Friday Finds + Favorites!

Good Friday morning! I hope this week has treated you all very well. I am so excited for this weekend! Matt and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary a few days early since it falls on a Tuesday, and I love what we decided to do. I’ll share our recap on Monday!

I received two coupons from Target in the mail for their new Good and Gather brand. I had not yet heard of it, but I love a coupon. After my class at Thrive and then brunch, I wandered around Target and bought these delicious products. Almond butter for $6.99, fruit-veg pouches for on-the-go, and lemon bar similar to a Larabar. All products were also 5% off on the Target app. Score!


I finally found Banza rice too! I’ve wanted to try it. We love their pasta.


Ever since seeing my friend enjoy Oikos pumpkin pie yogurt, I’ve been searching for it with no luck. Womp womp. But I had to try the lemon meringue. My grandfather loved it – my mom made a lemon meringue pie every year for his birthday <3.


One of my sweet friends at work surprised me with this sweet gift! These random acts of kindness sure are the best.


Some other things that I found at Target on my latest run was this super soft sweatshirt and pjs. I love the colors and fit!


I believe I’ve shared this Old Navy jumpsuit before, but I wore it with my camo bandana nefk scarf & chambray denim over shirt, and I loved this outfit. One of my favorite things/challenges I guess you’d say is transitioning some pieces from summer to fall. I love to add layers and accessories to achieve a different look 🙂

One of my coworkers can do a really pretty Dutch braid, so she tried doing so with my bangs. But they were still too short. So another coworker gave me pigtails, and I about cried from laughing so hard!

This is the pillow that Kaci recommended as it has helped her a ton with avoiding cricks in her neck. I hope it helps me as well! Between this, my special pillow for my legs (to keep my lower back from hurting), and my eye mask, I am one hot chick come bedtime. Ha!

Matt and I came up with this soup together, and it’s amazing! He took a bowl of our smoked shredded pork to the race track but didn’t eat it, so since it had already been thawed, we knew it needed to be used somehow. Enter TJ’s Pumpkin Bisque. I cooked a bag of frozen celery and onions along with a frozen vegetable medley, added the pork and bisque, then I simmered it in our PW Dutch oven.


We enjoyed it over a medley or rice and quinoa with a few corn chips for crunch, and it was so warm and satisfying!


I made a big salad for us each and cooked the chickpea pasta I recently found at Wal-Mart. I simmered roasted green beans and onions, grilled marinated artichoke hearts, and seasoned tomato sauce together to serve over top.


The next morning, I added a little of the leftover sauce over a savory oatmeal muffin with melted cheddar, enjoyed on top of wilted spinach. I had a super juicy red pear on the side.


We tried Dr. Praeger’s new Buffalo Chick’n Tenders with roasted vegetables, rice quinoa blend, and Matt’s sweet spicy honey mustard sauce. These are amazing! We both said they tasted just like chicken. Highly recommend them.


I went by Mahalo for a café au lait, and they are now serving their fall blend: 75% Sumatra roast and 25% Ethiopia roast. It was so delicious!! And it’s always such a pleasure to go as the staff are so welcoming and friendly. I loved the fall foliage starting to show in this tree. ❤

I ordered these handmade amazing soaps from Josh and Erin Lijewski. They are a husband and wife team making artisan soaps and crocheted items. How pretty are these? The blue one is Dancing Waters: a Bath and Body duplicate featuring notes of cyclamen and freesia.

This is their Grapefruit Bergamot bar.

As always, I want to end on a positive note, and MHN never disappoints. ❤


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