FNCE Recap, Part Two

Without any further delay, let’s get right into the second recap of my FNCE experience! If you missed my first installment, you can read it here.

Monday, October 28th

I enjoyed one of my Bob’s Red Mill bars that I received at the Expo and then I got myself ready for another incredible day!


My look for the day. 🙂


Darker red tights, Ralph Lauren dress that I scored from Thred Up in 2016, mustard cardigan, and brown booties.


This time I got a hot latte, and let me tell you, it tasted so. good!


It was a rainy day, but it still was lovely. I snapped this as I walked across the sky bridge.


I loved this message board!


My contribution ❤


Are you even an RD if you don’t pose with food dress cutouts? Hahaha!


So bright and refreshing. 😉


Y’all, I was star-struck at this session on Intuitive Eating! It was led by none other than the two RD authors who wrote the first Intuitive Eating book in the early 90’s, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch!! Rebecca Scritchfield, RD and author of Body Kindness moderated it, and all three of them are just incredible. I never thought I would get to hear them speak, let alone meet them! Their work is what Kaci and I presented at our Barre3 workshop last March.


I met these two beautiful people, both future RD’s doing such amazing work.


I was so honored to stand next to Evelyn and get a photo together! She is so down-to-earth and fun!


Elyse is so awesome, well-spoken and very kind. They both were more than excited to speak with us all after their session, and they gave us all time to share our stories. It was greatly appreciated.


I then headed back down to the Expo, and I ran into my Dietetic Internship Director, Karen from my days at UTK as well as a super sweet peer who was one grade below me! I loved seeing familiar faces and getting to chat. I had seen Karen the day before at the BHN Lunch, and it was lovely to share that experience.


Mason would have been so purroud!! He was our avocado-loving handsome baby boy. I shared with the two Love One Today employees his story and two videos of him begging for and enjoying his avocado. They were genuinely interested and said how adorable he was, and my mama heart was bursting with pride. I only wish he were here, but I will always share about our babies to any and all people. Sorry not sorry.


The sweet girl who agreed to take my photo elected to get a portrait. There were such kind people everywhere!


You know how in The Grinch with Jim Carrey, he says, “Is that all you got? Is that all you got?!” when at the parade and they kept feeding him fudge and pudding? I thought of that as I ate sample-after-sample, ha! You think, “I believe I’m getting a little full…oh look, more samples!” I had a separate Expo stomach, I’m convinced.

This bread was very tasty and nicely spiced with cinnamon. I definitely need to find their products.


Mmm mmm, SunButter! I tried their crunchy, and while I always buy creamy, it was fabulous. The crunch is soft and delicate. I loved their booth setup.


I had an Eggland’s Best hard boiled egg with seasonings and hot sauce. Gotta get that protein! The sweet woman greeting us was wearing an outfit that I told her had Marvelous Mrs. Maisel vibes, and I loved it! We joked that next year, they should have a game where attendees are asked an egg fact question, and if they answer correctly, they are crowned egg-sperts. Har har.


I’m all about those ‘shrooms! Such a fancy booth.




This mushroom sandwich was full of flavor! I struck up a conversation with two nice RD’s while in line, and we discussed my work in Renal and my experience thus far as an RD. I’ll keep saying it, but the connections I made were just the best!



I snapped this photo of the pretty setup of that day’s sample.


They had a professional food stylist present to discuss how to take nice photos, and she took this looking through the food photography light that was positioned above. The grain dish was delicious!


I had not been able to purchase their oatmilk draft latte from the La Colombe in my hotel, but they were giving them out for free! I saved it for the next day.


More mushrooms over a mushroom-beef burger bite.


Something I made sure to do was share with these brands how they impact our lives at home. I spoke to this gentleman about how we enjoy our evening tea and that it really is part of our daily routine. He genuinely appreciate me sharing this as they want to know how their customers feel about their products.


I ran into Alexis and loved catching up with her!


This is pretty genius. A father was struggling to get his then eight year old daughter to eat vegetables, so he created his own pasta sauce. It’s simply tomato spelled backwards, otamot! It was very well-made with good flavor and no added sugar.

Couldn’t pass up a fun photo op!


This was one of my favorite booths!




Simple Mills cookie with their frosting. YUM.


I won a Fitbit from my photo with General Mills box of Cheerios!


And then this happened!! I started watching Ellie Krieger on Food Network as far back as 2007 when I began to develop an interest in nutrition. I have purchased her first three cookbooks and have made so many recipes. I even made her sweet and spiced nuts for one of our wedding favors! I had shared on Ig, and I remember when she replied to congratulate me, my wedding day felt even more special. She said she remembered this when I told her that was me! As Kaci said, this felt years in the making.



Meeting several of my idols felt so surreal, and it was an honor to speak with each of them. I have already made two recipes from her latest cookbook that I received signed from her, and I cannot wait to make more!


I was on cloud nine, I tell ya. I went through the Expo and bit more and sampled Kodiak Cakes gf pancake. Highly impressed!


Siete tortillas are very soft and lovely, and unlike other gf tortillas, they don’t crack and fall apart. Their chips are made from cassava flour instead of corn.

