From Fall to Winter in a Flash

Good Tuesday morning! I had not looked out our windows this morning until I saw a friend had posted about the snow we received, and I was shocked to see white when I pulled back the blinds! I cannot recall another time that we had snow this early in November. I wonder if Mother Nature is asking, “too soon?” at this point. Hahaha


Let’s rewind to Friday! I started the day with an oatmeal muffin topped with ricotta and cinnamon peach jam a friend made for us. I had thawed berries with hemp hearts on the side as well.

Comfy outfit including blue suede leggings, tunic dress (brand Kori, spelled just like my name!), booties, and super fun earrings.



Rachie was keeping an eye out for us. Sweet girl!


I had a good day at work then came home to enjoy a three-day weekend! Jackson standing on his tippy toes is one of the cutest things ever.


I put together a soup based on what we had on hand, and it turned out well! One can each organic dark red kidney beans, tomatoes seasoned for chili, and turnips greens with turnips. I also added one frozen bag each of celery + onion and soup mix. To give it more flavor, I mashed in the remainder of our roasted garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, smoked paprika, chili powder, and low sodium organic chicken broth. I allowed it to simmer for an hour or more.


It needed a little more salt and pepper, but it was tasty, and it got better with time.


I made a grilled cheese on a gf ciabatta roll with mozzarella, cheddar, greens, and whole grain spicy mustard.


For a snack, I enjoyed a mug of yogurt with thawed mango, Cheerios, and almond butter.



I was craving eggs like mad, so eggs it was! Two over easy eggs seasoned with EBTB blend and smoked paprika over wilted greens with a slice of polenta cake with ricotta. This really hit the spot!


After completing a 30-minute Barre3 rejuvenating flow, I got myself ready and enjoyed the best chicken salad and oat milk latte at Mahalo. I love their café so much!

I channeled my love of fall through my outfit.



Reflection in their gorgeous fire place.


I quickly went home to grab my tennis shoes and feed our babies, then I met Kaci, Drew, and Axl for an incredible fall hike! Matt is really the greatest friend, and he spent his weekend helping one of his best friends on a project for his Hummer. Otherwise, I so would’ve loved for him to join us. He ended up staying at his dad’s because that’s where he could use his welder.




I was in fall heaven.



Tried to be artsy like Kase. 😉



I admittedly love this shot.






Forever and always grateful for my twin!


I love how twinny we looked!


I went back to their place and watched some of the LSU vs. ‘Bama game, and Kaci graciously offered me one of her tasty San Pelligrino sparkling beverages.


I went to Aldi and found some awesome goods, then once I was home, said goods were put away, and the babies fed, I made my dinner. Leftover soup with a salad topped with avocado, leftover salmon, green beans, rice blend, and Italian dressing. This was full of flavor and so satisfying.


After taking care of the dishes and some laundry, I made a delish banana split including Greek yogurt, almond butter, and Bakery on Main chocolate granola.


I cored and cut up three small apples that were starting to get soft, and I cooked them in coconut butter with cinnamon and a little water. Quick cinnamon apples with no food going to waste.


I’m telling you I slept like an absolute rock! I got up to feed Rachie and Jax then fell back asleep until 8:30. O_O

I enjoyed a bowl of Coconut Cheerios with some of the cinnamon apples, pb, hemp hearts, and milk.


Then I did a lot of this while sipping my coffee. Coffee + kitty snuggles are the best way to start the day.


I enjoyed an extra mug of coffee before I took care of some tasks and then showered.

Lunch included mixed greens, avocado, radish, carrots, mushrooms, leftover cannellini beans, Italian dressing, and a slice of Aldi pumpkin swirl bread with ricotta.


Comfy Sunday outfit with a little extra from my pom pom earrings.


Kaci, Axl, and I ran a few errands together including to Pet Smart. We rode in Kaci’s Subaru that has a sunroof, and I loved it! It was a gorgeous day for it.



We all are looking in a different direction. Nailed it.


While they went to family dinner, I came home and enjoyed a quick but really good dinner. Baked sweet potato stuffed with sautéed onions and peppers from frozen plus hummus, spices, freshly shredded cheddar, and chili lime hot sauce.


I polished off a tub of yogurt with a banana, Multigrain Cheerios, chocolate granola, and tahini. This with a mug of hot herbal tea really was perfect.


Matt finally finished with the project and got to come home! But he didn’t have Monday off, so poor guy didn’t have time to rest.


I got up with him and enjoyed a bowl of hot oatmeal topped with warmed cinnamon apples, warmed maple syrup, and pb. YUM.


I left when he did for work and finished our grocery shopping at Kroger. I then ate my last bowl of soup with added rice medley a little before 11:00 to allow my stomach to settle before Barre3.


I was so fortunate to get to take their first 45-minute studio class led by the studio owner! I came away feeling so strong. Confession: my muscles have been sore every since my boot camp class with The Beauty Hunters, but I don’t view it as a bad thing. Being sore doesn’t mean you are out of shape. It just means you challenged your muscles in a new way, and it honestly served as a reminder that I took time for my well-being. I’ve just made sure to keep moving.


Once home, I enjoyed the last of our ricotta with some coconut crisps from Aldi.


