Welcoming Fall Back with Open Arms

I truly hope this post finds you well today and in really good spirits! I really enjoyed this past weekend, and the fact that fall returned with sunny skies and nice temperatures really was the cherry on top.


I began Friday with a simple but tasty breakfast: Greek yogurt bowl with cinnamon, Coconut Cheerios, hemp hearts, almond butter, and an apple.



I’ve owned this dress from Planet Xchange for at least seven to eight years, and I never paid much attention to the brand, but it’s without a doubt been one of my favorite dresses! Unfortunately, I had to remove the tag because it just kept sticking up, but I looked up the designer: Misha Nonoo. Apparently her clothes are rather pricey, and she’s bestie with Meghan Markle. Who knew?! I rocked it with my TOMS wedges in gun metal. Some flare for Friday. 😉



I met with one of my fellow RD’s at the clinic that I will be taking over for her as she has been over patient census for some time now. The clinic manager was sweet and made baked potatoes in her air fryer and had chili and other toppings. It was delicious, but after I left, I swung by Publix around the corner to get a salad from the salad bar. I enjoyed it later in the afternoon, and it was just what I was craving.


Dinner was oh so good. I tossed together an autumn salad that included mixed greens, roasted spiced butternut squash, pomegranate seeds, dried cranberries, avocado, and a homemade apple cider vinaigrette. I topped our pizzas with fresh parsley. Mmm mmm mmm.


After getting the kitchen and ourselves cleaned up, we settled in on the couch with hot tea in hand. I enjoyed a sliced banana with Greek yogurt, pb, and gf graham crackers I received from FNCE. ‘Twas delicious.



I slept so so well! I woke up around 6:00 to feed the babies and thought I would be wide awake. Next thing I knew it was 8:00, and our room was filled with bright sunlight. I think I slept close to 10 hours. Whoa.

Sweet Mackenzie shared on Friday that my savory oatmeal inspired her to make a bowl. Knowing that what I share here helps others is what makes me feel so good! Naturally I craved a bowl right away. I made mine with milk + water, salt, pepper, garlic, smoked paprika, spinach, freshly shredded cheddar, and over easy egg, EBTB seasoning, and sweet habanero hot sauce. I crunched on an apple on the side. This was just so darn satisfying.


It fueled me to clean our place, which it really needed. Dusting is my least favorite cleaning chore ever, and it had been too long since I did so. I vacuumed, took care of some laundry, the dishes, changed out our air filters, and then stood back and admired my work. Hehe


I enjoyed our leftover spiced chicken, corn, black bean dish with the last of our autumn salad and roasted broccoli for lunch.


I then got myself ready and stopped by Mahalo to first hang this poster for the Retropolitan Craft Fair. One of my friends co-created this fair in 2013 to highlight and celebrate local makers and artists, and it’s something I look forward to attending! They hold a spring fair and a holiday fair.


I also saw they shared their new mugs, so naturally I had to get one. It has the cutest retro diner vibe! It’s so well-made.


I then enjoyed most of this vanilla affogato, and man oh man did it taste heavenly. I love the combination of sweet cold ice cream with rich hot espresso. Tell me: have anyone of you every had one? Do you enjoy it as well?


I dropped a few items off at the dry cleaners then headed over to Target. I won a Fitbit from General Mills at FNCE for which I was so grateful! I know that for me, tracking my activity and wearing a device that tells me my heart rate and other numbers isn’t good for my mental health. I decided to get store credit at Target instead. I found several wonderful items, and then I also got a few grocery items that we needed. Despite Target and that whole shopping area (known as Turkey Creek) being crazy already with holiday shopping, I loved being there. A sweet older woman was in the middle of speaking to her mom when she turned and said, “I love your haircut”. Two sales associates helped me to find a jacket I wanted, and they told me they loved it and that it looked nice on me. There really are kind people out there.

I grabbed a box of these KIND bars with a 5% Target app coupon and noshed on one before heading home.