More gf bread samples.

Lastly, I tried some samples from Caulipower.


This is such a handy product to keep on-hand!


My autographed books!




After freshening up, I met with an RD and her friend for dinner.


We ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant that felt so cozy and homey.


I was really in the mood for roughage, as my grandmother would say, so this shaved Brussels sprouts and apple salad was calling mah name.


I didn’t get a photo of their dishes, but they so kindly shared! I like to think perhaps I’m an approachable person because we struck up a fun convo with the two women seated next to us. The RD I met through our FNCE Fb group is Jill to the far right, and her friend, Shelley next to me attended FNCE. The two women next to me, Holly on the end and Laura work for Compass Recruitment and were vendors at FNCE. We started to talk about what we had ordered and realized we were all there for the same reason. Holly lives in NC I believe and had ties to Knoxville while Laura lives in Michigan and was on my flight the next day. Small world! She was absolutely the sweetest and decided then and there that she would help me navigate the Detroit airport. How kind is that?


On our walk back to our hotels, we saw these extremely nice and expensive cars. You can see Shelley joking with the guard in the background. She said, “oh that’s where I parked my car. Will you keep an eye on it for me until I return?” He played along, and it was a riot! I was almost crying from laughing so hard.

Tuesday, October 29th

After a stellar night sleep, I was up and at ’em for one final day. I went with a Dorothy inspired comfortable outfit, and I received a number of compliments! I also received numerous on my owl earrings and one for my accent. 😉



I had snacked on a sample size bar of Go Macro then enjoyed my oatmilk latte with hot oatmeal. So good!


I attended Rachael Hartley‘s session on having your own practice and addressing burnout. While I’m not personally interested in having my own practice, I loved what she had to share.


I had run into Cara Harbstreet on Saturday, and she is so darn sweet! I realize I’ve said this so many times, but really, it can’t be said enough about the people I met.


I went by the Expo one final time, and let me tell you, the last day is the day to go. The vendors want to get rid of all of their samples and products, so I lucked out big time! I met with Laura to coordinate our flight later, then I went to the hotel to finish packing.


I had too much swag to take with me on the plane, so I walked it over to the post office. The young lady who helped me asked where I had got all of my food, and this started an amazing conversation about her interest in nutrition. She and her fiancé have seven children, and the meals she shared sounded really delicious! She said they have taken part in some community opportunities to share about nutrition, and I told her I was so proud of the work she was doing.

It was so bittersweet to leave my room for the last time! Naturally, I had to snap a selfie.


Seven has been a favorite number of mine since middle school for whatever reason, and so when I was put on the seventh floor, I thought it was a good sign. I do believe I was correct in that.


Since Nicole and I didn’t get a photo together while attending the session on body image, I messaged her and chose to meet at the Expo. Unfortunately, the security personnel was anything but nice. She told me I had to check my luggage for $3, and even when I asked if she could just watch it for a second, she declined. But we rocked this beige wall, and I cherish our photo. She is so full of energy and positivity, and she is the same in real life just as she is online. So thankful we got to finally meet!


I quickly ordered a Mediterranean salad and chicken burger from a shop in the Reading Terminal then with the major help of Jill and Shelley, made my way onto the Septa train back to the airport. I ate my lunch, but I had to put it down halfway through to put my luggage overhead. I felt a tad frazzled and didn’t want to be a bother, so I apologized to the young woman sitting next to me. She was so understanding and struck up a conversation, sharing that she was a college student there. Anytime I meet someone so pleasant, I’m reminded that kindness does still exist in this world.

After getting to the airport a few hours early, I grabbed an apple greens smoothie from Jamba Juice, and it was so refreshing.


Laura helped me to find my way to the tunnel to get to my connecting gate. She told me the backstory of the tunnel: a woman designed it but passed away before its completion. It runs underneath the runway, and it was honestly quite magical!

I grabbed this fantastic sandwich to eat for dinner on my final flight home.


I was SO excited to see Matt!! I didn’t get in until just before 10 pm, but I was just happy to be home. Jax left his catnip sushi piece in their water. Hahaha, I love their antics!


Sweet princess was so snuggly and happy mama was home too.


Wednesday, October 30th

Coffee and cat snuggles Wednesday morning. ❤


My casual outfit to run errands. I took the day off to grocery shop, clean, and take care of laundry.


I already was wanting to go to Mahalo, and then I received an email with a coupon code, so I knew it was a must! Café au lait to save the day.


I got changed and then met with Kaci for the most epic Barre3 Halloween Glow class!!


Glow paint + glow sticks




I told the wonderful studio owner this absolutely should happen more often or at least annually. It was phenomenal!!


I hung up my glow stick bracelets in our room that night, and it was quite fun.


Thursday, October, 31st

My go-to Halloween look for work.

And that concludes my final FNCE recap! I cannot tell you how much this trip meant to me, and I am admittedly quite proud I chose to go despite not technically knowing many people in attendance. I now feel I can say I have several RD friends in various places, and I’m so glad we finally were able to meet. Thank you for taking an interest in my experience. Tune in on Friday for a Friday Favs post. Have a great week!

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