Friday Fall Favorites

Even though it has been fall for a few weeks now, this is the first week in which it actually felt like it! I think our buying all the pumpkin things worked. 😉

Speaking of pumpkin, I found Life Pumpkin Spice cereal and pumpkin spice coffee at Aldi, and both are delicious. I like to enjoy either a half-and-half of a medium roast coffee with the flavored or two-to-one with more coffee to the flavored roast. But that’s just my preference.


We are KIND lovers, and I was excited to snag this new product! I recently incorporated a probiotic supplement to see if it would help with my IBS. Time will tell. So going with more in various forms can’t hurt.


After enjoying fried goat cheese from Not Watson’s, I had to get this. Anyone love apple cinnamon more than the pumpkin food trend? I’m for both!


I mean (heart eyes emoji)


I really love Dr. Praeger’s products and Kroger for always keeping me stocked on digital coupons. We hadn’t tried these before, so I decided to get them instead of a burger.


I had looked at both Kroger and Wal-Mart for these new Sabra Breakfast products with no luck. BUT I found this flavor at Aldi! They never let me down.


I had a reward at Panera Bread for $1 off an espresso drink, so I had hoped their cold brew would somehow apply. Spoiler alert: it did not, ha! I went ahead and chose their cinnamon cold brew with half the sweetener, and the sweet cashier upped my size at no additional cost! That is quality customer service despite the issue being on my misunderstanding.

For breakfast on Thursday, I made two over easy eggs enjoyed on wilted spinach and seasoned with smoked paprika and EBTB seasoning. I had my last TJ’s crumpet toasted and topped with pumpkin, pb, and home made pumpkin spice + two cuties. This was so tasty!


Okay, this is one of my favorite finds ever! Oleg Cassini is the designer of my wedding gown, so when I snagged this for $5.99 (!) at Goodwill, I wanted to cry happy tears. Not only is it teal, one of my favorite colors, but the details – short sleeves, neckline, length – are just phenomenal. I’m wearing it at FNCE, and one of the stellar Goodwill Fashion Show designers, Tuyen Ho a Freelance Graphic Designer, along with Adrienne of The Vintage Epicurean have been incredibly helpful with their styling tips!



I found these black booties at Target by Universal Thread, and already I love them so much. I love the whole design of them and that fact that they have enough of a heel without it being too tall. I love casual booties to wear at both work and on the weekend.


I also bought black lacy tights, and I’m so excited to wear them! I have quite the collection of tights because they add so much fun to any outfit, but I haven’t tried lace yet. I don’t know why I haven’t!


All credit is given to Kaci for inspiring this outfit! She got to come over after work on Wednesday, and we went on such a lovely walk then had dinner together. It was just what we both needed! She looked killer in her skirt and beautiful mustard sweater from Val’s, so I channeled something similar.


My friend at work brought it to my attention that I looked like Velma in the above outfit, and I’m here for it! I love Scooby Doo. I’m ready for Halloween, ha!


“Clean” eating is not an accepted term and does imply the opposite: that there are “dirty” foods. Unless that food is covered in actual dirt, it is not unclean. So just a little PSA with a cute message.


I just love Caroline’s posts and insight as well as her being matter-of-fact in speaking out against diet culture.

Ending on a positive note. ❤


I’m so pumped because I’m going to Simpl. Food’s Grand Opening, and it’s going to be so much fun as well as delicious! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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