Friday Favorites + Finds

Hello, and happy Friday! I’m back for another little round of favorites and finds that as always I hope sparks inspiration.

I found these really pretty statement earrings by A New Day at Target, and I so love them! They can easily dress up an outfit and add some more sass. 😉 I wore them last Sunday with my tee from Effect Positivity, and I shared them in my weekend recap.


Floral in floral ❤️

 This pajama set by Stars Above from Target are so soft and comfortable! Alexis shared about them on her blog and raved about them, so I knew I needed a set. Great investment!


One of my sweet friends share this sweatshirt with me, and I love it! Unfortunately, it’s listed to cost $61.81. Gulp. It’s officially licensed, but sheesh.


One of our local vintage boutiques shared this dress, and my gosh it’s beautiful!! I adore the colors and buttons. Just so lovely.


Sarah is super talented and has taken fabric that would otherwise be thrown away and created amazing scrunchies and accessories! I snagged this scrunchie to wear as a bracelet. Just because I have a pixie haircut doesn’t mean I can’t partake in the fun. 😉 Check out Sustainable Accessories online and Instagram!


Even though I’ve grown a bit tired of RX bars and the texture, when I saw this pumpkin spice flavor (plus had a 5% coupon on the Target app), I went ahead and grabbed a box. I’m a sucker for seasonal foods!


We just ran out of jam, so I picked up this fun combo from Target. I love that the rhubarb adds a unique tart flavor.


I made Making Thyme for Health’s Lentil Chili Casserole, and man oh man was it tasty! Every week, Alexis shares a Weekly Vegetarian Meal Guide, and this was one of the featured recipes. I made a few changes based on our ingredients: pickled jalapeños, yellow onion, Banza rice, and Aldi hatch chili-coated sharp cheddar on top instead of a vegan cheese sauce. We enjoyed it over lightly wilted spinach with parsley and Red Hot Blues corn chips on the side.

I also used Alexis’ Weekly Vegetarian Meal Guide as inspiration for this harvest pasta salad. I sautéed onion, red cabbage, kale, and roasted butternut squash together then added Aldi black bean penne, parsley, pom seeds, and a homemade apple cider vinaigrette. It was so colorful and delicious! I loved the combination.

I was so surprised and incredibly grateful to come home to this generous gift from Siete Foods! They included seven full-sized bags of chips, three jars of dips, four bottles of hot sauce, a sturdy beautiful tote bag, three recipes, a notebook, and a card. Wow! I met them at FNCE and was genuinely impressed by their products. Their customer service is top notch!

As always, I want to end on a lovely note, and MHN never disappoints. Have the best day and weekend!

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