Friday Fav-or-ites!

Hello lovely people! I hope that if you tuned into my FNCE recaps one and two, you enjoyed reading about my experience in Philly. Those memories will truly always stick with me.

Some of these favorite products are actually from FNCE! I finally got to try some of Bob’s Red Mills bars, and they are deeelicious.


I love anything honey roasted, and these crunchy sweet chickpeas were very enjoyable. I definitely want to find them to purchase a full-size bag.


I splurged on this bar when I grocery shopped with Kaci, and I will say that it was very unique and so enjoyable! While I love many bars on the market and am always a fan of peanut butter and chocolate, I do love different flavors. When I read “lavender”, I was sold, not to mention the cute hummingbird on the packaging. 🙂


The employees at the Manitoba Harvest booth were so friendly and generous! They gave me two bars, a full-sized bag of their hemp hearts, and the individual packets of hemp hearts. These bars are highly recommended! I love the texture and flavor of hemp hearts, and this bar is a soft crunch with the perfect amount of chocolate.



I’m unsure how much this would cost, and I know fancy nut butters can be very expensive. But I did love the flavor, and it’s nice that it includes yogurt and probiotics. I also got this from FNCE.


Forever a huge fan of Banza!


One evening I roasted an eggplant, Brussels sprouts, an onion, and a whole bulb of garlic. I then added half the roasted vegetables to the above box of cooked Banza penne and tossed it with the remainder of our jarred pesto. I also added two cloves of mashed roasted garlic because the more garlic the better! I drizzled the whole pot with extra virgin olive oil, seasoned it with salt and pepper, and then we enjoyed melted mozzarella over top. Simple, quick, and super delicious. We enjoyed the leftovers with a salad for lunch the next day. Pesto is the best, yo. Sorry, I know that was “cheesy”. 😉


I also scored this box of new Ronzoni gf pasta at FNCE. Any suggestions for what to pair it with?


These necklaces!! I absolutely adore this design. It was specifically made for Barre3. Want.


I treated myself to a K Brew Maple Smoke latte, and it was luscious and fun!



Cruze Farm so very sweetly offered free chocolate ice cream for Customer Appreciation Day, and their chocolate ice cream is smooth, chocolaty, and oh so amazing. I met Kaci at their downtown location and loved seeing her in the middle of a work day!


They have a selfie stand that we had too much fun using. I was cheesin’ hard!





Fall will forever and always have my heart. I honestly felt a bit of despair when I noticed that the huge tree behind Mahalo is becoming bare. Y’all, I can’t deal with fall disappearing! So if you hear of a crazy woman in Knoxville gluing leaves back on the trees, you’ll know it was me. Ha! I visited our lake house and was in awe of how gorgeous it was. At least fall will live on in my photos.







Do yourselves a huge favor and set aside a little time to make these Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Muffins by Kath! They are not super sweet, which Matt and I loved as we could enjoy them as is or add maple, honey, jam, pb. The sky’s the limit! Oats are so versatile and delicious.


For a long time now, I’ve had a goal to make recipes from the cookbooks I own, but I had failed to plan and shop accordingly. Since receiving Ellie Krieger’s latest cookbook, I have actually started to act on said goal. The first recipe I made was for her Pesto Spinach Stuffed Spaghetti Squash, and we were so very impressed! I actually combined one can of mixed greens with one 10-oz. package of frozen spinach, and it was fabulous.


We enjoyed a small amount of canned triple succotash on the side. I know I sound bossy, but you all really need to make this as well.


I took Ellie’s recommendation and saved the water from the cooked frozen spinach to then make my savory oatmeal, and it infused more nutrients into it. I added milk and spices then wilted in organic spring greens and topped with an over easy egg and freshly shredded sharp cheddar. My go-to savory combo, and I honestly can say I love savory more than sweet. I mean, I love both, but savory is just so awesome.


Matt and I absolutely love Cheerios, and we’re always down to try their new flavors! When I saw they now created Coconut Cheerios, I snagged a box. They have a wonderful flavor that is strong without being too much. If you love coconut, then these are a must.

We haven’t purchased replacement blades for our individual blender tumblers, so lately, whenever Matt makes a smoothie, he blends up a number of servings and freezes them. I let this bowl thaw, which included banana, mango, berry medley, Greek yogurt, unsweetened almond milk, and pb, and I topped it with a little more pb + Coconut and Multigrain Cheerios. I was craving eggs as well but admittedly, I was lazy. I should’ve made them, though because smoothies don’t last long for me. With Intuitive Eating, one doesn’t fail, though when they miss the mark. I just know going forward, more protein is needed. 🙂


We enjoyed Ellie Krieger’s Spiced Carrots, Salmon, and Green Bean Sheet Pan Meal Wednesday evening, and it was phenomenal! The carrots are tossed with olive oil, ginger, and honey, and they caramelized beautifully.


We enjoyed it with a Lundberg Organic Wild Blend Rice I received at FNCE.


I present to you yet another fabulous recipe by Ellie Krieger: Polenta Cake with Grapes! Now I know you may be wondering about the use of grapes. I’m here to tell you that they are perfect. The sweetness from the honey combined with the almost savory taste of the corn meal is balanced beautifully by the grapes. Matt and I agreed that it would be incredible as a pineapple upside down cake, which we will be making next time! So far I have enjoyed a slice for dessert with Greek yogurt, almond butter, and tea. I also enjoyed a slice for breakfast with thawed berries, ricotta, almond butter, and coffee. You just can’t go wrong any which way you eat this.


One of my sweet friends has invited me to join her for a workout with The Beauty Hunters, but I hadn’t done so until this week. It was awesome! I love that it was very challenging, but you could go at your own pace and take modifications. Class began with a core warmup then we were to complete 30 reps of each workout except 60 for those with an asterics. We got to 28, I believe.

Take a moment to read through this then go back and read it again and again, as needed. The holidays can be SO hard when others are entrenched in diet culture, but use these to support yourself in standing firm for your own needs.


❤ ❤


Have the best weekend!


4 thoughts on “Friday Fav-or-ites!

  1. Oh my I think that needs to be my every day bill of rights. Love it! It’s so tough sometimes to be an intuitive eater when everyone else is entrenched in diet culture and treat holiday meals like the last meal they will ever eat. I’m so thankful to remind myself that I can have “holiday food” any day of the year. Thanks for sharing, Kori! You are a light in this world. P.s. that polenta cake looks so yummy. I like having something baked to warm up for breakfast and your posts always give me such good ideas (especially for toppings!!!) 💜


    1. It absolutely is my everyday bill of rights!! It can be incredibly tough to be an IE eater around others who comment a great deal on the diet they currently follow, weight they want to lose, etc. But we’ll stay strong for our well-being! Amen to having “holiday food” anytime we want. ❤

      Your comment has truly put a huge smile on my face and made my day! I'm grateful I can be of help to you and others. I so hope you can make this polenta cake. It's delicious and perfect to have on hand to warm up and enjoy for breakfast. I'm all about those toppings!! Much love to you, Margo! ❤


    1. I so hope you can find a box! The coconut flavor is so good. I’m really glad you loved the quote I shared! I love her work so much. ❤️


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