Holiday Traditions

Hello, and happy Christmas Eve Eve! It’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here. I’m excited for it!


Here is a great example of how much Intuitive Eating has changed my life for the much better. This meal was meh. The overnight oats I purposefully left plain with milk, hemp hearts, and flax, but the Golden Delicious apple was not good in flavor. I added cinnamon and pb, but it was not much better. The good thing is my day wasn’t ruined. Not every eating occasion will be amazing, but I had fuel in my system, and for that I was grateful.

I am starting to make my office at my second clinic feel more personalized. I just need to print a photo of all three of our babies for the frame on the left!


Fresh hairs. My hairstylist is the best. I had to grocery shop at Kroger, so I figured I’d continue my trend of store mirror selfies. Ha!


Dinner was steamed beet spirals, pesto chicken, and Dr. Praeger’s carrot tots with ketchup. Very good!


I made Erin (of Well Plated) Turkey Chili for us to enjoy with Kaci and Drew at the lake house on Saturday. I wanted the flavors to mingle because chili is one of those dishes that gets better with time.

Dessert was shredded wheat hidden by a banana with mixed nuts and milk. We watched an episode of The Grand Tour then called it a night.



We slept great and didn’t get up until after 9:00. I had simple shredded wheat and milk out of our pb jar with an apple on the side.


Sweet snuggles with Jax while I sipped my coffee!


I then got to work making Vegan PB Cup Cookies by Alexis. I used these pb bites on top.


Before baking.


After. They definitely got to know each other. Lolz. They aren’t magazine worthy, but there were tasty!


Lunch was a simple salad of greens, carrots, ‘shrooms, cannellini beans, Italian dressing, and lime Siete chips. I ate a banana, then we loaded up to head out to the lake house!


Matt built a wonderful fire.

I love being goofy together! Kase snapped these candid shots and goofy poses.



I’m going to steal his Sherpa-lined plaid one day. It’s so cozy!


Drew and Kaci are awesome and brought this tv to leave out there and downloaded The Grinch for us to watch! I love Jim Carey’s version. It never gets old! We watched it while we did a craft for Matt and Drew’s parents for Christmas.


Group shot! It took several attempts, and in the last few, Axl was down for the count. Haha


Love them!


I can never have too many photos. I love to have them to look back on and smile. Thankful to have a camera at our fingertips. We definitely didn’t have nearly the same number of photos when we first began dating!


The chili turned out amazing. We topped our bowls with Greek yogurt, pickled jalapenos, avocado, and cornbread dressing from Thanksgiving. Axl photo bombed me!


The cookies look weird but taste heavenly. Mmm mmm. Highly recommend them.


I forgot to snap a photo, but after Matt and I got home and settled, we sipped on tea and ate some cereal while we watched The Grand Tour. We were still hungry, so we honored said hunger no matter the time.


I woke up with about seven hours of sleep and couldn’t fall back to Z-land, so I was up and at ’em. I made Shakshuka with leftover pasta sauce, and boy oh boy was it amazing! I enjoyed it over wilted greens with the last of our carrot tots. I noshed on an apple after as well.


This time baby girl kept me company while I sipped my cuppa Joe. I could just eat her up.


I baked cornbread to enjoy with our leftover chili and on Year’s Eve with dinner.

I did a calming Barre3 flow that felt so good for my mind and body.

I split a salad kit between us and added a cheese stick (which is glowing, ha), beet spirals, beans, and crackers.


Then it was off to a super fun event at Norris Dam State Park in which Blinky the owl was brought out and the park ranger discussed facts all about owls! My owl-loving heart was so happy and fulfilled. She flew into a car some 17 years ago and broke her left wing, so she’s been kept safe in captivity.




She was precious.

I was pumped! I wish I could’ve held her on my arm, but I respect that she’s a wild bird with fears for humans still. So I stayed a safe distance for her comfort.


She is a barred owl, and she and barn owls are my absolute favorite. My owl tattoo is based on a barn owl. They are the ones with a heart shaped face.



Once I was back home, I made a beet mint hot chocolate. I realized the key is to heat the almond milk gently on the stove because holy foam. My frother really worked!

Some shredded wheat with pb.


Dinner included a simple salad, the rest of our chicken, and homemade gf biscuits.


Here’s what they looked like before they did time in the oven.

I mistakenly made them too small, but they actually worked out and cooked through. They’re gf but taste classic! This will be our go-to recipe.


Banana and Betsy’s seed butter in our yogurt tub for dessert.


These memories of Mason warm my heart!




Sweet Axl Rose had to go the the Animal ER (same one where Mason was diagnosed with cancer 💔) because he kept getting sick and could not eat. They said all looked well and that he may have eaten something or caught a stomach virus. They gave him IV fluids and said he was good to go home. So Kaci and Free are heading over to get him! I hate seeing any of our babies unwell.

I’ll be back with a recap of our Christmas. Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I wish you all well!

6 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

  1. I love the haircut!!! It looks cute at any length, but your hair stylist does a great job (not that I’m an authority, but I know it looks GREAT!). I’m trying to keep my mind off of the turbulence on the plane I’m on, so I’m thankful to have this post with the cutest cats and all these yummy food ideas to stay preoccupied! Also, the pics of you and Matt by the fire are so festive!! I love the Grinch too- I heard there was a new version that came out in 2018 that I apparently missed entirely?! Have you seen that one? I’m craving some warm comfort food right now, so the chili with cornbread & shakshuka looks particularly delicious! Hahah, the cheese stick is glowing! I bet it tasted heavenly. Oh, wow, yikes, that was a new low for me, lol! Wow that owl is so beautiful!!!! How awesome you were able to see her up close. I hope sweet Axl Rose is back to his happy self. It really is one of the hardest things seeing our pets get sick 😦

    Thanks for keeping my mind off the turbulence with this wonderful post 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!!! She really knows how to cut my hair. ☺️ I’m glad my post could serve to help you on your flight! I had such a blast at the lake house!! I vaguely think I remember seeing the previews, but I love Dr. Seuss’ version & Jim Carey that I hesitate to watch it. It can’t top either of those! I looked back at the photo with the glowing cheese & had to laugh. 😆 She was amazing!! 🦉 I’m in constant aw of owls & their features. They’re just so beautiful. Axl Rose is doing much better!! We don’ know what caused him to feel ill, but it broke our hearts to see him sick & so tired. Not like himself at all.

      You are so welcome! Happy last Monday of 2019! 😱


      1. I agree!! I don’t think they can be topped either!

        I’m SO glad Axl is doing better. So scary!! ❤ And woah- you're right!! I hope this last Monday of 2019 (And the decade!) was a great one for you 🙂


        1. It was awful to see & hear of him being ill! Made us (& poor Kase) feel so helpless. She’s such a good mama! I can’t believe it’s the end of a decade! I certainly hope this day & decade was amazing for you too!!


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