Thanksgiving Weekend Part 2

I’m back to pick up where we left off and share our Thanksgiving weekend part two!


I made a killer bowl of savory oatmeal that included Aldi cheddar coated in hatch Chile seasoning, wilted spinach, spices, and a drippy over easy egg. SO. GOOD.


I relaxed with my cuppa Joe, took care of house tasks (laundry, dishes, all the fun stuff), then I got ready for a fun day of exploring Maryville. First stop was Southern Grace Coffee Company. Is this old home-turned café not adorable?


Had to wear my Eat Healthy Designs coffee shirt. 😉


I found this quaint corner upstairs to thoroughly enjoy my blueberry muffin and decaf latte with oat milk.


No restriction. Sweets, pastries, and savory baked goods are not only reserved for the holidays. Enjoy them whenever!


Another room upstairs was decorated so cute! The whole place was so photogenic.


They even roast in house on Sundays!


I loved the tree, ornaments, and all of the holiday décor.


I just drove around and discovered the Maryville Farmers’ Market, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it!


Red and teal/turquoise became our two primary wedding colors as determined by our little sand ceremony, so anytime I see the combo, it warms my heart. Also, this setup was adorable!


Look how big, full, and pretty!


I’m a sucker for artistic murals.


This home store had the most lovely courtyard!


Is this igloo made of branches not precious?





I love this arrangement.


I loved these! But I swear it said they cost $165 each. O_o Hopefully I was mistaken.


After I left, I pulled over to snap this photo. Again, I love art of all kinds.


Once home, I made a late lunch that consisted of greens, cuke, roasted tri-color peppers, hummus, and Caesar dressing.


Plus a warmed Siete chia cassava wrap with pb and chocolate chippies.


Matt and I sipped on tea while I colored, and I really have enjoyed this creative outlet.


For dinner, I cooked edamame noodles I received at FNCE, and we topped them with warmed jarred pasta sauce with added garlic and cayenne pepper. We also had a plate of warmed Thanksgiving vegetable side dishes.


Evening snackage included a berry/mango/banana smoothie that Matt made for us. I topped my mug with coconut Cheerios, Love Grown granola, and pb. YUM.



I slept well and woke up feeling rejuvenated. I got to work making shakshuka using Alexis’ recipe as a guide. I sauteed the remainder of our roasted tri-color peppers with a chopped onion in our iron skillet. Then I added the leftover pasta sauce and allowed it to thicken. I made little wells and cooked four eggs until the whites were set.


We enjoyed it with leftover roasted potatoes and green beans with pesto plus buttered garlic toast. I cannot recommend this breakfast enough!!


Sweet Jax found the ray of sunshine to bask in, and I just die over how adorable all of our babies are! His eye was just twinkling. He was living his best life.


Rachie girl also came downstairs to join us while we ate. I could just eat her up even when she’s naughty. 😉


I sometimes crave sweet at my next meal if I have savory and vice versa, so for lunch, I had a banana and Multigrain Cheerios out of our pb jar. I used oat milk, and it was fabulous.


I got ready and went by the store then the carwash. My car desperately needed to be cleaned!

Afternoon snack included this Bobo’s oat bite and a crisp apple.


Dinner was oh so perfect. I thawed one pound lean ground beef and sautéed it with onion and celery. I then drained the pan, added this taco seasoning mix minus the regular paprika because we don’t have it, and one can of drained black beans. After it simmered, we spooned it over wilted spinach and topped our bowls with Siete spicy vegan cashew queso, quick homemade guacamole, and freshly shredded cheddar. Also, peep my avocado socks. How appropriate, no?

img_5333-1Siete nacho cassava chips on the side.


I think I enjoyed a snack, but I forgot to take a photo if so. Whoopsies. Well, y’all, that’s a wrap! I hope this sparked some inspiration in the kitchen and beyond. Please share any fun you had or a favorite food you ate!


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