Friday Favorites!

I had meant to share this post in the morning, but here we are. Better late than never! Without further adieu, let’s get to the favs this week.

Have you all seen these specialty cheddars at Aldi? I cannot wait to dig into them all! Pairing them with fruits, vegetables, with our savory oatmeal – they are going to elevate all of our dishes.



I just bought these last weekend, and we’ve almost finished the bag! Aldi has these and snickerdoodle almonds. I hope to get those at my next visit! These are so perfectly spiced with a lovely crunch. Mmm mmm.


I tried my first (decaf) mocha from Mahalo, and it was fabulous! I got it in the afternoon, so I erred on the side of caution with decaf. I couldn’t even tell.



I made another recipe by Ellie Krieger! This was spiced chicken cooked in the skillet with spicy black bean, corn, and tomatoes; topped with avocado and cilantro with roasted broccoli on the side. We both love this meal! We have leftovers, and it afforded us so many servings.


Some fashion fun including this J Crew Kelly green + navy sweater I found at Planet Xchange last year I believe. It’s one of my favorite go-to’s.


I was running really late, so a work selfie had to do. I wore this beautiful cardigan from Kaci once more, and I loved it!


I received this EOS lip balm while attending the Behavioral Health Lunch at FNCE. I love the flavor, and it has been keeping my lips moisturized pretty well. This time of year is rough on my skin and nails.


I attended my second class with The Beauty Hunters, and while it was t o u g h, and I didn’t complete the entire circuit, it felt so wonderful! I felt proud and grateful for the girls who gave me encouragement.


Always ending on that positive note. ❤


Have an amazing weekend!

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