Friday Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday! The last Friday before Christmas. Eeeps!

Kaci and I were so fortunate to be able to take a Barre3 class together on Tuesday, and it was so incredible! I know I say it a lot, but I’m very grateful for having a body that I can safely move. Talking with some of my patients who report being unable to go up one or two steps breaks my heart.


Kaci’s tank top has Lil Bub on it, and we ordered a bandana each. She’s riding a paper airplane. Isn’t it adorable?



I couldn’t fold it to allow her to show more, but I wore my earrings too. Funny that I pinned back my hair this week because it was longer, but others commented that it was pretty and well-styled. Just goes to show I need to always keep my perceptions in check! Instead of thinking of my hair as in need of a cut, I could see it as long enough to style in this way. 🙂


One of my incredibly sweet friends at work surprised me with this mug and an adorable Christmas card. I love it! I feel very understood and appreciated.


Of course I had to “test it out” and enjoyed a café au lait at Mahalo that day.


So good!


I went by CVS to get a few things for Kaci and myself. I got us each this sparkling water to try. At first it was not as tasty as I had hoped, but funny enough, as I sipped on it, I really grew to like it.


 I also grabbed a few CLIF Bars, and I munched on this one that afternoon. It was so satisfying! Anyone else enjoy these?


I also saw this at HomeGoods and had to grab it. I do enjoy having some different nut butters on hand. I love the crunch of it!


I’m on the hunt to find this at Aldi. I love a fun, specialty cheese! They always have some awesome flavors to choose from.


These Dove Chocolate messages are always welcomed. “Smiles are free, so share them.”


I have been tired of my razors as I seem to keep buying cheap ones that don’t shave well. Kaci recommended this Harry’s razor. It’s made for men, but I love the design, color, and so far it seems to do a pretty nice job!

For breakfast on Thursday, I had two fantastic slices of toast. Mango + avocado on one, beet powder and ginger mixed into yogurt and topped with pb on the other. Loved these combos! Not the mention the pretty colors.


I enjoyed the remainder of my Mahalo savory gallette (with apples, caramelized onion, blue cheese, pecans, and a buttery flaky crust) with wilted greens, sunny side up eggs, and a mandarin orange. This made for a fabulous breakfast!


Matt and I finished The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Season 3, and we loved it! We’re really looking forward to the fourth season. We highly recommend this show! It’s on Amazon Prime, which does stink because we don’t keep a Prime membership. We’ve had to use free trials.

We also have been watching The Grand Tour, Season 4. The three hosts are hilarious! I love watching them banter back and forth, and I do learn a fair amount about cars.

I’m a sucker for these reflective posts. This was my Best Nine on Instagram. I have to say it captured my year pretty well!


I hope everyone has an amazing Friday and weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. I need to start doing Friday faves on my blog too… They’re So much fun to read, and I used to enjoy doing them. 🙂
    Anyway, after that rabbit trail… Ha, ha!
    I’m a huge fan of clif bars, although I haven’t bought one in awhile to be honest. I have been on an egg kick though, so your breakfast looks amazing!! YUM!


    1. They are really fun! To write and to read.

      I hadn’t bought in a while either, but I enjoy rotating through different bars!

      Thank you!!


  2. Working in healthcare really does make you appreciate doing even the most simple functions and take nothing for granted ❤ How adorable with the mug from the friend at work! I used to LOVE Aldi’s cheese options- always the best! We have one I think like 25/30 mins away so I haven’t ventured yet. You’ll have to let us know how the cheese is if you find it. And DJ loves all of Harry’s products! However, I have never thought to use their razors myself, but I should! The beet with ginger and PB toast sounds like a terrific combo. MMMMmmmm! Awww I love your top nine. ❤ Thanks for sharing, Kori!


    1. It absolutely does! When I see a patient struggle just to walk to their chair or up to our scale, I’m reminded by just how much my body does for me. It’s so cute & purrfect for me! I absolutely will share when I get my paws on this cheese. I wouldn’t have thought to buy a Harry’s razor for myself if not for Kaci! It’s so pretty & nice. Thank you! I’m absolutely loving this beet powder. I’m so sad to see 2019 almost come to a close! But looking back on the year & all I’ve learned & experienced makes me feel so grateful. ❤️


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