Friday Favorites!

Hello and happy Friday! Only twelve days until Christmas, and I just can’t believe it! We got a nice snow this week, which definitely felt a bit magical.

Our Lead RD surprised me with this super cute and thoughtful gift. I was so grateful! She knows me very well obviously. 😉


Speaking of our babies, we received awesome news on Jackson! To backtrack, when we took Rachel and Jackson in for their annual exam and blood work, the doctor advised that we obtain a urinalysis for Jackson to confirm his renal function. His creatinine result was within normal limits but is also considered high according to the International Renal Interest Society. I tried taking him in once, and he didn’t have enough urine to extract. We decided to go ahead and get a second opinion on the blood work, so we went to Jackson Square Animal Clinic in Oak Ridge. One of our best friends works there and it’s actually where we first met Jax! A good citizen found him and brought him in for care. We adopted him immediately. His labs all came back wonderful including an additional renal lab value. Phew! He was so brave!



We finally hung these floating shadow boxes and put Mason’s memorial downstairs. Since we spend our evenings in the living room, I wanted him to feel closer. I’m going to add photos soon. Love our brave baby boy!!



In my last weekend recap, I shared my oatmeal that included beet powder. This is the product I found at HomeGoods. I highly recommend it!


I made my savory oatmeal with a packet of Bakery on Main’s ancient grains oatmeal, oat milk, water, garlic, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, and beet powder. I added baby spinach green mix and allowed it to wilt from the heat. I topped it with an over easy egg, EBTB seasoning, and freshly shredded cheddar coated in coffee + lavender. Not only was the color beautiful, but the combo was incredible! It can’t be ‘beet’. Can’t stop, won’t stop. 😉


I am now on a beet kick, so I had mashed avocado with beet powder, lemon juice, and EBTB seasoning on once slice of seeded toast and then RX almond butter, banana, and cinnamon on the other slice.


I also saw this new Fage product at our Kroger. It is not sweetened but has Madagascar vanilla, which provides the perfect sweet taste. It’s not thick like Greek yogurt, but I’ve really enjoyed having it on hand.


We’re very much Cheerios fans for life, and I’m always on the lookout for new flavors. This gets two thumbs up from both of us!


I recently shared the Freshe tuna with butternut squash and herbs that was incredible, so I went back and bought these two flavors. I highly recommend this brand and these products!


On Monday evening, I made Anne’s latest biscuit recipe and used pumpkin instead of butternut squash, cheddar with the coffee + lavender instead of parmesan, and made them gf for Matt. The smelled and tasted amazing! Unfortunately, I yet again did not bake them fully despite following the time guideline. I didn’t check the center, and either gf and/or our oven makes all recipes take longer.


I honestly love doughy textures, so I enjoyed it, but Matt opened and toasted his. I baked the remaining five longer while we ate dinner, which included Hilary’s adzuki bean burger with pickled jalapeno slices, steamed spinach and carrots, and seasoned roasted Brussels/green beans/celery. It was tasty!


One morning I toasted one of the biscuits and spread each side with our cranberry sauce. Two fluffy scrambled eggs, wilted greens, and an apple to complete my breakfast. It was lovely!


I’ve wanted another frother for a long time after my last one frothed its last latte, so I finally ordered this off Amazon. I made a Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime latte with honey and oat milk. Loved it!

The lighting was terrible, but I liked this little ensemble I put together. I rediscovered this flannel that I bought from Planet Xchange a few years ago, and I paired it with trousers and a belt that I got from there as well. A little French tuck, and voila, I was ready to conquer the day.


Because the temperature was dropping into the 30’s that day despite starting in the upper 50’s, I threw on a scarf and my trench. Had some fun with a mix of patterns.


I converted my ON jumpsuit into winter with this long Kori brand cardigan plus floral earrings.


All bundled up for a frigid but sunny day!


For my Friday eve look, I went with my fav gingham dress, local Knoxville print bandana, and cat earrings. ❤



On Thursday, I commented on our local news station’s Facebook post regarding parental paid time off after having a child. I am pro more time to heal as well as bond with the child, but many are opposed, which blows my mind. I was honored that they asked for me to provide an interview! We met at our local library, which is beautiful. I am ashamed to admit I had not been until this meeting.


It aired at 5:00 pm that very evening and again this morning. They shared the link again and included my quote. Here is the link. I was thankful I chose to wear my Cruze Farm gingham dress and bandana from Paris Woodhull as I love to represent Knoxville!


Mahalo offered their empty burlap coffee bags, so you know I went by and grabbed one! Rachel knows coffee is life. No idea what I’ll do with it, but it’s so pretty!

As we enter 2020 and everyone seems to be all about shedding weight and hitting the gym daily for that calorie burn, remember that physical activity is about far more than calories, weight or change of body size.


For instance, Barre3 is all about empowerment, community, and realizing we are enough before we even take class. Kaci and I had the pleasure of taking class together and get to do so two times next week! It felt in-credible.


I wish you all the best weekend!

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