New Year’s 2020

And just like that, we’re now in a new year and a new decade. It’s really hard to wrap my mind around the fact that this is true. I know I love a good reflection, and I, like many others, have been looking back on the last ten years. Certainly some of the best things in my life have happened – we brought Jackson into our family, I became an RD, I got married – but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the difficult times. If you feel less than because you don’t have as many accomplishments to share, please know this does not mean you had any less of a worthy decade. We all have our own stories and journeys! These differences should be celebrated. I love the quote Karin, my step-mom, shared by Anne Frank: “what a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.”

  Tuesday // New Year’s Eve

I ended the year with a delicious breakfast that included sweet and savory, my favorite! The last two baby gf buttermilk biscuits – one with honey and one with pb, two sunny side up eggs over wilted greens, and an apple.


These photos of the babies were taken the night before, but I had to share. They’re so cute!


Rachel is loving all of their new toys!




This was taken New Year’s Eve morning. ❤ ❤


I got ready and headed over to our Barre3 studio to take an amazing class, and the sky was so pretty as I left our place!


I treated myself to a peppermint mocha from Mahalo using my gift card, and it is the best I’ve tasted. Sweet but not too much and so creamy!


I went by my clinic and ended up working half a day, which was just fine. I got to work with one of my sweet friends and coworkers, and we knocked out some tasks together.

Once home, I enjoyed some of our leftover lasagna soup that hit the spot.


I also had a mug of Blueberry Cheerios with RX almond butter, chia seeds, and almond milk.


I wore my new Lil Bub sweater from Matt and adore it! So well-made, comfortable, and adorable.



I dropped off a bag of donations at Goodwill, shopped at Kroger, then got back home to make our dinner. I sautéed half a large onion and the rest of our zucchini and cauliflower, added the last of our roasted purple cabbage and pulled pork that I thawed from the freezer, one can of organic chickpeas, and a carton of butternut squash soup. It turned out amazing! We had homemade buttermilk cornbread and sautéed kale on the side.



I couldn’t help but take a trip down memory lane. This was New Year’s 2015. Our hair looked similar and a mirror image. Haha


THIS MEMORY! New Year’s 2016. Mason so desperately wanted a taste that you can see his tongue going for it the last frame. So stinkin’ cute!!


His last New Year’s with us going into 2018. </3


Cozy baby girl.


Our sweet Jax!


I believe these were the first photos we three took together when Mason was a teeny baby. It was on or just before New Year’s Eve 2010. He grew into his ears, and he always had the biggest, most amazing green eyes!


My heart melts when I look at these!! He loved his dad, his rescuer. Without Matt there to scoop him up into our hearts, I shudder to think what would’ve happened to our baby boy.


I couldn’t help but want to get a photo with our baby. May seem silly, but it feels so weird to have entered the decade new purrarents to him and to leave it without his body physically with us. He always is though in our hearts and memories.


We watched more of the Grand Tour, laughed so hard, enjoyed a snack – toasted strawberry swirl bread with pb, cinnamon, chocolate, and a banana – and then crawled into bed at 11:45. We basically made it. Ha


Wednesday // New Year’s Day

We woke up to a gorgeous day and these snuggly babies.


But Rachel wasn’t ready to take on the day just yet. Lol!


I snacked on a banana with pb and cinnamon to tide me over for our brunch.


We met with Kaci and Drew at The Dancing Bear Bistro, which Matt and I have enjoyed for dinner twice for our anniversary. But we’ve never been for brunch. It was epic! Such a variety of food was offered, and we all were incredibly pleased.




The menu.


But first, photos ❤ We all wore plaid, so we were the plaid family.


2020 😉





I saved my muffin for later, but it was delicious. Basically a cake with powdered sugar, which was fine by me. 🙂


First plate for Kaci.


My noms.


Matt’s second plate I think. He sometimes is all, “do you have to take a photo?” and then asked, “do you not want a photo of mine?” Hahaha


My second plate. The grits were outstanding as were the greens and hoppin’ John dish.


