For the Love of Movement

This past weekend was full of so much fun! Matt actually helped crew for his boss at the Virginia International Raceway from Wednesday to late Sunday, so I made sure to keep myself busy. I love that he got to go to the track, and I’m grateful for our dynamic such that we can do so much together and on our own. I think that helps to keep a relationship healthy. But I sure did miss him!


I started the day with spiced pumpkin overnight oats. I drizzled them with maple and topped with pepitas in the morning.

The babies made sure to keep me company all weekend! This is how they were when I stepped out of the shower.


My bright outfit for the day. It’s hard to tell, but I wore my dark blue suede leggings, and I loved all of the colors together.


It was a beautiful day, and I felt productive at work. I went on a short walk after lunch and soaked up the sunshine.

I met Kaci and their place and carpooled with her and Axl to Simpl.’s grand opening! Unfortunately, it was Drew’s late night at work, so he didn’t get home until 6:15 and couldn’t join. It was the perfect evening to sit on the patio.


Since I had enjoyed their summer grain bowl, I tried their autumn shrimp grain bowl: sautéed shrimp, buckwheat, assorted local veggies, roasted chickpeas, chimichurri, and butternut squash puree. It did not disappoint!



Kaci enjoyed their house burger: Lick Skillet Farm beef/pork blend, cheese, tomato, greens, pickles, aioli on Paysan bun plus fries. I tried one of her fries, and it was so tasty.


The sky looked so pretty on our drive back home!


Kaci was so sweet and baked double chocolate Loren’s gf cookies to enjoy with ice cream and chocolate syrup for a delish sundae! It was just what I was craving.



Unfortunately, I don’t sleep all that well when Matt is gone, and I keep getting a crick in my neck. I did order a pillow thanks to Kaci’s suggestion, so I hope it helps!

I had gone by Mahalo for a cup of coffee Friday afternoon, and I picked up one of their blueberry peanut butter overnight oatmeal cups. I enjoyed it with a drizzle of honey, and it was awesome.


I also had frozen ripe banana blended with pumpkin and topped with pepitas on the side.


After finishing my coffee, I got changed, grabbed my things, and I headed to Thrive Functional Fitness studio for a complimentary class!


It was t o u g h. But I was proud of myself for getting there and trying. It felt very good to move and sweat. Post class crazy hair and a big smile.


Their shower and amenities were very nice!


A shower can really do me wonders.


I am so into blazers now, and I love the look of a graphic tee paired with one for a casual look.


Kaci was so sweet, and we traded our pom pom earrings. These are called “Barbie” – they have light pink, yellow, and metallic sides. I love them!


After my solo photo shoot, I grabbed my things and headed to The Knoxville Pharmacy for second breakfast. But first, coffee.



I chose The Cure All: grilled Salmon with avocado, sprouts, arugula, pickled red onion, and tomato with garlic-jalapeno aioli plus house-made kettle chips. I substituted the local roll for whole grain bread, and it was so thick and studded with sunflower seeds. I ate it open-faced and saved the top slice and some chips. Waste not, want not!


I loved their cute pun wall art in the bathroom!




I then went to Target and enjoyed a leisurely stroll up and down the aisles. I’m sharing a few of my finds in this week’s Friday Favs post, so stay tuned. 😉

I made a very quick trip to Kroger then finally came home.

The babies and I cuddled, and I snapped this sweet photo with Jackson. He was in such a loving mood. ❤


I was able to get nearly caught up on my laundry and changed out my clothes, bringing down my fall/winter and neatly storing my spring/summer on the top shelf.

During this task, I took a break for a snack. I hardly ever am able to buy pears and eat them the same day. They are always unripe. Well, I lucked out this time! I had a red pear with almond butter and TJ’s Pumpkin O’s.


For dinner, I made a huge salad with the leftover slice of bread toasted and topped with cucumber dill tzatziki from Aldi.


After finding a stopping point with laundry, I enjoyed an apple with a mug of Greek yogurt, Pumpkin Spice Life cereal, and pb.



I sound like a broken record, but I woke up a few times and then before six with another awful crick. So I went ahead and got up with the babies. I made spiced pear oatmeal with  two tablespoons of pumpkin stirred in as well. I topped it with honey and almond butter – heavenly.


I finished my coffee, got changed, and I headed over to our incredible Barre3 studio for a $5 community class. The instructor actually was told just before class that she officially became certified, so we were her first class. This was my third by her, and she rocks!  It did help my muscles to move, and my neck felt better but still funky.


Another theme of my weekend besides movement was second breakfast, and I’m here for it. I made sunny side up eggs over wilted greens plus spinach with garlic oil hot sauce and pepper, cucumber with EBTB seasoning, a few leftover chips, cuties, and a Belgian Eggo waffle cooked in the skillet then topped with peach cinnamon jam made by a friend. YUM!


I took a much-needed shower, decided to use my clay mask, finished up laundry, painted my nails, dusted our tv stand and then vacuumed our home.

This snack included hummus with smoked paprika, carrots, sharp white cheddar, and dark milk chocolate with turmeric, ginger, coconut, and pepper. Anyone else love sweet and salty together?


I meal prepped a ton of vegetables to enjoy during the week. I roasted green beans and onion with avocado oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and coriander.


I also roasted an orange bell pepper and Brussels sprouts, onion, and carrots with avocado oil, salt, pepper, garlic, smoked paprika, cumin, and chili powder.


I snacked on some chips and salsa while actually writing up this post.


Dinner was nothing fancy or special, but it filled me up. I enjoyed some of the vegetables I had roasted along with the remainder of organic canned chili beans that I had open.



While I waited for Matt to get home, I ate a banana, pb, and Pumpkin Spice Life cereal out of my yogurt tub.



Unfortunately, we didn’t get in bed until close to midnight, and then poor Matt woke up at 4:45 wheezing. I don’t know what is getting to him – allergies or something more – but it breaks my heart. I fell back asleep until 6:30, and then we realized that our heat wasn’t working this morning. Thankfully, maintenance should be coming out to service it.

I added my mustard colored tights and booties to one of my fav thrifted dresses, and I love how it can translate to fall!


My hair was being really crazy in the back, so I just threw on a headband plus my jean jacket. Tada. 😉


Have a fantastic day and week ahead, and please share any fun you got into over the weekend!

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