Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello, sweet people! How are we about to enter February? Blows my mind! So this will be my last Friday Favs post for the first month of 2020.

First up is our vegan meatloaf. We’ve both really enjoyed experimenting with vegan ground “meat”, and we brainstormed making meatloaf with Kroger’s new line, Emerge. I used gf bread crumbs, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, and flax egg with ketchup + Worcestershire glaze on top.


We enjoyed with roasted garlic green beans, mashed cauliflower, and Brazi Bites cheesy gf bread bites. This meal was so delicious with a fun twist on a classic!


On Tuesday, I got to work making Alexis’ Healthy Tuna Noodle Casserole. Even though Matt isn’t a fan of tuna noodle casserole, he loved this version and went back for seconds! I followed the directions but made these changes: used two 8 oz. boxes of Banza, so I scaled the recipe accordingly. I used zucchini instead of celery and parm + cheddar instead of nutritional yeast. It sure is so satisfying and made a huge casserole!


We enjoyed it with a simple salad drizzled with Italian vinaigrette that complimented the flavors well.


On Thursday, I proudly paid off my car! I bought my Toyota Prius in October 2014 with 45k miles on it. Now she has around 140-145k, but I hope she has so many more to go. I’m admittedly proud of myself. I will now have my student loans paid off within the year as well! We had already planned to make a steak dinner, but it felt like a celebration. Matt marinated them and then cooked red wine in the pan for the most amazing sauce. We had garlic roasted potato medley and a salad with tomato basil goat cheese and Italian dressing on the side. It was phenomenal!

Next up is Alexis’ latest snack recipe: 5-Ingredient PB Chia Balls. I was able to make these while also whipping up the aforementioned meatloaf dinner. So simple and fun! I didn’t have enough chia seeds, so I used equal parts chia and hemp hearts. We’ve enjoyed them as is frozen or drizzled with pb and frozen. Highly recommend them!


I had a coupon for two Sweet Earth Foods products, so I chose this Harmless Ham and Chickpea Patty frozen sandwich.

I enjoyed it dipped in mango habanero hot sauce with a side of wilted spinach drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with EBTB seasoning + cherries. It was filling and satisfying! Does it taste like egg and sausage? No, not in my opinion. But it’s fun to change things up out of curiosity!


Four words: Red Velvet Beet Smoothie. YUM. I followed Rachael’s recipe with a few tweaks based on what I had. I used unsweetened macadamia nut milk, Wyman of Maine’s wild blueberry/raspberry/blackberry blend, and 1/2 t beet powder (said to be the equivalent of half a medium beet). Topped my bowl with pb and shredded wheat.


Drooool. Dresser of mah dreams. This is available at one of our awesome local vintage shops, and I so wish I could get it!


Thanks to Kaci’s suggestion, I bought these organizer bins, and they have really upped my closet organization game! Before, I had my leggings, socks, and tights all in a big tote bag, which was so inefficient. Now I have separated each into their own bin. Makes for getting ready much more hassle free! It’s the little things.


I have not received these yet, so I cannot comment on the quality. I’m hopeful they will be lovely. Because the clips I recently bought are large and meant more for longer hair, I wanted to get pretty bobby pins to wear now and when my hair is longer. Love the vintage vibe!



My super sweet friend surprised me with this coloring book! I’m a color-by-numbers girl because sometimes I am lost as to what colors to even use. 😉 Takes the guess work out of the equation.


This was shared by Julie and then a sweet friend of mine. It’s so powerful and a great reminder!


I highly recommend you follow Ashley of Fuel 2 Flourish on Instagram. She’s a gem of a friend and RD with awesome content!


MHN always ❤


I follow the account @cathartic_word on Insta, and I love her content! My ennergram waivers, but I love seeing which type speaks to me. She shares wallpapers to save, and this one is a good reminder always.


Happy Friday! Tell me: any big plans this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds + Favorites!

  1. Vegan Meatloaf?! Sign me up! So awesome!! The tuna salad looks oh so yummy too. It’s been a minute since I’ve had that, but now I’m craving some!

    Okay I’m bookmarking this post because I want to make every. Single. thing. In it. That beet smoothie could be something I see myself enjoying on the regular! I used to do the dragonfruit ones all the time, but this looks like a fun change of pace. Those vintage bobby pins are soo lovely! I really don’t know what I did before Amazon. Truly. I really do not. Scary times!

    I absolutely adore that quote by L.R. Knost. Wow. What a perspective!!! Thank you for sharing ❤ Your blog is so rich in down-to-earth truth, inspiration and DELICIOUSNESS! I just can’t explain how much I appreciate you sharing your tips/tricks/ and joys in life. Have a great week ahead, Kori !


    1. Yes! I was honestly so pleased with how both dishes turned out, & I think you would love the meatloaf! Classic in flavor & texture but zero beef. 🙂

      Gosh, thank you so much!! Your words seriously make me smile so big always. I truly thought of you when I made the beet smoothie!

      Thank you! I love them so much & am excited to wear them all throughout my hair growth. What the heck did we do without Amazon?!

      Such a strong, eye-opening perspective!! Thank you so so much!! I’m so glad you find what I share helpful & inspiring. ❤️❤️❤️


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