Empowered From Within

Hello, sweet people! I hope you all had an uplifting and enjoyable weekend. Let’s jump into this recap, shall we?


I started my day with Julie’s Three-Minute Egg White Oatmeal. I have never incorporated egg whites like this into oatmeal, and I loved the volume and fluffy texture!


Had to get a portrait shot. 😉


For dinner, we had cheesy quesadillas using Siete almond flour tortillas, Earl Grey cheddar from Aldi, and Swiss. So good! We dipped it into salsa + hot sauce and a simple salad on the side. Very satisfying. Matt made a second quesadilla, and I had another bite. Mmm mmm


Snackage included yogurt with shredded wheat, pb, and dates. We watched an episode of The Grand Tour Season One because I didn’t recall watching it. I think I’ve seen bits and pieces, but they’re so funny, the episodes are worth watching multiple times!



Y’all, we slept like 10 hours I think, and it felt phenomenal! I say that as I sit here typing with six to seven hours sleep under my belt. Whoopsies. Anywho, Shakshuka is my brunch meal of choice these days! I used the last of our lasagna soup and Otamot sauce plus sautéed kale as the base for our eggs.


I enjoyed mine over toast with an olive tapenade and freshly grate parmesan cheese over the top. Highly recommend this!


I then cleaned up our place, got ready, and I went over to Barre3 for an amazing class!


It’s been a long-time coming, but I finally signed up for a studio membership, and I’m stoked! It’s been a goal of mine to join.


I enjoyed free First Watch coffee and my GoMacro bar from home then showered at their studio.


I used their hair care products from Grow Knoxville, and I loved how it felt in my hair! I used the mousse, and without any finishing product, it had lovely volume and style. I plan to start using these products when I run out of my Aquage.

It was a nasty windy rainy day, though, so I borrowed Matt’s Carhart beanie. ❤

I dropped of Kaci and my donations at Goodwill then found six pretty tops for only $15 total! I strongly recommend you give Goodwill and thrifting a chance. It’s like a scavenger hunt, and it is so fun. Plus everything is unique. This is an H&M sweater that is so fun!


I stopped at Whole Foods for a belated light lunch/snack. Twice baked eggplant, black eyed pea dish, cold pasta broccolini salad, falafel, gigante beans, and a dolma. Hit the spot!


I did a big grocery haul at Kroger and saved a ton with their digital coupons! I met Kaci, Drew, and Axl at our place when I arrived home. Jax helped me with unloading the goods. 😉 Hahaha love our babies!


Dinner was a simple salad kit and the last of our New Year’s Eve soup. Love making a meal that keeps on serving us.

Matt made a huge smoothie batch, and I topped mine with pb and Wheaties. Wheaties make me think of my grandfather, and it made me smile to enjoy them. Food is so much more than just nutrition. Remember that when the diet industry tries to demonize certain foods and food groups!



I didn’t sleep as well and poor Matt didn’t either. He has a cold and is not feeling well. I had a cottage cheese bowl with Wheaties, cinnamon, pb, and a crisp apple out of hand.



I found this Forever 21 tee at Goodwill and knew it would be perfect to wear when I exercise. I didn’t read the tag, but apparently they expect one to dry clean it. Pft, not for a simple tee. It shrank some but still fit well, thankfully!


I attended Barre3’s Workshop, which was so informative. I took my first class in August 2013 but took a few years to start attending more regularly. Lindsey helped in a big way to redirect and instruct me on my sumo squat form. Just goes to show we’re a work in progress, and I always have improvements I can make! No shame in that at all.

I went to Zoe’s for lunch, and I overheard one employee telling her coworkers what an amazing job they were doing. It was so uplifting to witness!

I enjoyed their falafel pita because my falafel craving was real. I had a Greek salad on the side, and that pita was so fluffy and so good! All hail bread and carbs for energizing my brain and body.


I stopped by JoAnn’s for a frame and had to resist this CUTE mugs. So. stinkin’. cute!


I bought the pretty cacti fabric at Wal-Mart initially to cover the “21st Mortgage” stitching on a duffel bag Kaci gave me. She won it at work years ago. I decided to donate it to Goodwill, and I then framed the fabric. I really love it! I apologize for the meh lighting.




I snacked on RX almond butter and a banana.


Then I got changed. I scored this tee from Goodwill with the price tags still attached. Somehow it was $32 originally, but I bought it for $6!


Life goals according to cats. 😉


I found these at Kroger on sale, so I grabbed a bag.


Kroger also has released its own vegan line, so of course I had to give it a try.


The burger tasted similar to a Beyond Meat burger and was great! Served over a salad with sautéed ‘shrooms, Italian dressing, pickles, and the cheesy bread bites. I ended up saving two and gave them to Matt for his lunch today. I felt pleasantly full with my plate o’ noms and two bites.


I then got started on my owl puzzle. They sent this divider so you can divide based on the letter stamped on the back of each piece. Has anyone ever bought a puzzle that was organized like this? It took a while to organize all 1000 pieces!


We watched The Grand Tour, so I didn’t make much progress.


Rachel was very into the show too!

Matt and I thawed our leftover smoothies, and I had mine with Cheerios and chocolate chips. I then went back and had a little more of mine with Cheerios and nuts. It was later, and the diet industry would have you believe it is harmful to eat at that time or to go back for more. That’s where you call them out on their bs and take care of yourself.



I didn’t get enough sleep, but today has been a great day! In part, it’s because I started with this Snickerdoodle Smoothie from Julie. Stellar recipe! I topped mine with pb and hemp hearts.


Thank you for making my blog a part of your day, and I wish you all the very best!

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