For the Love of Movement & Sunshine

So it’s late on a Tuesday evening, but I’m finally going to share my weekend full of delicious food, Barre3, a hike outside, and a twin day date. So much goodness packed into a short time!


I began the day with fluffy scrambled eggs with parmesan and wilted spinach, cuties, and a slice of cake that our Lead RD made. It is a spice cake of sorts, not chocolate, and it is so moist and delicious!


I had picked up this kombucha while at Mahalo earlier in the week and thoroughly enjoyed it! It had been quite some time since I drank one, and it was tasty. Sometimes carbonated beverages can upset my stomach, so I don’t tend to drink them often.


I picked up free Petro’s for dinner, and it was really a treat to not cook even though I love to. Take out can be healthy and enjoyable.


Snack-age included hidden real with banana, pb, and almond milk. Another way I practice the last principle of intuitive eating, “gentle nutrition”, is by sometimes choosing almond milk in the evening. I love cow’s milk, but if I drink it too close to bed, it can sometimes make my stomach rumbly. So I make the call to drink non-dairy milk. It’s this way we can take care of ourselves without subscribing to fad diets and restrictive eating.



We enjoyed a relaxing evening together watching some Top Gear clips, and I worked on my owl puzzle.


We slept so well! I’m talking about ten hours worth. O_o I was craving an oatmeal muffin like Matt made, so I whipped one up and topped with with Besty’s seed butter and both cottage cheese and an apple on the side.


Jax worked on my puzzle a bit too!


While Ray kept my lap warm.




After doing some dishes and laundry, I got myself ready for a fun day with Kaci! I rocked my unicorn float earrings. I figured since it felt like spring, I’d add a pop of it to my look.


We first went to Mahalo for a late lunch. I had a half caf mocha and their chicken salad sandwich. So. Good!


We couldn’t resist a little modeling session with their adorable fireplace and chair! Is Kaci not so super pretty?! She rocked her t-shirt by Effect Positivity. Kristi now has mugs available too!


I wore my “new” H&M sweater from Goodwill. It’s so fun and comfortable!


We went by JoAnn’s for supplies on a craft I’m going to attempt soon, and then we shopped at Aldi.

Once back home, I put together Alexis’ No-Bake Chocolate Almond Butter Oatmeal Bars, and they are phenomenal!! I highly recommend them.


For dinner, I made us each a salad topped with GF butternut squash crackers from Aldi and served us seasoned baked salmon from Aldi as well. It was so flaky, flavorful, and well-seasoned. Definitely recommend everyone visit Aldi soon!





The cereal cravings continue! I had Blueberry Cheerios, beet powder, ground ginger, pb, milk, and an apple.


This is such an important reminder for me sometimes when I can get caught up in needing more xyz. I must celebrate what I have and where I am as we all should!


As I was sippin’ my coffee, I realized I needed to get my rear in gear to make it to Barre3. Thankfully, my meal settled wonderfully, and I felt pretty strong. I chose, “more endurance” as my sticker for the January challenge board because I felt I pushed past some points when I would normally have to take a break. It was t o u g h class, but I felt successful.

I came home and ate one of the oatmeal bars then quickly showered to meet Kaci, Drew, and Axl for a hike!


The day was far too gorgeous to stay inside. We met at Seven Islands Birding Park, and it had been almost five years since I last visited. I need to get out there much more often!




I loved how the trees created a covered path. It made me think of a scene out of Alice in Wonderland. ❀



Being the youngins that we are. πŸ˜‰





Axl photo-bombed us, ha! Well, D did too with his shadow, so we all made it into the photo.


Look natural. πŸ˜‰ While I certainly LOVED the weather, it did feel strange to be wearing a short sleeve in January. The state of our climate is a bit concerning.


The cutest!



I tried not to be a creeper, but she had a kitten with her. So cool!



I snacked on hummus and carrots then went to Kroger for the last of our provisions.


I was a snack queeeeen. Pretzels, Swiss, and avocado with hot sauce.


Then the last of my smoothie with Wheaties.


And then grapefruit matcha mate tea with honey.


I then made Ellie Krieger’s Southwestern stuffed sweet potato plus a salad. ‘Twas excellent!


You can peep my puzzle progress! I had Cheerios with banana, hemp hearts, and almond milk. I’ve been craving cold cereal for dessert. Anyone else love cereal for dessert/after dinner sweet?


And there you have it, folks. A lovely second weekend of 2020. I hope this week is treating you well, and I wish you the best Wednesday tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Movement & Sunshine

    1. Cereal is just so satisfying! If only we had started to train our cats young, they could go on adventures with us! It was so cute. Thanks for reading, dear!


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