Friday Favorites!

Hello, wonderful people, and happy Friday! While time moves far too quickly for my liking, this week has felt long. I’m grateful to be near the weekend.

First up is this delicious meal I made earlier this week. Matt’s dad gave us a black peppercorn seasoned pork tenderloin that I seared and then baked in our iron skillet. I served it over cauliflower sweet potato hash with a creamy herb sauce from Aldi (cooked from frozen) plus roasted vegetables that I prepared on Sunday.


Work catered a lunch from Brown Bag at a meeting I had to attend. I always love their food. Salad with berries and mandarin oranges, sautéed vegetables, chicken, tasty fluffy roll, and corn pudding. It had a bit of a kick this time, but it’s so good! I went back for some more salad and corn pudding before capping it off with their rich brownie studded with chocolate chips.


I ordered these cooking utensils from Amazon, and so far we love them! Sturdy, pretty, and heat resistant.


Kaci was so kind and gave me this free weekender bag she received from DSW after purchasing two pairs of shoes. It’s so cute and big!

I ordered Beauty Counter’s sheer lipstick in ‘poppy’, and it adds the perfect amount of color and moisture. It was very expensive, so I will use it wisely. It’s a great investment, though! If you want to order, look for Sara Guthe, a Beauty Counter Consultant.

Comfortable outfit for this rainy Friday.


I apologize for the lighting, but here is the lipstick on me.


On a much prettier, sunny day, I wore my black midi skirt, high-low suede top, long cardigan, booties, and Lil Bub bandana for a long, layered look.


I ordered these joggers from Amazon, and they’re so comfortable! I love the fit and color. Highly recommend them.


So after nearly seven years of rocking and fully loving my pixie, I’ve decided to grow it out, and I’m so excited for a change! I’m going to use this time to really learn how to embrace change and the process. While my ultimate goal is a long bob, I will love each different style. I’m thinking layers, textured ends to prevent it from being a blunt cut, my side part, and some sass and fun movement. I don’t want to straighten it, so I’ll work with my amazing hair stylist to achieve the right cut for my hair.


Morning and evening snuggles with our babies fuels me so very much! Look at this princess. Rachel was so super snuggly.



Jackson kisses!!


Doesn’t your heart just melt?


I will forever miss this hunk. He cared for me like an angel before he ever became our guardian angel. ❤ ❤


My heart.


At the meeting for work, I saw this display and thought it was very cute. The prints are so amazing, and I love the table with all the pretty décor items! Something I hope to include in our home one day. It would be nice to have a formal entrance for this.


Morgan Harper Nichols has been speaking to me, as she always does with her eloquent, beautiful words.



That’s a wrap for today! I wish you all the best for today and all weekend long!

Tell me: Any fun plans for the weekend? Matt and I will be having brunch at First Watch, and then Kaci and I will be meeting another precious owl at Norris Dam State Park. I’m really looking forward to both! I’m also pumped to go to Barre3.

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