From Rain to Sun Then Back to Winter

Y’all, this weather is crazy! It was rainy and gross on Saturday but mild. Sunday was frigid but sunny and beautiful. Today I left for work and saw snow flurries with the highs for the week in 30’s. Mother Nature is keeping us on our toes!


I began the day with my Kodiak Cakes high protein maple brown sugar oatmeal topped with pb and enjoyed with an apple. It was tasty, but I could detect the protein powders. But I would buy it.


I brought Jackson upstairs to snuggle with Matt, and he tucked him into the bed when he got up. I can’t handle this cuteness!


Craisin camps out at the bathmat while I shower. Girlfriend keeps me company.


After enjoying my chicken ‘n dumplings, I tried a few bites of the soup a coworker made then enjoyed a slice of her homemade chocolate pie complete with homemade whipped cream. She even made her own vanilla with bourbon. It was amazing!


After taking a Barre3 class, I came home and made us Ellie Krieger’s spinach artichoke Shakshuka. We enjoyed ours with tomato basil goat cheese, gf cheese bites, and cucumber/peppers/avocado with Italian dressing. I over baked the bread bites, so they were were very crunchy. It happens! This meal was stellar. I do love tomato-based Shakshuka, but this was a fun twist!


Dessert was a kiwi with Wheaties, flax, almond butter, and almond milk. I worked on my puzzle, and we watched some good ole Netflix together. It was such a relaxing evening.


Look at this sweet boy! We so love our cuddly babies.


Rachel cozied up to me.



I made Julie’s three minute egg white oatmeal sans banana. I didn’t have a banana, but this still turned out well! I topped my bowl with thawed berry medley, honey, and pb. So good!


“Uhh, whatcha working on, Mom? Can I help?”


I got myself ready and wore one of my new pairs of cat print socks. Love them!


Worn with my new flannel.



I was so fortunate to get a nearly free meal from Chick-fil-a! I got free nuggets and fries with the cost of a salad. Score.


I then went by Mahalo and enjoyed a half caf Americano in the comfort of their adorable café.



I bought a bar of local chocolate. Love supporting local!


I ran several errands including a good Kroger run, and then I got it all put away. It was such a rainy day, but it was nice to have a solo day.

I upgraded our coffee cart with my first bag of Mahalo coffee!


I enjoyed a mug of Wheaties with beet powder, almond milk, and a delicious, juicy red pear.


Then I got to work making Alexis’ incredible Brussels Sprout Kale Caesar Salad. It is so full of color and flavor! To make the dressing, I used freshly grated parmesan and spicy brown mustard because we didn’t have nutritional yeast or dijon mustard. Use recipes as a fun guide and add your own spins on them. It is so creamy and fun!


We decided to lightly sauce ours before drizzling the dressing over top. We didn’t have nice bread to make the rosemary croutons, so we had hummus toast with freshly caramelized onions and avocado toast with EBTB seasoning. This was such a stellar meal. We love vegetarian and animal protein-containing meals. The key to both is to add plenty of flavor, textures, and colors.


I made some apple nachos with cinnamon, pb, and dark chocolate. This was excellent while I sipped on tea and worked on my owl puzzle. We found the Jeopardy tournament on Netflix and have been watching the episodes. We used to watch Jeopardy every evening early on in our relationship, so it’s nostalgic for us. ❤



This is apparently my new way of photographing a meal with a whole piece of fruit. It’s really captivating, yes? Ha! This time I had Kodiak Cakes flapjack cup with pb and an apple. It was fluffy and enjoyable!


When I was leaving Mahalo, one of the incredibly sweet baristas offered me a free cup of coffee because they were needing to brew a new batch. I let it cool then chilled it to enjoyed with some milk Sunday morning. It tasted amazing despite being brewed hot then chilled. I was so grateful!

After taking a wonderful Barre3 class, I came home and took care of the dishes, laundry, and vacuumed. Then I noshed on the sautéed salad with dressing, chips, and a Cara Cara orange.


After a much-needed shower and a quick trip to Wal-Mart, I got to work on my latest craft: faux succulent arrangements! I have to say I’m very proud of my fake succulent babies. I hope these will last well outside. I plan to wait a little bit to put them out there, though. I used the foam, these succulents from Amazon, and I pulled them together using moss and beautiful blue pebbles.



I really think they look quite real!



Kaci came over, and it was such a treat to get to spend some time together! She and the family had spent the weekend at their beautiful mountain cabin. We each enjoyed one of the no-bake oatmeal bars I made from Alexis.

After she left, I meal prepped a number of vegetables. It helps me to feel calm and ready for the week, knowing we have components to a meal that will easily help in the evenings. I turned up my tunes and just went to work!

For dinner, we finished the last of the taco casserole, and we absolutely will make it again soon. We never got tired of it! I didn’t take a photo as I’ve shared some of it in a few recent posts. 🙂

I had half a frozen banana with Multigrain Cheerios, roasted salted mixed nuts, and almond milk. I love using frozen or a chilled banana with cereal because it just tastes so much better to me than room temperature with milk or yogurt.


I finished my puzzle!! Isn’t it amazing? Matt knows me so well and has such awesome taste! Now we have to find a frame for it.


And that’s all I have for now! Check back on Friday for a fun favs post. Until then, have the best week, and thank you for making my blog apart of yours!

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