Friday Favorites…Early!

This past Tuesday, October 22nd marked three years since Matt and I got married. To think that much time has passed already blows my mind! I so wish I could hop back in time and relive the entire day. Since I can’t, I want to first begin by sharing some more of my favorite photos from our wedding because every time I look at them, I love them even more. It took a long time to get them edited the way we wished so that the true colors were captured so I think I’m just constantly in awe of how beautiful they turned out after being revised. I also still have a hard time believing we were featured on the news. At the last minute, they contacted our videographer and asked if they could come film some of our ceremony for a segment discussing how many weddings are planned around the Vols’ by-week. So that evening on the 11 o’clock news, our wedding was featured!

We captured this photo before leaving the hotel where we got ready. The autumn blue skies were so breathtaking. I love to think my sweet mom and grandparents pulled some strings in heaven to make my day extra special. I will always wonder what their reaction would have been to my look, our day, our love story. It’s some thing my heart does long for deeply.


Fall foliage just makes my heart sing! I still can’t believe this is the place we grew up visiting every summer, running around in our swimsuits from sun up to sun down. I now view it with even more love and adoration.


I think I need to show my emotions more. 😉





Woohoo, we did it! I love Kaci’s expression here!


My sweet mama’s photo shows here, and I love it. My arrangement was all I had hoped for and more! It dried beautifully and has been on display ever since.


One of my many favorites.


I love how my dress sparkled! That’s one of the first things Matt said he noticed when I came down the aisle: how the sun danced on my sequins so beautifully. This dress was just so perfect for me.


Being goofy, our natural state.



I knew this dress was *the* dress for me, but when I saw the back, I knew without an inkling of a doubt. I so love Matt’s smile! He and I took a bow when we walked into the tent per his suggestion.


Gettin’ down with my crew!


A sweet moment that I was thankful was captured.


An end to our most perfect day but only the beginning of the next journey in our story.


We decided to go to Wasabi for our actual anniversary dinner because we used to go all the time. We were regulars. The sushi chef recognized us immediately and asked where we have been. That felt quite nice to be remembered and welcomed!


We had to get a photo together.


Matt ordered the spicy tuna and cucumber salad and gave me a few bites.


I chose the seaweed salad.


Sushi on sushi on sushi. We brought our own gf soy sauce, and the chef understood what Matt had to avoid.


Finished with this spicy roll and vegetable roll. I love the pickled vegetables.


We then went by Pet Smart to get the babies food and toys. How perfect are these sushi catnip toys? They loved them! So all got to enjoy sushi, ha! We’re saving the carrot and pineapple ones for their Christmas gift. 😉


Then it was on to a Target run. The perfect end to a date night. =D Matt was in heaven in the toys section while I could kill so much time in the clothes. This is adulthood, and I’m here for it. His smile! So. cute.


My outfit yesterday was quite fun and soft: Old Navy ‘gunmetal’ velvet top with their olive suede skirt.


I wore my green bomber jacket and really liked how this came together.


I went by Mahalo for a cup of their fall ‘bonfire’ roast that is just perfect. The weather was gorgeous! So naturally I had a little photo shoot with the leaves.



I made Erin’s Oatmeal Banana Bread this week for snacks, and wow, it’s amazing! I’ve made several of her banana baked goods, and all are five stars. This took probably double the amount of time to bake, and I really don’t know if it’s our oven or the fact that we have to make it gf. But it was worth the wait! We sliced it into eight generous slices instead of 10. You do you.



I preordered Lil Bub’s amazing calendar for next year, and it’s purrfect! She’s so precious and really helps so many animals in need.


I will never grow tired of MHN’s words.



I wanted to share this early because I leave this Friday to fly to Philadelphia, PA to attend FNCE: Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. I’m *so* excited but nervous. I have only attended FNCE once, and it was in Nashville, so I drove with a friend and fellow nutrition professional. Flying to an unknown big city by myself has made it a bit more complex but so worth it. I’ll be sharing my recaps later next week!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites…Early!

  1. Happy happy anniversary!!!! These are truly some of the most stunning, classic, gorgeous, breath taking wedding photos I have ever seen. And I’m forever blown away by your dress. Thank you for sharing them again, they are filled with sooo much love and joy. Also, so sweet the chef remembered y’all! I just adore that velvet shirt- Old Navy here I come!!

    I hope you are having the best time at the conference. I have loved following alone on your stories! xoxo


    1. Oh thank you so very much!!!! I’m so very grateful for these photos to remember our day & cherish what an amazing time we had. I wish I could relive it! You are the absolute sweetest, & appreciate your kind words!

      I just love velvet! It’s so soft & elegant.

      I absolutely am!! I did feel homesick yesterday, but today has been epic. Thank you for sharing in my excitement! xo


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