Final plate, which looks sad, but I wanted to taste as much as possible. The potato hash was excellent, the seafood stew was so flavorful, and I loved the crispy parmesan with the asparagus. A chocolate coconut bite for a sweet finish.


Such a gorgeous restaurant and grounds!


Then it was time for more photos! This is where they hold weddings, so we took advantage of the gorgeous set-up.


Our signature twin pose. Peace out.


So cute!





It was very bright but so pretty!


Kaci really got some great angles. 😉


I couldn’t resist some SnapChat fun.

Matt’s boss bought a new shop that will be much better for them. The only downside is it doubles his commute. But we drove over to look at it before heading home.

I got changed and met with Kaci, Drew, and Axl for a New Year’s Day hike. We covered about two miles or a smidge more, and it felt so good! Axl is our trusted trail guide pup. He looks so serious, and I love it!


I enjoyed my muffin when we got back to the car then hung out for a bit longer before I headed home to make dinner. A simple salad for us both topped with an olive spread, Hilary’s veg burger, hummus, and chips. So tasty!


I was still hungry, so I had Blueberry Cheerios, banana, and Betsy’s seed butter. We watched the final episode of the Grand Tour, which was emotional. The three hosts have been doing the show together – formerly known as Top Gear – for 17 years. Thankfully, they have a different series that they’ve created, so we get to see more of them!


That concludes our celebration! I sure hope you all had an incredible holiday and woke up feeling ready for this day and year. If not, give yourself grace and patience. Speaking of which, ‘patience’ is my word for the year. My intention is to find more patience with others and life in general. I’ll be back tomorrow to share a round-up of some of my favorite posts and memories from 2019!


9 thoughts on “New Year’s 2020

  1. With it being the end of a decade I was feeling particularly reflective this year too!

    Ohhh that peppermint mocha looks oh so delicious!

    That lil bub’ sweater is the sweetest EVER. I love the colors.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful walk down memory lane with us. You captured the joy and even hard times through these years beautifully.

    The Dancing Bear Lodge looks like the coziest little adorable spot for brunch everrr. What a way to ring in the New Year! Hahah I was cracking up at Matt’s response about the photos— relatable!!

    This food- WOW-za. I can practically taste the goodness. YUM. I just love all these pictures of y’all- so fun.

    Patience is a great word. I still haven’t decided on mine, but have a few rolling around. We’ll see what sticks. Last year’s was “quiet”, and it was anything but that, lol! Thanks for sharing, Kori!! ❤


    1. I always become so reflective at the end of a year, but it being the end of a decade made me even more nostalgic!

      It was so good! Very creamy & well-made.

      Thank you! I just love Lil Bub & her legacy. I was so thankful Matt got it for me.


      It absolutely is! I just love it there. Matt cracks me up!! He loves my blog & to contribute but then can be a grouch when I am snap-happy with the flash. Hahahaha

      You would’ve loved their spread!! I wish. Had an extra stomach. 😋

      I really want to push myself to stay committed to “patience”. It’s easy to be committed when life is great, but it’s in those tough times when I have to dig deep. You are so welcome, Mackenzie!!


      1. 1000% about the patience! That reminds me- I heard an interesting thing in church one time- they were saying how we pray for patience, joy, peace, etc…. but the true sign that we have those things is when they are tested in circumstances where we usually wouldn’t have them. (I’m not wording it as great as I’m sure it was originally presented)… but just like you said- it’s about exercising it in those times that are more challenging. This was a great reminder for me too, because I’ve been hoping for more rest and peace in this year, but it’ll be about finding it in the chaos, rather than just hoping for smooth sailing. I always so love our convos! Hope your Saturday morning is off to a beautiful start!


        1. Yesss!! Like the notion that many times, we only call upon God or a higher power that we believe in during the tough times. But we must remember Him/our higher power during the good times as well. That message makes a great deal of sense to me. Our patience/joy/peace must be a constant. Like Barre3’s motto, “find calm within the chaos”. ❤️❤️ I just love that reminder! It is, & I hope your day had been amazing too!


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