Fall Brings Out the Baking Mood in Me

This weekend sure was amazing! Even though the temperatures are still screaming summer, I’ve been on a baking kick with pumpkin and warm spices. So without further adieu, let’s get onto the recap, shall we?


I began my Friday with a yogurt bowl that included ripe banana mashed into said yogurt then topped with the last pumpkin muffin, pepitas, and pb.


My outfit for the day. I really love neck scarves. They add so much fun color and pattern to an outfit but aren’t too heavy to wear all day.


After a quick dermatology appointment to have a mole removed (the office is always so sweet and makes it nice to visit vs. feeling like a hassle!), I stopped at the Starbucks I used to work at the holiday season before I sat for my RD exam. It felt so weird to be back!


I had to try their cold brew pumpkin cream. I ordered it with only one pump of vanilla so it wouldn’t be super sweet, and it had an awesome flavor.


Did I have a little photo shoot with my drink? Sure did, ha! I wanted to capture the cinnamon sprinkle on top.

I was so fortunate to be able to take a community Barre3 class after work! The young trainee is gaining hours to become an instructor, and she did a fabulous job. I loved the challenging yet so rewarding 60 minutes she provided!

Matt’s coworkers and some friends have been so kind to us giving us produce, farm fresh eggs, and smoke pork. Very grateful!


The joy of intuitive eating and ridding myself of food rules allowed me to enjoy this meal with Matt without preplanning it. I had roasted the sweet potatoes, but I was unsure what I felt like stuffing it with. When Matt showed me the gallon bag of pork, we decided to add it with bbq sauce + hot sauce, sautéed cabbage, and cucumber on the side. It was phenomenal!


Photos with our youngest baby! I then finally got myself showered and settled on the couch to relax.

We watched the second part of the three-part series on Bill Gates, which has been quite fascinating. I noshed on yogurt with prunes, shredded wheat, and tahini. After the show was over, we hit the hay.



I decided to stuff the other half of my sweet potato with Greek yogurt, Blueberry Cheerios, pepitas, and tahini.


I sipped on my coffee then got changed to join Thrive Functional Fitness and Lululemon downtown in Market Square for an unbelievable free yoga class right on the stage!


The farmers market was in full swing, and it felt just incredible to engage in joyful movement while being out and about in the market fun.



One of the instructors sweetly agreed to take my photo for me. Kaci was very missed! But she, Drew, and Axl took a much-needed and deserved early wedding anniversary trip.


I am pictured in the bottom right. 🙂


I am also in the upper left here.


Despite being sweaty, I wanted to browse all of the fun vendors. I wished I could have bought one, but I need to just focus on the plant babies that I have.


These were very pretty and unique!


I wasn’t ready for lunch since it was in the 10 o’clock hour, but more coffee? Absolutely! I got an iced latte, and it was very smooth and delicious.



I swung by Kaci and Drew’s to water their mums then came home to shower for the day. Matt had to work a few hours, but he got home before I headed out again. He very kindly took my photos to share my new top from Boxwood Brake. She has positively beautiful jewelry and clothing with this being a man’s top up-cycled and turned feminine. I adore the sleeves and tied front!



I took advantage and got several photo. 😉


I then went to Panera Bread to try one of their new grain bowls. I ordered their vegetarian Baja bowl, and it was full of flavor. I did wish it had more vegetables and a little less grains, but they don’t call it a grain bowl for nothing!


Once I was fueled, I went over to Goodwill to shop. It feels like a treasure hunt, and I love finding fun pieces there! It’s like the clothes tell a story, and then they get to be a part of your own story. These are some of the pieces I found. I cannot wait to wear this dress! It’s by A New Day.

I wish I had a need for these bar stools/chairs!


I had a 10% coupon, but even still, these prices cannot be beat!


I shopped at Kroger then came home to put away my purchases. I did two loads of laundry and then the dishes. Once Matt was home, we made breakfast-for-dinner. Let me tell you, this was beyond amazing! I used one twin-yolk farm fresh egg plus another little one that I ate over greens and cucumber tossed with Italian dressing. I noshed on a tomato from a friend’s garden and then avocado toast with pulled pork, roasted pepper (also from a friend’s garden) and bbq sauce. Like I said, we’ve been spoiled!


Matt met up with his oldest brother who is still in town, so I ate some yogurt, thawed fruit, pb, and LOVE GROWN cinnamon O’s, sipped on honey chamomile tea, and then I called it a night.



After a great night’s sleep, I whipped up Brittany’s Healthy Apple Pancakes. They could not have been simpler! I used whole eggs out of preference and pumpkin instead of applesauce because it is what we had. Topped with cooked cinnamon maple apples. Hello, fall!


Next up was Erin’s Almond Flour Pumpkin Muffins! I did use almond meal because it’s what we had, but they still are delicate and amazing. Unfortunately, the bottoms stuck, so they are a little crumbly, but they still turned out and are a five star recipe in my book!


I had one with a Dr. Praeger’s sweet heat burger topped with hummus and carrots for lunch.


I found this top at Goodwill for $5, and I loved the muted floral print. It’s also soft and will definitely become a favorite go-to.

Matt and I stopped by Dunkin Donuts to enjoy their National Coffee Day deal. Matt noticed their “donut” lights – how cute!

Love my main squeeze! I had a moment of worry when we drove through an intersection and heard something under my car. It kept scraping, so we pulled over, and Matt located what was the metal track for a drawer. It had been crushed and thankfully, it didn’t puncture my tire! People need to keep their junk from flying out of their vehicles.


We got to enjoy time with his brothers, their dad, and their dad’s brother and wife. They were so sweet and provided a lovely spread of food to snack on during our visit. I captured this precious hummingbird eating from the feeder. I love them!

Matt joined his oldest brother, their dad, and a friend of his brother’s for dinner. I opted to stay home and ate the rest of my grain bowl heated over greens with cucumber, sugar snap peas, guacamole, and salsa.


I found this chocolate bar on clearance at Kroger, and I highly recommend it! I had a square with a mug of Cheerios, banana, pb, and milk.

Before going to bed, I finished up Kath’s No Bake Granola Bars by making an Earl Gray glaze to drizzle over the top. Mine did crumble a bit when I sliced them this morning, but the flavor is incredible! Even if it does crumble, it’s basically a granola that was taken to the next level. 😉



I scored this skirt from Goodwill for $3.99, y’all! I’ve had this top for 11 years, so it’s basically vintage. Hahaha.


Accessories by Kase ❤


Have the most incredible week, sweet people!

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