Dinner was thrown together on a whim, and it was fantastic! I sautéed frozen peppers and onion with fresh organic kale from Aldi, spiced roasted butternut squash, and Banza rice. We topped our bowls with pom seeds, Sabra caramelized hummus, and shredded pork. So much color and flavor, which are what I love in a meal.


My sister-in-law and one of her best friends are selling Beauty Counter products, and after attending a party with them earlier in the week, they kindly gave me a caddy of some products to try. So often you don’t get to try something before having to purchase it, so this was appreciated! I had tried a few products and then decided to use the charcoal mask. I definitely want to care for my skin as much as possible. Matt was sweet and took this for me. 🙂


Once my face was all fresh and clean, I had another banana with pb and TJ’s pumpkin spice O’s plus Tazo camomile tea with honey. We watched some tv together before going to bed.



Unfortunately, we were woken up at around 3:10 to sweet Rachel getting sick on the bed. She was fine afterwards, but it always makes me really nervous when either of them get sick! She came and snuggled on my when I woke up around 7:50. I had gotten up at 6:00 and fed them, and she ate well. Her tongue is so cute! She gets so comfy that it just barely sticks out of her mouth.


I had a simple breakfast of thawed berries in our pb jar with Cheerios + Coconut Cheerios and milk.


Coffee out of my new mug. ❤

I met Kristi in Philly when she and I rode the train together to the convention center. She is an amazing RD who quit her clinical job and now spreads the message of kindness, positivity, and works to motivate others to tear down perfection and instead, be real. She has a line of products, Effect Positivity, that I loved immediately when I saw them! I got this shirt for myself because the art of breathing deep has truly helped me in so many ways with my anxiety over the past several years. Barre3 incorporated breath work at the end of their workouts because it truly is something that has such amazing beneficial effects to our well-being. So now when I look down at my tee, it will remind me to just breathe.

Matt sweetly took these for me. My earrings, Moto jacket, and shoes are all from my Target visit!


Candids are really the best, am I right? Ha!


My attempt at being a model. Matt asked, “so are you just going to stare at the ground?” Yes, yes I am. Lol!


Alexis shared about Dunkin Donuts new Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich, and I really wanted to try it! I got it without the American cheese because I’m not a fan of it. It would’ve been better with cheddar, but as it was, it was still tasty. I loved the spices in the sausage, and the English muffin was nice and fluffy. I got a coffee with French vanilla added, and it was the perfect sweet balance to my savory sandwich.


I went over to Kaci and Drew’s and waited for her to get ready. In the meantime, I took these stellar SnapChats with Axl Rose. He’s a handsome goob!

We took our sweet Rachel and Jackson to the vets for their exam, blood work, and vaccines. They did so well, and we sure are proud mamas! The commented that Rachel was gorgeous, Jackson handsome, and they noted their soft fur. Unfortunately, as I suspected, Jax is a little heavy. She gave us a prescription for a high fiber food to help with their hairballs and to help him to feel more full and satisfied. I so hope it helps!

When we got home, I fed them then snacked on a banana and cheddar. I had wanted an apple, but we were out of them. Womp womp. I finally prepared Ellie Krieger’s amazing Asian tofu with baked sweet potato and kale chips, and we both loved it! As it baked, I crunched on some carrots and hummus. This meal was so full of flavor, and I wouldn’t have thought to combine the Asian flavors with sweet potato, but it was perfect! So often I just go with rice, but I love to discover new pairings.


For dessert, I enjoyed a mug of Greek yogurt with mandarin oranges, Multigrain Cheerios, and pumpkin spice almonds.


We watched the Netflix series The Toys that Made Us, and the episode was on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Nostalgia was real! Kaci and I used to watch it a ton when we were little, and we’d go out in the yard and “fight putties”. Hahaha. During the commercial breaks, we’d tumble down the hallway and practice our skills. It brought back so many fun memories.


On Sunday, Matt was oh so sweet and used his leftover batter from making French toast and offered to make me a plate. He used my pumpkin swirl bread, and the slices reheated perfectly this morning. I topped them with almond butter and maple with a side of thawed berries. At least if it’s going to be Monday, make breakfast fancy.


The sweetest snuggles this morning. ❤


Have an amazing week!

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