Mother Nature Gave Us a Taste of Spring

Hello, and happy Tuesday! I’m sorry to not get my weekend recaps shared on Monday, but I would rather not rush and give some more thought to writing these posts. 🙂 I hope your weekend treated you super well!


I began the day on such a tasty note! I enjoyed the other half of my cinnamon roll from Mahalo with cheesy scrambled eggs, wilted spinach with EVOO and EBTB seasoning, and cherries.


I came across this photo taken in my junior year AP Environmental Science class, circa 2004. Can’t resist a comparison: a side-by-side to my Friday look. Grateful to be nearly double the age I was here as each year is a gift.

After a great day at work, we came home and created homemade pizzas using these pizza crusts and Rose-infused pasta sauce I found at Aldi recently. I added fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, and jarred artichoke hearts.

Complete with roasted broccoli and yellow squash on the side. I started to feel pleasantly full, so I gave Matt a small slice from my second slice, so we were both satisfied.


I had cancelled Barre3 because I had not slept enough and felt a bit tired. Respecting my body is my priority! After dinner, I felt like doing a 10-minute Calm flow, and it helped to stretch out my muscles and make me feel nice.

I always like to share these things as I think (and hope) it helps others who are in their own intuitive eating journey. Even though I felt full, not too long after dinner my stomach began to growl. Reading our hunger and fullness cues with absolute certainty and perfection is not the goal. We’re human, and as such, we aren’t perfect! Instead of thinking I did anything wrong, I just happily got a snack! I opened the local sea salt chocolate bar I got from Mahalo recently, and my word is it delicious. Any fellow salty sweet fans out there? I loved how it was designed. Another side note that I learned from Kylie: If you don’t want to feel pressured to portion your pizza, chocolate, etc., do not cut in perfect slices of pieces. Having these lines made me choose how much I wanted independent of the number of squares. I definitely recommend this! I enjoyed mine with shredded wheat, banana, pb, and chilly macadamia nut milk. So good!

We watched two epidsodes of Sex Education season two, and they were so good! While the show has plenty of funny scenes and sex obviously, they bring up a lot of good issues and address serious matters. Highly recommend it!


After sleeping a glorious 10 hours, I believe, we finally got moving shortly before 10:00. While the sleep was ah-mazing, I hate to feel like I slept away part of my day!

Breakfast was a bowl of Greek yogurt with banana, hemp hearts, and pb along with a blueberry muffin that a patient’s wife made. Reminder: you can eat food that you don’t know the ingredients of and not feel fear.

I was craving movement, but I wasn’t sure for how long. So I began with a 10-minute Cardio flow then added a 10-minute Strength Training. I thought I chose a 10-minute Mindful flow, but it was 30 minutes long. I was grateful because I definitely had it in me to do that much, and it all left me feeling refreshed!

I got ready and enjoyed a slice of pizza with cuke, carrots, and hummus for lunch. I then went by Mahalo and tested out their new drive thru! I got an amazing hot coffee then headed to Cruze Farm.



I went to their East Knoxville Asbury location, and it looked so pretty with all the decor. Paris Woodhull designs these Knoxville maps, and I adore them! You may recall she did the amazing wall mural for Petro’s Market Square location that Matt and I visited last year.




They gave out a free beebee cone if you wore your pj’s as it was National Cereal for Breakfast Day! I chose their Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and it was perfect.




I then went over to Kaci and Drew’s and spent some time with her, which I loved. I ordered my first dress from notPERFECTLINEN upon Kaci’s suggestion as she has two. I’m so excited to receive it! They always send fabric swatches with your order, so I took inspiration from what Kaci did with her first order and glued them to my Barre3 tote bags. Love how they look!

I snacked on some yogurt and trail mix that Kaci kindly gave me.


I also bought a Cruze Farm red gingham neck tie/headband that is so cute. I love all things accessories.


I also recently shared these vintage-inspired bobby pins in a Friday Favorites post, and I received them on Saturday. They’re beautiful! My makeup artist from my wedding, who I just love, said she has them. I feel even more stylish. 😉


I tried one, and it holds very well and adds a pop of fun.


For dinner, I made us each a salad and had my leftover steak with potatoes and ketchup while I made Matt a chicken burger.


I believe I had a snack but must’ve not taken a photo. Whoopsies. We watched the final episode of Sex Education, and I think a third season is in the works or at least I hope so!


