Friday Favorites + Finds!

Hello and happy first Friday in December! Say what? This year has flown! I know, I know, I seem to say that a lot. But it’s really how it feels.

When Matt and I grocery shopped together the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we found some delicious products. First up is this cup of wild salmon. We love keeping different tuna, salmon, and sardine pouches/tins/cups on hand for those quick lunches! This was super tasty, high in protein, and nicely filling with the vegetables and chips we paired it with.

Another seafood product is this amazing tin of tuna. It included wild tuna, butternut squash, fire roasted vegetables, shaved almonds, and herbs. HIGHLY recommend it! We both ate it for lunch with leftover Thanksgiving vegetable sides and dressing. It paired owe so perfectly believe it or not. The flavors went together in the best way. I can’t wait to get more from this brand!


While I love to make overnight oats in a glass jar at home, I also love trying different cups. This flavor was perfection. I just soaked it overnight with milk then had fruit and I believe almond butter with it in the morning. The thing with these cups is that I have to add more to them to make them filling. You do you! Don’t feel limited just by what they include. Creativity doesn’t stop there.


I also tried this higher protein peanut butter and chocolate chip Kodiak Cakes cup. I prepared it with oat milk (like an oat inception, ha!), and I added a big dollop of pumpkin. It had a slightly gritty texture, but not bad. I would get it again!


I received two of these Schar brand gf candy bars while at FNCE, and Matt and I each had one with lunch one day this week. We loved it! So soft, sweet, and satisfying. We compared it to a Twix, and we thought it was a lot better.

In 2017, I made a shepherd’s pie from our leftover Thanksgiving turkey and gravy. I loosely followed my recipe and included the following: sautéed onion and celery until soft then added two drained cans of mixed vegetables, turkey, gravy, and carton of Imagine brand condensed cream of mushroom soup + water to thin it. After it was warmed through, I transferred it to a baked dish and topped it with Kroger frozen roasted garlic mashed cauliflower. I baked it at 350* until it was bubbly around the edges. We enjoyed it with a simple salad on the side and then ate on it for lunches and dinners during the week. I hope this is something you’d like to make with your leftovers!


Kristen Bell shared this, and I absolutely had to share my screen shot. It’s not only how we talk to kids but ourselves! Don’t think of certain foods as a chore. If you love apples, then enjoy them! But think of how they help your body, not that you *have* to eat them. If you love something else a lot more, say pears, eat them.


I received an email from Lil Bub‘s dude, Mike on Monday sharing that Lil Bub had passed away Saturday night/Sunday morning. It was unexpected, and my heart sank deeply! I am so heartbroken that she is no longer here with us. But Mike took the absolute best care of her! Together, they raised over $700,000 for special needs babies, and she did meet-and-greets, produced her own album (It’s amazing! Such bright, fun jams),  produced quality products (some of the proceeds went to help other babies), starred in a movie, was a sponsor for Halo pets and other quality brands, and she really was the pioneer of highlighting special needs babies. She was eight years old and the best space kitty ever. As he shared, she is the very reason he and his wife met and married and now have their two children. I like to think Lil Bub and Mason have met and are playing together in Heaven. In her honor, I wore my earrings on Tuesday. I am devastated, though because I lost my enamel pin of her eating an ice cream cone. It sometimes loosened from the back, and it fell off my purse on Monday. I am at a loss. I wish I could find it.


I also ate my evening snack out of my mug on Tuesday. Kaci and I ordered her bandana. I recently ordered her 2020 calendar, and I will continue to buy from the Lil Bub store! I encourage anyone who loves fur-babies to look and see if you would love to purchase anything.


I cherish our babies so very much. I wish Mason were here too. It feels weird going into a new year without him again.


This was all of us on Monday, am I right?


My heart!! ❤


Kaci and I had a blast at Ijam’s Nature Center decorating our own tacky Christmas sweaters courtesy of Goodwill! We’ll be wearing them at her Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party next week. We were even interviewed for the local news! We entered our creations into a contest to win a Goodwill gift card. Fingers crossed! Also, we were interviewed by the news! Here is the link, enjoy! 😉

My sister-in-law introduced me to Beautycounter and their products, and they felt really nice. She kindly gave me a caddy of their products to try, which is necessary to know what one would like to purchase. I bought these two products – cleansing balm & soft cream. I want to invest in my skin’s health now and always.

Some days I so need Morgan’s words. They affirm my thoughts and feelings, provide encouragement, and make me feel I’m not alone with some struggles.



Much love to you all.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites + Finds!

  1. Hi! So I’m new to reading your blog, so you may have already shared this before… 🙂 But do you have a favorite, overnight oats recipe? I’ve actually never tried them, but I just jumped onto the oatmeal bandwagon this week. I’m pleasantly surprised that a delicious bowl of oatmeal in the morning keeps me full until lunch (while normally I struggle with binge eating a bit). 😉 I’m trying to lose weight, and oatmeal seems to be step one in the journey to fixing eating habits! 🙂 I did buy a pre-made cup of overnight oats that I’m going to try this weekend, but I’ve heard it’s easy to also make from home.
    I love your conversational, writing style AND all the foodie pics and reviews. I’ll definitely be back!! 🙂 Have a great day.


    1. Hi Nicole! My fav go-to base recipe is as follows: 1/2 c old fashioned or quick cooking oats with equal parts milk of choice & plain Greek yogurt, pinch of salt, spices, fruit/sweetener/nuts &/or seeds of choice! Sometimes I only use milk for a slightly different texture. If you soak in only milk & then are craving hot in the morning, you can just heat until cooked to your liking. I hope this helps! We also love to make an oat muffin: 1/2 c quick cooking oats, 1/4 t baking powder, 1 egg, splash of milk – microwave in 30 sec intervals until cooked thru. Serve sweet with fruit, pb, sweetener, etc. or savory with cheese, wilted spinach, hot sauce. I so appreciate you taking the time to share those sweet compliments! I hope my blog proves inspirational & helpful to you. Have a great day as well!


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