Friday Favorites, Short & Sweet

Hello, and happy Friday! I so hope this post finds you well. I have a few fav’s I wanted to share, and as always, I love hearing about any of yours in the comments!

First up in my “new” top from Goodwill. I adore the color, fit, and the elbow patches! The angled buttons create a fun silouhette/design, and I know I’ll love wearing it in different ways this fall and winter.


Speaking of Goodwill, I am so so SO sad I didn’t get to attend their Fashion Show yesterday evening. *But* Kaci and I are volunteering to walk the runway next year! Maranda of Vagabondary shared her thoughts on thrifting, and they are perfect.



I enjoyed a Mahalo Cardamom Cinnamon Latte one afternoon in hopes that if we all fake it, fall will finally join the party. But on this day, it was in the 90’s. Sheesh. But y’all, this drink was oh so delicious! Sweet but not overly so, spicy, and creamy.


I was craving a smoothie after tasting one Matt made in the evening. This had banana, frozen cherry/blueberry/strawberr/kale blend, frozen avocado, Fage Greek yogurt, and milk. I topped my bowl with TJ’s Pumpkin O’s and pb. YUM.


I felt a bit English and fancy with this breakfast, but it was anything but fancy. 😉 Wilted greens, over easy farm fresh egg, toasted TJ’s crumpet drizzled with Earl Gray glaze, and an apple. The glaze on the crumpet was so good!


I had some cottage cheese and flax on the side as well.


Three words: Loaded. Chili. Tots. I cooked Dr. Praeger’s kale tots and layered them with roasted Brussels sprouts, Amy’s canned chili with vegetables, and freshly grated sharp cheddar. So simple, so amazing, so satisfying! Please let me if you try this combo!


Banza pasta is so dang good! GF pasta that holds its shape is hard to come by, but these shells reheated well. I toassed them with roasted cabbage, fresh sugar snap peas, mushrooms, red bell pepper, and Ken’s Simply Italian Vinaigrette. This was quite an epic pasta salad!


Speaking of pasta, I saw this shape at Wal-Mart, and I had to get a box. I will share how it tastes as soon as we cook it!


I’m a sucker for trying different “fancier” hand soaps. I love both scents by Everyone, but the apricot vanilla is my favorite.


We always keep some frozen entrees on hand, but we absolutely have to add sides, guacamole, fruit, etc. to make them filling. On their own, they are enough for a snack and would not do much to satisfy our hunger.



I wish you the very best at the start of this new month, which happens to by my favorite of the whole year!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, Short & Sweet

  1. What a beautiful blue and great find at Goodwill! I didn’t even realize they had a fashion show but I am SO psyched to hear you and Kaci are walking in it next year— AHHH!!! How exciting!!! Y’all will make amazing models! Ohhh that egg and crumpet looks yummy- I wonder, what makes something a crumpet? Is it like an English muffin? Ohh cottage cheese & flax- GENIUS combo! I love that it would mix up the texture of the cottage cheese by adding some flax.

    Apricot anything is always so nice!

    October is my absolute favorite too ❤ Thanks for sharing, Kori! Can’t tell you how nice it was for me to read this!


    1. Thank you so much!! The blue caught my eye immediately. I didn’t know they had a fashion show until last year, but apparently this year’s was their 35th! We are so stoked!! Gosh, I appreciate that! We’ll need to practice our runway walk 😂

      I’ve wondered the same thing! It is similar to an English muffin only it isn’t sliced. It must be a cousin to an English muffin. 🤔 Matt jokes that flax feels like sand, but I guess add that right up there with me loving the texture of shredded wheat. 👵🏻


      I’m so grateful for you & am glad this helped! 🖤


      1. Y’all will SLAY! seriously so stoked to hear all about it.

        Oh interesting!!! I am going to have to try. I’m loooong overdue for a grocery trip too. Haha it’s so funny … most people eat things like flax and bran for the fiber, but we genuinely enjoy the flavor 🤣 👵



        1. Oh I appreciate that so very much!!!

          HAHAHA!! Other people: “I need to eat bran flakes for my fiber and GI health.” Me: “Oh, I just enjoy the taste…” 😉


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