Rockin’ Our Tacky Christmas Sweaters

Hello and happy Monday! I don’t about your weather, but ours has been all over the place from hot to cold, spring to winter. It’s now quite warm today, but we had snow last week. Every day is a toss up!


Let’s get into this recap, shall we? Rewinding to Friday: I made hot oatmeal with beet and cocoa powders, spices, oats, oat milk, and I topped my bowl with banana, pb, pumpkin, and maple. I took inspiration from the first drink I tried at Mahalo last July: their red velvet beet latte. 🙂


After a good day at work, I came home and snuggled with our sweeties before I tidied up and made dinner. It was really simple, but sometimes meals won’t be fancy or Instagram-worthy, and that’s ok! Canned organic cannellini beans warmed, steamed green beans with pesto, roasted potatoes and onion from frozen with ketchup. We did love the combo!


I polished off the pumpkin with yogurt, spices, vanilla, hemp hearts, and Cheerios with Cinnamon Oat Clusters. We watched two episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel then slept in soo late!



We woke up early to feed the babies and woke up maybe once or twice more but kept falling back asleep. Then we got up at 9:00 with me having an eye exam at 10:00. I took a photo of my breakfast, but I think it got deleted. Whoospies. I had a packet of ancient grains oatmeal mixed into a tub of yogurt plus oat milk, cinnamon, and pb. An apple on the side for a delish crunch. My apple craving is still going strong!

Matt is over me and my Snap Chats because the filters are almost always girly. Bahaha. He was an absolute sweetie and took my car to the shop he used to work at and changed two tires and then balanced and aligned them. He also bought the tires for me, and we’ll change the other two next spring, but they still have life left on their tread.



My eye exam went well. My prescription barely changed, and while my eye pressures were high, they had decreased. I have my other appointment already scheduled for this week. My maternal grandfather had glaucoma, so they take extra precaution with my pressures. I don’t know if I have thick corneas or benign ocular hypertension, but I just always pray for good eye health.

I walked over to Joann’s to get a few supplies for Kaci, Drew, Matt, and my double date at the lake house this coming Saturday! I proudly wore my Lil Bub sweatshirt and beanie.


I did some shopping at Tuesday Morning then sat at Panera Bread and only had to wait a little bit for Matt to pick me up.

For lunch, I enjoyed an Eating Well chicken pesto orzo meal over wilted spinach with a few baby carrots.


Cheerios with RX almond butter and almond milk completed my meal.


This is what I stepped out of the shower to: my furry body guards! Who were sleeping on the job.



We got ourselves ready and made our way to Kaci and Drew’s for their annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party! Axl Rose was so excited to see his Uncle Matt!


Look at his face! ❤ “This is my friend.” Axl was ready with his reversible bandana.


Here is my sweater I made thanks to Goodwill’s fun event! Matt wore his sweater from last year because it’s so awesome it deserved more use.


Kaci in her Goodwill sweater too plus we wore the same pants and similar shoes without planning it. It’s like we’re twins or something. Axl had to get a photo with the ladies.


I brought two types of gf Blue Diamond crackers – pecan and ranch rice, Siete chips, and Siete sprouted bean dip. They were all a hit! Kaci provided grapes, cheese, and sausage. I went back for a little more until I felt satisfied. I also sipped on some of Cruze Farm’s eggnog that I adore. Perfectly spiced and creamy.


The group! Minus one of Drew’s friends, his wife, and their two sweet kids. Unfortunately, several friends were out of town or at another event and couldn’t make it. This time of year is so busy! We completely understood, and they were all missed.


I got right in there with the kids to make ornaments and then decorate sugar cookies. I’d like to think that being a kid myself still will make me a good mom one day. 🙂

This was so nostalgic!


Since we didn’t eat our Toblerone nougat pie for Thanksgiving, we brought it to share with everyone.


It tasted like a stellar candy bar! It was studded with almonds and a lovely chocolate outer crunch. Mmm mmm.


Sadly, sweet Matt gets bad allergies from most dogs, so we had to leave a bit early because it was getting difficult for him to breathe. We got nice and comfortable at home and had snacks while watching an episode of Maisel. I mixed beet powder (yes, I’m hooked) into yogurt and had it with banana + pb and pumpkin raisin crisps. This was such a satisfying snack!



I’m going to turn into a beet, but I’m not mad about that. Ha! I mixed one teaspoon with two scrambled eggs + a splash of oat milk. I cooked them in unsalted butter seasoned with Italian seasoning and garlic powder. I enjoyed them over toast topped with mashed avocado + lemon and wilted spinach. Fuji apple on the side.


I was able to count out $50 in coins for my Mahalo fund! Very exciting stuff. Jax was curious as to what I was doing.


I managed to do some laundry, dishes, vacuumed, moved my body to a lovely Barre3 flow, and then sat down to a snack plate-style lunch. Warmed beans with mango habanero hot sauce, crisps, carrots, and cheddar rubbed with coffee and lavender.


