Thanksgiving Weekend Part 1

I hope this post finds you all well today! I was busy yesterday for the first day back from the holiday, so my Thanksgiving weekend recap part one is coming a day late. I’ll cover from Wednesday to Friday, then I will pick up with Saturday and Sunday in part two. 🙂


I enjoyed a visit at Mahalo, and their pretty tree and Christmas decorations were so cute! I love the blue theme that matches their café.

I ordered a café au lait and a cheddar scone. I *love* savory pastries more than sweet. Any fellow savory/salty fans out there?


This extra caffeine gave me a boost to make out Thanksgiving spread that evening. I made my grandmother’s cornbread dressing, homemade cranberry sauce, roasted green beans and potato medley with pesto, and Alexis’ Maple Balsamic Roasted Brussels and Butternut Squash with Walnuts and Pom. I used purple Brussels, and I just loved how colorful our sides were!


Dinner was a delish salad with Dr. Praeger’s chick’n tenders dipped in CFA sauce. Quick and so satisfying.


Thursday / Thanksgiving

I made pumpkin spiced oatmeal topped with pb and brown sugar to start my Thanksgiving.


I felt like moving my body to Barre3 NOT to earn my food but to give thanks to my able body. I had to wear this tank from Body Over Mind Apparel! The flow was perfect.


After getting showered, I enjoyed a Siete chia cassava wrap warmed and topped with wilted spinach, Dr. Praeger’s American burger, mashed avocado, and Caesar dressing. Perfect flavors!


Matt roasted our turkey and did a really nice job.


We picked up his dad and headed up to his mom and step-dad’s for the day. Kaci was very sweet and let me borrow her sweater from Val’s.




Delicious appetizer plate.


My plate. I accidentally came to the table slightly less hungry than I wanted, but no guilt. I ate what I wanted, and I knew that if I became overly full, no biggie! My body would just digest the food all the same.


Matt and I went on a short walk and looked at some of the Christmas lights in their neighborhood. We later sipped on tea and enjoyed a lovely dessert plate. His mom made a wonderful crustless gf pumpkin pie as well as a gf pineapple cake, both included coconut flour. She also made a fruit salad. So perfect!


She gifted me this cut potholder too!



I completely forgot to take a photo of my breakfast. Doh. I enjoyed cereal and fruit out of my almond butter jar.

I made a turkey and cranberry sandwich with mayo and greens to take with me on a hike.


After taking care of some tasks around the house, I thought I left in time but got lost trying to find the meet-up. Several other people could not find the trail guide or group either. They didn’t do a great job of providing the details. No worries, though because I met a really sweet girl who was enjoying the day with I believe her two young nieces. We created our own hike!


The day and weather was really perfect. Not hot but not super cold.



She pointed out to me to pay attention at the bottom of any waterfall – that there is a stack of rocks strangely enough. Anyone know of why people do this? What it signifies?








I ran by Wal-Mart for a few things, and then I came home to shower and enjoy this snack plate.


I did a little decorating, and it made me feel happy. I got this candle from TJ’s, and it smells like Christmas!


Love this retro brush trees!


Our baby tree, nutcrackers, and stockings.

I enjoyed a plate of leftovers for dinner. Matt spent the evening with a friend who was in town for the holiday.


I watched some of my colorized ‘I Love Lucy’ episodes, sipped tea, and I finally got back to coloring in my coloring books.


Banana with pb, spices, yogurt, and Cheerios.


And that’s a wrap! Please share some highlights from your Thanksgiving!


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