My shower was very much needed. Hello ripeness, ha! When you want to go on a walk, but make it fashion. Lolz. Oversized sweater from Planet Xchange years ago, fleece lined leggings, pretty tall socks with a sparrow print, booties, and a beanie. It honestly was quite warm by the time I got back home!



I spotted some pretty flowers, plants, and fall décor.



I finally swept our front porch and cleaned it up a bit. Then I prepped dinner by Ellie Krieger: Falafel Burger Plate. I assembled the falafel burgers in advance to chill per the instructions, and I decided to sauté the cabbage and carrots rather than serve them raw. We thoroughly enjoyed this meal completed with toasted gf pita and homemade tahini sauce.


Matt stuffed his burger inside the pita. Leave it to him to take it to the next level, ha!


I did enjoy a snack but didn’t take a photo. We enjoyed two episodes of Last Week Tonight then crawled our butts into bed.


(Sweet Potato) Toast Tuesday! I topped one half with Greek yogurt, pumpkin pie spice, and almond butter and the other with an over easy egg, EBTB blend, and smoked paprika. Sweet and savory combo lover for life.


I call this, “when fall meets winter”.



The roads were too warm for it to stick, yet schools were cancelled or pushed two hours late. School admin is becoming very soft. We never got off, but they now use the excuse, “it’s too cold”. I mean…


Kaci so sweetly let me borrow this lovely cardigan that I paired with my orange midi dress, blanket scarf, and booties. Fall lives on in my clothes!




I tried to be artsy, but I failed.


Have the very best day and week ahead!

6 thoughts on “From Fall to Winter in a Flash

  1. I have a major exam this week, but what do I need as a study break? A peak at your blog, of course!! I feel like everyone is getting snow already- it’s nuts! It was even forecasted here in Austin today, although we never did get it. Hope you are safe and warm! I adore that Kori outfit on you- it’s soo dang cute. I love that it’s “Kori” brand too! It is really so “you” 😉 Daww Jackson- so curious! Oh my goodness, I was craving chili today but we didn’t have the fixins to make it. This one you made looks incredible! Perfect for this chilly weather. Ok- your eggs are literally the most perfectly cooked eggs I’ve ever seen. Also, I just loveee all your outfits- have I mentioned that?, haha. I love seeing them on Instragram too- they give me inspo! These nature photos are just breathtaking. How do you buy your ricotta? It’s one of those things I’m pretty unfamiliar with. I noticed they sold it in almost yogurt-type containers- is that the type you get? I want to try it! (I’ve only had it in actual foods, but not on toast, but it looks sooo yummy). Sounds like such a great Barre3 class! Ohhh falafel and homemade tahini- yes please! GENIUS to do the EBTB seasoning, egg and a sweet potato- I have all ingredients right now, so I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing, Kori!! This brightened my day big time!


    1. I loved seeing this comment from you!! I was so unprepared to see snow, & while it was pretty, I’m not ready to say “goodbye” to fall! Austin to get snow in November? That’s nuts!

      Thank you so very much!! I definitely love clothes & having fun with my outfits. ☺️

      Jaxxy is such a curious baby!

      I love making soups & need to do so more often! They’re so perfect for this time of year, especially with this cold snap. 🥶

      Oh my gosh, thank you for saying that!!! I used to always have Matt cook my eggs because I thought mine wouldn’t turn out well, but after giving it some effort, I’ve managed to make them pretty well. 🙂🍳

      😁 You’re the sweetest!! I always hope my sharing inspires others! It’s never to be boastful at all. Just show that side of myself, a little creativity.

      Our fall hike really boosted my mood & warmed my heart!

      I buy it in the tub! It’s a small tub, I think 8 oz. worth. You have to stir it like yogurt, but it’s good to go after you do. It’s super creamy with a slight saltiness that lends itself so well to toast or swirled into hot oatmeal. Mmm mmm

      We’re having our leftover falafel meal for lunch, & I’m looking forward to it!

      I thought of you when I made the sweet potato for breakfast!! You are the creative sweet potato meal queen in my book. 😌

      I’m so so glad this helped to give you a boost!! Good luck on your exam; sending love & happiness your way! xo


      1. Yesss I have been craving soup so much lately!! Last night I had butternut squash from TJs … nothing to write home about but it was great with some of their cornbread crisps 😋

        Ok definitely have to try this ricotta soon!!

        Aw that’s such a compliment !!! Thank you so much 💞

        I so appreciate all the love and luck for the exam. I take it in a few hours… fingers crossed 🤞🏻!

        Have a great weekend 🙂

        Ps. I realized I said “peak” instead of “peek” and it’s bothering me, so I just am pointing it out to acknowledge I recognize the difference- lol! I have had some grammar trolls lately, so I’m all self conscious 😂


        1. I think we had that soup! Is it their jarred b-nut squash? I used it to make a soup with smoked pork & plenty of vegetables. It was incredible. 🤤

          You are so welcome!!

          GOOD LUCK, but you got this!!!

          Have a great weekend too!! xo


          1. It actually was in one of their carton soup containers! And that sounds really great with the smoked pork– I do feel like it needs something savory to cut the sweetness!


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