Friday Favorites + Finds!

Good late Friday afternoon! I appreciate the opportunity to share some fun finds and meals lately with my sweet Dad to thank for them! He gave me a wonderful Amazon gift card for Christmas, and I had so much fun finding these items.

First up are these pants. Insert heart eye emoji. They have an elastic waist, tie belt, and I love the fabric and fit. I think they are a flattering style, and I highly recommend them! These are in “ginger”. I had fun with adding my TOMS wedding shoes, thrifted scarf, and locally made earrings.



These are in “puce”, and I paired them with my Old Navy velvet top and new snake skin flats.



I love polka dots, and red is one of my favorite colors, so this skirt was a no brainer! I wore it with a vintage mustard top, new animal print flats, and one of my new neck scarves.




This shirt is so pretty! I love the big floral print, sleeve details, and the fit. I’m very into French tuck, and it helped it to feel pulled together for work.



I bought this top from Goodwill, and I really love the neckline! Plus it gives me Rose vibes from The Golden Girls. 😉


Alright, on to some food! I made Brittany’s almond meal-coated chicken tenders that turned out beautifully. We had Dr. Praeger’s four potato hash brown rounds with ketchup, salad with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and a homemade honey mustard dipping sauce with them.


Savory oatmeal that hit all the notes. Fluffy spiced oatmeal, wilted spinach, cottage cheese, over easy egg, hot sauce, and EBTB seasoning. YUM. You have to try it!


I also got this letter board because I’ve been eyeballing them and think they are really fun.


A new dental provider in the area offered to pay for free coffee, including espresso drinks, from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Wednesday. How awesome is that?! They had to brew more of their Ethiopian roast, so I waited to top off my cup. Trevor gave me another cup of 12 oz. How kind! I let it cool and then chilled it. I added milk and thoroughly enjoyed it with breakfast on Thursday.


I *finally* joined my Barre3 studio and have been participating in their January Challenge! Not a challenge about changing one’s body but encouraging us to go inward, evaluate how a class made us feel (stronger, less stressed, greater endurance), and I’m all here for it.

This is so me!


This is so cute but also a great message!


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

**This post contains affiliate links, but all ideas and opinions are my own.**

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