I received this incredibly thoughtful card and stickers from Kristi, who I met in Philly! I ordered my “Breathe” t-shirt from her Etsy shop, and I highly recommend anything of hers as a Christmas gift!


I finally took our glass recycle to our center and shopped at HomeGoods for a few more stocking stuffers for Matt.

I snacked on a chocolate sea salt trail mix bar then went by K Brew for a decaf iced latte. It was so warm that I was craving an iced drink.



I did a small shopping trip at Aldi and stopped by Kaci and Drew’s to see them for a little bit before heading home.

After I got our whole chicken into the oven, I snacked on mushrooms and sweet potato chips with hummus. I went back for more chips then realized I ate a little too much. Intuitive Eating is amazing because there is no failing. I didn’t fail myself or a diet. I simply ate a little extra such that my dinner was slightly smaller. No biggie!


Said dinner was fabulous! Pesto chicken, roasted seasoned zucchini, and chicken and herb basmati 90-second rice. I felt that in making a whole chicken I was back on my Sunday supper game. 😉


We got ready for bed, each grabbed our tea and a snack, and then we laughed our way through another episode of Maisel. I had a banana with yogurt, spices, and plenty of pb.



I made an oatmeal muffin with pb and an apple this morning that was delicious. I decided to pair my black lace tights with my black booties, thrifted red velvet dress, and moto jacket.


My manager said I looked like a biker elf but that it all did go together. Um yes, I do believe so. And a biker elf sounds fine by me. Lolz.



I treated myself to lunch at Mahalo with my “fund”, and man was it the best! Eggnog latte with their savory caramelized onion/apple/blue cheese/pecan gallette.


So luscious! I normally don’t like eggnog except when it comes to Cruze Farm’s and a latte.


This dough. So flaky, buttery, absolute perfection.


Always working on finding happiness in my present life! It’s very healthy to strive for more, but there is a balance between that and always finding peace and gratitude for what we currently have.


Wishing you all a beautiful week. Not that much longer until Santa will be visiting us!

6 thoughts on “Rockin’ Our Tacky Christmas Sweaters

  1. Oh I forgot to say in my first comment, but I loveee the look of your banner and the new title! It’s adorable and so fun! That’s funny you say that about your apple craving- I go in and out of phases with apples for sure! Sometimes I have to have my apple every day and other times I will go months without one.

    Love the snap filters! I just had an eye exam too. It’s great that you are being proactive about it too, glad to hear overall all is well!

    I have been craving orzo or risotto type meals (comfort food) & the dish you made looks sooo yummy. Haha is that Rachel in the sink? Too cute ! As is Axl with Matt- Axl really does have a knowing look on his face! I love the sweaters- you guys did such a great job with them! The family pic needs to be framed ❤ I’m cracking up at “biker elf” I just see a super cute and festive outfit! OH my lanta that gallette—- that looks to die for! I could comment on so much more. Gosh, I miss keeping up with your blog. This just brought me SO much joy. Thank you for sharing, Kori! ❤


    1. Thank you so much!! I finally found a floral banner that was what I had envisioned. I go in & out of food cravings too!

      Thank you! My doctor that I see for additional testing is so awesome. Admittedly, it is nerve-wracking to be at risk. He mentioned having dis-alignment (I think was the term) plus my high pressures puts me at greater risk. Hoping my eyes don’t fail me. 🤓

      I love those grain-based meals! It’s Jackson! He loves to loaf in Matt’s sink. 😆 Right? Axl has some of the cutest expressions! Thank you!! We entered these into Goodwill’s ugly sweater contest, & I’m hoping one of us wins. 🤞🏻 Oh we really do need to frame it! Sometimes the things my manager says. Hahaha! I appreciate that. It was soooo good! Exactly the kind of savory pastry I’ve been craving. I’m so thankful my post could be bring you some happiness!! Miss you & wish you all the best! xo


      1. I think being in such good health overall will definitely be in your favor in mitigating potential issues! I was not super pleased with my recent experience (long story) so I’ll probably find someone new for next time…. but that to say… the fact that you have someone you can trust is HUGE & hopefully provides some assurance that any issues can be addressed promptly and with the best treatment should they arise!

        Hahah awwww, Jackson!! I love his personality! And oh my gosh, I hope y’all do win- definitely deserve it!!

        Have a great weekend, Kori ❤


        1. I sure hope so & very much appreciate your sweet optimism! I will share in it. Plus, Dr. Rust is always very positive. He’s said that worst case, if we see a problem, we’ll just start eye drops. 🙂 I’m so sorry you had a negative experience! It’s always so upsetting when a visit leaves you feeling uncared for or disappointed. I hope you find a great provider next time! Trust is the biggest factor; you are so right!

          He’s so stinkin’ cute!! He gets away with a lot – all of our babies have – because they are too cute. We melt. Thank youuu!

          Have the best weekend!


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