is challenging. Oh gosh, I need to have those TJ’s cups in my life, thank you! I appreciate your kind words & you stopping in here. Have a great weekend!


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