Owl You Need is Love

Hello, and happy Tuesday! Monday was a busy day, so I’m just now getting to my weekend recap. It was a great weekend, and I hope you all had a great one too!


I started the day with an oatmeal muffin topped with Greek yogurt, pb, cinnamon, and maple plus banana slices on the side. It was very enjoyable!


I had to make my own #dollypartonchallenge! This was so fun and gave me a good laugh.


But wait, there’s more! I had to make one for Matt. I think I nailed it.


The babiesssss! That Tinder. Hahahaha


❤ ❤ Our handsome baby boy!


Sweet Jackson. They all know how to work it for the camera. I hope these brightened your day like they have mine. ❤


My manager catered Marco’s Pizza, and it was a nice treat. I had planned to go to Panera Bread, but I was thankful to not have to leave in the cold for lunch.


My incredibly sweet hair stylist trimmed my neck for free to get me to my appointment that we pushed out by two weeks. So. excited. to grow it out just to experience a different look. I have to say I love this volume, and because she cuts it well, I still feel like it looks nice.



I had planned to go to Barre3, but I was running behind from my trim and also just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t feel less than nor did I think of myself as a failure. Just as I practice intuitive eating, I practice intuitive movement. I never want to pressure myself if my body is just not in it, and I had felt a bit lethargic at times. Just wanted to share this in case anyone ever feels pressured to workout.

I got home and after putting on my pj’s, I started to put together our dinner. I cooked a bag of tricolor quinoa, sautéed green beans, heated the last of our baked salmon, and made a salad to go with it. Lots of color, texture, and flavors!


Snackage included Multigrain Cheerios, banana, pb, and chilly almond milk. We relaxed together and had such a nice, calm evening. I love to go and do, but evenings at home are special.



We both slept so darn well, and I woke up feeling really refreshed. I ate a banana with cinnamon and drippy pb before getting ready for brunch. Here’s a reminder that you need not restrict before going to brunch. If it will be awhile until you eat, be sure you honor your body’s needs.


We love First Watch anyway plus I had a coupon, so it was a win-win! We both ordered the beet toast, which we rarely ever order the same dish. But it was too good not to. Check out that color! Beet hummus, diced beets, pickled onions, lemon dressed arugula, herbed goat cheese, and two eggs. In writing this, I realized they forgot the avocado. Whoospies. It was still excellent!


They now have a separate toaster to toast gf bread. Before Matt just had to order it untoasted. It’s the little things.


After we relaxed at the house, I went to Norris Dam State Park to meet another of their resident owls, Georgie the Screech Owl.


I *LOVE* these events! Owls are so precious, fascinating, sweet, and my favorite.



She is so petite! They estimate that she is around 13 years old. She accidentally flew into barbed wire and lost her right eye. Poor girl! She reminds me of Jax. ❤



She was so calm and sleepy. The nice park ranger would gently pet the back of her head, and she would just shut her eye and look so at peace.



I wish I could have held her, but I absolutely respect her and understand that it may be intrusive to do so. Funny fact: Georgie used to be George until she laid an egg. There really is not a great way to determine an owl’s sex, but that made it apparent. Ha!


He explained that screech owls come in either this beautiful red color or a gray depending on their surroundings. She was barely one pound!


I went to Aldi afterwards, and I did see these cookies. I didn’t buy them, but I couldn’t resist taking a photo. Owl love!


I found this almond butter Perfect Bar, and I don’t think I had tried it before. I snacked on it and an apple, and it was just what I needed and was craving. Side note: I didn’t realize these could be kept out of the refrigerator for one week. Not that I thought it would spoil that quickly, but I thought it would become very soft. Good to know I could carry one around (if it lasted!).


Dinner was quick and satisfying! I sautéed sriracha marinated tofu from Aldi and served it over green beans and quinoa along with a salad on the side.


My body was craving gentle movement, so I completed two 10-minute calm Barre3 flows that felt great!

What can I say, I’m a cereal loving gal. Multigrain Cheerios with butter toffee pecans and macadamia nut milk that I also picked up at Aldi.



I made overnight oats but in the morning. Bahaha. I mixed oats, yogurt, and macadamia nut milk in our pb jar and enjoyed a banana on the side.


Matt was a sweetheart and hung my owl puzzle that he got me for Christmas! The owl puzzle in the bathroom is one I completed while I was working my first nursing home job as an RD in West Palm Beach, FL. My boss sent me there first after being hired, so I took it with me to complete in the evenings at the hotel.


I would describe my décor as quirky and different, but while it isn’t trendy and high-end, it makes me happy. 🙂


After a stellar and packed Barre3 class, I went by Target and then to Panera Bread for lunch. I had a $2 off coupon from their “you pick two” menu. I chose their Mediterranean sandwich and Greek salad. I removed the onions because I just don’t like raw onions.


Because I saved the $2, I reasoned I could get a coffee. 😉


After shopping at Kroger, I came home and finally showered then Kaci came over! She gave Jax a lift to clean Rachel’s bowl. Hahahaha! He lets Matt do this, but so far, I can’t hold him up before he puts his front paws back on the floor.


Too cute!


He pulled the bowl towards him. This kid is serious about his food.



Chill time with my girl before we got started on dinner.


I cooked Kroger’s Simple Truth chicken burgers, that I bought on sale recently, and we enjoyed them on Udi’s gf hamburger bun with mashed avocado + lemon juice and pickles. Big salad on the side.


All stacked up and ready to be enjoyed.


I finished the So Delicious oatmilk ice cream with chocolate square and gf graham cracker. I was still hungry and enjoyed another graham cracker with pb and fresh cherries. We watched the first episode of Sex Education season two. It started very awkward, but it has been hilarious! We love this show. Anyone else watched it?



I ordered these headbands and am enjoying them.



I wore this pretty blue floral one. I had to periodically stretch it out some because it’s very tight. I do love having these that don’t wrap all around my head for a change.


Have a fantastic day and week ahead!


2 thoughts on “Owl You Need is Love

  1. I’m super curious about the macadamia milk. How does it compare to almond?!

    Your sister holding up Jax to steal Rachel’s food is hilarious!!

    Thanks for sharing ♡


    1. It’s very creamy & enjoyable! It has a less distinct taste (I think at least), & I enjoyed it more than almond. 🙂

      So so cute!! He’s such a ham, & it’s hard to say no to him.

      Thank you for stopping by!


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