New Hairs + A New Local Coffee Shop

Hello amazing people! I certainly hope your week is going very well. I apologize for not getting this out sooner, but I’ve been working with a wonderful dietetic intern, so obviously I want to give her my full attention.


I started the day with a quick but enjoyable breakfast: overnight oats made with Greek yogurt, milk, a splash of Chobani hazelnut creamer, and an apple + cinnamon and puddle o’ pb on the side.


My amazing hairstylist gave me a lovely cut; my first since deciding to grow out my pixie! We trimmed my bangs to sit straight and tapered on the sides rather than swooped, trimmed my neck, and removed some extra weight off the back. Didn’t trim any of the length, and our plan is to keep growing out the sides while trimming my neck until they reach the same length. Then it’ll be on to rocking a shaggy bob. On the left was in the morning and the right was after my cut.


Top was in the morning and the bottom was post-cut.



Dinner was ran-to-the-dom but good all the same. I heated a cup of Minute rice quinoa blend and split it then topped it with cooked green beans, white beans, split a chicken burger with spicy brown mustard on top, and then we added some Siete jalapeno hot sauce. Not fancy but nourished us.


Later I enjoyed a mug of shredded wheat with beet powder, pb powder, and milk. Plus I had my herbal tea with honey.



We slept well but in a bit later than I expected! Toast with mozzarella, an over easy egg, and jalapeno hot sauce, toast with jam, and sauteed spinach with extra virgin olive oil and EBTB seasoning.


After I got ready and went to The Golden Roast’s second location grand opening. It had lightly snowed and looked so pretty!




I loved the interior! All of the teals were singing to me.


I chose their drink special, “Love Shack”. It was a chocolate cortado with pink foam and sprinkles. I couldn’t taste any chocolate or sweetness, but it was good! Love the sprinkles.




I chose their dill apple tuna salad in half a pita with chips. So tasty! Something I would have struggled with in the past would be to have two sandwiches in one day or to eat an egg and meat at lunch. All silly rules that I somehow adopted but have now shed. Even now as I am quite a bit in my intuitive eating journey and away from my past disordered eating, I still have moments when I celebrate a win like this.



A bathroom selfie because why not? It was a cute space! I love when effort is put into a restroom to look really pretty and lovely.


Also, I feel like I look like a long-lost member of The Beatles with my haircut, and I’m not made about it!


Loved this hutch!


How fun is this old grinder and this kettle?


I wanted something sweet, so I ordered this sugar cookie. The label was so fun and made the cookies look fancy! The sweet barista said she had to put a label that they were, in fact, cookies because they looked like coasters. Ha!


I went by Earth Fare to find some deals since all stores are closing for good. I found Schar GF deli style bread, carrot protein bread, cauliflower tortillas, decaf coffee, and soups.


After visiting with Kaci and Drew, I came home and took care of some tasks before making us a quick dinner. I warmed leftover vegetables, heated our wraps in the skillet before rolling them up with mashed avocado and hummus, and some cherry tomatoes on the side.


Plus a mug of carrot ginger cashew soup. My meals were kind of lacking this weekend, but that’s part of it. Some will wow us and some will not be much to speak of, and that’s a-ok.


Matt was kind enough to make us both a big smoothie, and I topped mine with shredded wheat, crunchy nuggets, and chocolate chips. I convinced him to watch Space Jam with me, and I loved it! So nostalgic. He had said he didn’t like it, but he laughed a number of times. Are you a Space Jam fan?!


Partly through I wanted to try my decaf coffee, so I brewed a cup and added a splash of Chobani hazelnut creamer. So good!



We slept in until the nine o-clock hour I believe, then we got to work making our breakfast. I mashed avocado with beet powder and lemon juice that I then spread over a slice of the GF deli bread for us each, sprinkled with EBTB seasoning. We both were on the struggle bus with our eggs! I cooked two sunny side up over wilted spinach with jalapeno hot sauce, tomatoes, and a cutie on the side.


I then setout to make Alexis’ Tart Cherry Orange Pistachio Bread while I sipped my cuppa Joe. I was a nincompoop and didn’t pay attention that she called for dried cherries, so I used fresh, which turned out beautifully. I also was lazy and didn’t zest our oranges, but the taste is amazing!


I’m proud of my little loaf!


I enjoyed a slice before going over to Kaci and Drew’s. Kaci and I made a Target run, and Matt came over and helped secure their new dishwasher. Unfortunately, they had to buy a new one because their current model bit the bullet. The guys who delivered it said they would have to drill new holes to mount it, but Matt, per usual, figured it out in five minutes with no other drilling needed!

Once we were back, I ate this bar and some carrots and hummus.


Then we had a litle modeling session to capture this beautiful bleached flannel by Black Byrd Jewelry. I love it! I purchased it when I went to The Golden Roast. They had some makers present to sell their gorgeous goods.


Had to model my Barre3 tote with Not Perfect Linen patches.


And finally my Mahalo tee!


Kaci is always so fashionable!


Axl Rose hung with the ladies and got some photos too. He loves his mama!


❤ He kept trying to lick on us both! All the love.


Love my girl and our times together!


Kaci kindly gave me one of her Sanpellegrino sparkling drinks that I sipped on while on my way home.


Once I got home, I got to work baking us each a fancy pizza for National Pizza Day. Gotta celebrate! I added artichoke hearts to both of ours, and then we had alltheveg on the side.


I was on a roll, and I made Alexis’ Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cups. They’re delicious!


Dessert was Love Grown Comet Crispies out of a pb jar with milk and an apple.


We started watching a new short series on Netflix called Night on Earth, and it’s fascinating! I love nature documentaries. Unfortunately, we were in denial for Monday and went to bed late. Then Rachel wanted me up early, so not much sleep for moi.


However, breakfast was fantastic! I had fluffy scrambled eggs over wilted spinach with EBTB seasoning and jalapeno hot sauce, cherries, cottage cheese, and a warmed oatmeal muffin.


Kaci so kindly let me borrow this beautiful blazer she bought from a thrifter. Horrible lighting but fun outfit.


That sums up my weekend fun, and I’ll be back on Friday with a fresh favorites post to share!

2 thoughts on “New Hairs + A New Local Coffee Shop

  1. I LOVE how creative you are with your meals. It’s inspiring me to be a bit more creative with mine… Ha, ha!
    Also I hadn’t realized that Chobani made coffee creamer until I was at a different supermarket today. And I found some and bought the caramel kind. And then I just read your blog and was all excited that you mentioned Chobani coffee creamer! ha, ha. I can’t wait to try it!!!
    Your outfits are all SO cute in this post, as is your hair. Loved your blog post from start to finish. 🙂


    1. I appreciate that very much, Nicole!! Oh man, the caramel sounds delicious! I normally love black coffee but every now and then like to add a little flavor. I also love to splash the creamer over cooked oatmeal, in cereal, a smoothie. It adds such a depth of flavor to these meals. 🙂 I so appreciate your kind comment, and I hope you have a fabulous day!


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