We slept in again, and it was glorious. I made us Shakshuka using our leftover tomato sauce from making the vegan meatloaf and rose marinara. I added salt, pepper, Italian herbs, and garlic. I began by sauteeding frozen onion and marinated artichoke hearts, added the sauces and seasonings, then a few handfuls of spinach before the eggs went into their little wells. Topped with freshly grated mozzarella with a side of potatoes. This is a go-to brunch for us now, and I’m no mad about it one bit!


I wanted something sweet, so I had some of the sea salt chocolate with my coffee. Perfect combo!


Loved this message!


I did more laundry and dishes then hurried to get ready to meet with Kaci, Drew, and Axl for a hike! Matt was kind and helped work on a friend’s truck.


We went to Baker Creek Preserve, which we hadn’t been to before. I broke in my new hiking boots! I can feel it in my shins some from walking in them for the first time I believe. But they are very comfortable and a terrific purchase.


A lot of the grounds were under construction as it is being revitalized and should be quite amazing. They have a ton of mountain bike trails, so we and Axl had to constantly be on the lookout for them. Axl takes the turns wide because he’s a smart pup who knows to look for humans on wheels! We twinned in our sunnies, jackets, and hiking boots. 🙂



Our fearless leader!


That blue sky. ❤


We were right by SoKno Tacos, so we decided on a whim to get an order to go. Thank goodness for food freedom because spontaneity is the best!

One each Thai portobello and tofu for me plus chips and supah hot salsa. Next time I’ll stick to the medium. Haha


I was still a little hungry, so I had two Oreos with Cruze milk. Classic!

Thanks to Kaci for the inspiration and motivation as she painted her nails beautifully, I painted mine after getting home and showering. I need to paint them more often!


My girl!


I made Matt a salad with Dr. Praeger’s chik’n tender sandwich.


As for me, I enjoyd leftover tuna noodle casserole with veg and guac. Not a great photo, but it was tasty.


We didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but I looked up some of the commercials. Loved the Avocados from Mexico and one with Ellen and Portia for Alexa! I wasn’t a fan of the halftime performance. Not my cup of tea, but to each his/her own.

Snackage included apple, yogurt, and seed butter.



I had fun with patterns on Monday and paired my bow-print J Crew sweater from Planet Xchange with my midi skirt, animal print flats, and gingham scarf.


One of my new bobby pins to top off my look.


I had the best surprise when my mother-in-law and step father-in-law text that they were down at Mahalo! So I met up with them and enjoyed a wonderful visit. It was only too bad that I had to return to work. 😉



Here’s to a stellar day and week ahead!

Tell me: Did you watch the Super Bowl? What were your thoughts on the halftime performance?


10 thoughts on “Mother Nature Gave Us a Taste of Spring

  1. I woke up so excited for this travel day because it meant I got to read your blog!! *happy dance*. This week I have been really craving sweet treats with coffee, so that cinnamon roll is leaping off the page!! You guys have the best little coffee shops and bakeries. That throwback pic is adorable ❤ Okay, rose infused pasta sauce- what is this like?! The pizzas are making my mouth water. Yes yes salty sweet fan here! And I so agree- I feel like I’m always eating because my body just operates that way. I’ll eat, feel full and inevitably be hungry again a couple hours later, I used to feel like that was wrong because growing up we always heard “ snacking is bad” or “only three meals a day” in general nutrition culture. Much has changed since then with more understanding of the way the body works, but it’s important to acknowledge those conditioning ideas are not accurate, and respecting your body is done through intuitive eating!!! So thank you for that reminder! I have never heard the cutting into uneven pieces idea- but, genius! Shoot, I’m in the sky and some pics aren’t loading, but I can’t wait to see the rest of your eats and your nails when we get on the ground! Thanks for sharing : ) So fun to read this!


    1. Thank you so much for your sweet enthusiasm!! I love having something sweet with my coffee some days too! We truly have the best coffee shops. Thank you! 🥰 The sauce was so good! You could detect the subtle wine flavor, & we thought it was seasoned well. Love that you’re fan of salty sweet too! I’m so glad my little reminder resonated with you!! We do have to challenge these thoughts because they are so deeply entangled in society. It is a great idea, & I’m glad Kylie shared it! I hope you have a very safe flight!! ❤️❤️


      1. Ohhhhhh Rose like the wine, I was thinking the flower and was trying to imagine how that would taste lol!! 😆

        Thank you so much- made it back safe and sound. Now to find the motivation to get some school work done 🙃


        1. I should’ve explained it better! 😆 Rose-infused would be…weird I imagine. Haha

          Great!! I sure hope you can knock out a good deal of work!


              1. I’ve never had it, but it sounds lovely! Perfect for a spring bridal/baby shower or gathering, you know? In a pretty pitcher with rose petals floating. 🌹


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