Getting Crafty

Well, this blog post is coming together much later than I expected. Whoops! I had quite a wonderful weekend, and I’m excited to share it with you all. Also, you may have noticed a change around here. I decided to rebrand a bit, and my idea behind my name can be found on my About Me page. 🙂


I began the day with a simple bowl of Cheerios with pb, strawberry rhubarb jam, milk, and a banana.


We had our RD Meeting, and one of the RD’s had a birthday the following Monday. So our wonderful Lead RD surprise her with a lovely cake from Publix.


I ate the number of bites I wanted until I felt satisfied.


When we completed a webinar together, some of us met for lunch at Balter Beerworks. I enjoyed the miso salmon bowl, and it was incredible!


I came by the house to care for our sweeties, and then I stopped by Mahalo for a decaf cafe au lait. One of the sweet baristas and I struck up conversation about IE and HAES, and we shared some of our own journeys. Her sister is an RD at an outpatient eating disorder clinic, and I have the utmost respect for her. I just loved connecting with this barista and was grateful she shared her thoughts with me! Gives me hope that we’ll give great pushback to the diet industry.

I then went to the hair salon and got a much needed and much appreciated cut! One of the RD’s also gave me these adorable hammered cat earrings. Love them!


Dinner was really easy but quite incredible. I made us each a salad and heated the last of our marinated sautéed tofu from Ellie Krieger’s cookbook. I drizzled it with sesame oil and seasoned with EBTB mix. So good!


Sweet snuggles!


Rachel was in snooze-town on Matt’s lap.


Apple nachos with yogurt, pb, and gf graham crackers for a snack while we watched some of a show together. It was called The Devil Next Door – it was about an accused Nazi prison camp gas chamber guard. It was really heartbreaking and interesting.



I slept well and got up just a little before 8:00. I made banana “burritos” using Siete cassava tortillas, pb, and banana. ‘Twas tasty! Love these tortillas.


I do love these “challenges” just because I love looking at memories. My 10 year challenge.

I also did one for the babies!

Sweet Rachel when she was just two, and Mason was a baby!


Itty bitty Mason!!


Our brave baby boy.


I cannot handle his cuteness. My mama heart bursts with pride and sadness that he didn’t get to live for 10 years. But we tried to make the most of his time with us, and I try to find peace that I will see him again one day.


Rachel hasn’t aged one bit.


Baby Jax before his eye was removed and the other grafted. He’s always been such a character!


❤ ❤


I completed some Barre3 and then got myself ready for Matt and my lunch date at Petro’s!

Caught him in the photo, ha!


This location just opened on Thursday, and it’s so pretty!


One of our amazing local artists, Paris Woodhull drew this mural of Knoxville. How incredible is that?!


It took us multiple attempts, lol.


The history behind Petro’s.


Some more unclose to showcase Paris’ talent.

We got their Baja Petro’s, olives and jalapeños for me, just jalapeños for Matt. Plus their famous sweet tea with a hint of orange. This really hit the spot.


We asked someone to take our photo, and at first she said she was running late, so dice. But then she came back right away and took a few. I was thankful. I love this and taking photos for memories!


I’m really starting to feel excited for the holidays.



The park next to Market Square looked really pretty! While it was a rainy day, I think it made it look magical.




Matt and I grocery shopped together, which I loved. We always have a great time and enjoy a number of laughs. Found just about all that we need and did so in pretty good time. We got it all unloaded, and then I took care of some tasks around the house.

A salad to start dinner: greens, cooked beet, cucumber, ‘shroom, Italian dressing.


The last of our harvest pasta salad, which I’ll have to make again.


Later I noshed on a mug of yogurt with Love Grown Ancient Grains Granola. Mmm mmm.


Matt made himself tortillas with pb, cinnamon, and brown sugar. He gave me a bite, and it was so good!



I used my leftover salmon from Friday scrambled with an egg over wilted spinach plus pumpkin swirl toast topped with avocado and strawberry rhubarb jam. Two cuties on the side. This was fabulous.


Then I got myself ready quickly and got to the Mill and Mine for the Holiday Retropolitan Craft Fair. Kaci and I absolutely love attending! It was a really pretty day too.





I was one of the first twenty and received this adorable free mug!



The energy is always so amazing. I love seeing all the makers and their artwork and products!

I couldn’t resist the kid activity and colored a little bit. I need to do so more often!


My girl. ❤ I bought the bandana from Paris Woodhull, and it has her Knoxville map printed on it. I also got the mustard macrame earrings, studs that can’t be seen by Cold Gold (find her on Etsy!), another pretty ring, and one more pair of earrings from Cold Gold.


I got my lunch from Lanai food truck, and it was so delicious! Panko breaded tofu with a sticky sweet sauce, steamed rice, roasted vegetables, and macaroni salad. I ate about half and then saved the rest for later.


I swung by TJ’s and picked up a few things including these mints. They’re quite potent, and I’ve been wanting to keep mints in my purse.


I added the rose gold knot ring to my teal, both by Ginger and Pearl.


From Cold Gold.


The macrame are made by the same as the polymer clay pairs, Bonnie Poore. Lastly, the blue globe-style earrings were by Cold Gold as well.


We always love their photo booth, and this was so fun!


Added to our other strips. ❤


Banana with pb, cinnamon, and nutmeg. So simple, so satisfying.

img_5021I roasted Brussels sprouts, carrots, and green beans to enjoy with my lunch leftovers for dinner.


Remember that you can opt out of diet culture, talking about diets, and talking about weight this Thanksgiving and every day!



I wore my new earrings today and loved them so much.


Phew, there it is! My weekend recap. I hope you all had a restful one and enjoy a most wonderful Thanksgiving!

5 thoughts on “Getting Crafty

  1. looks like you had a wonderful time! I was wondering if you tried any other of the siete tortillas besides the cassava flour one and if so what were your thoughts on the other flours. thx, kim p.s. love the new site design and name!!!!


    1. I did, thank you! We’re eating on the cassava chia tortillas, & we love them! I tried the cashew while at FNCE & can say it’s a wonderful flavor as well. Thank you so very much!!!


  2. I always appreciate when you articulate the thought pattern behind your intuitive eating steps. That book was life changing for me, but I find myself forgetting some of the ideas or just not taking the time to remember them when I’m eating etc. So any time I can hear someone else processing it I really, really appreciate it. Thank you!


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