Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday! To anyone who celebrates it, happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂 We don’t acknowledge it much, but I love to have fun with the red and pink theme. Other than that, ’tis another lovely Friday to us.

First up is Lil Bub’s out-of-this-world coffee. It is amazing! Sweet Lil Bub left her earthly body in early December, but even in her passing, she’s still working hard to help fur-babies in need. We were both so very pleased with this robust, balanced, flavorful coffee. Highly recommend it!


In continuing with our coffee theme, Kaci and I saw these Clif Bar flavors that sounded quite delicious. We each bought one box and shared the two flavors. My only question is if one bar has the caffeine content of one shot of espresso, will I be awake at bedtime if I eat it later in the day. Hmmm, time will tell!


You may recall when I shared I was accepted into Kodiak Cakes’ RD Program, and I have been enjoying my involvement! Unfortunately, Matt hasn’t been able to try anything because Celiac. Such a bummer. I found this cup at Target for him to enjoy. He said the flavor was really good, but it didn’t cook up quite right. A friend told me to measure the liquid versus using the fill line because it can sometimes be too much. I made a cup that was the perfect consistency, so I’ll be getting him another to try!


How adorable is this mini waffle maker?! Also, Jax photo bombing is so stinkin’ cute! Since I have three full-size boxes of Kodiak Cakes pancake mixes, I will be hosting a girls’ brunch with Kaci, Sara, and Susan. I did not want to use our waffle maker for fear some of the gluten would not be fully cleaned off such that Matt could become sick when he used it. So I snagged these cutie at Target for $10.


Speaking of mini things, look at this adorable beebee basket! I got it from a local vendor that was setup at The Golden Roast’s opening.

While I truly enjoy my coffee black, I love to add a flavored creamer at times for a fun change of pace. It also is wonderful over a bowl of cooked oatmeal, added to cereal/yogurt/smoothie, in overnight oats, and so on. This flavor is so tasty!


For dinner one evening, I jazzed up a box of Modern Table Meals vegan mac ‘n cheese that turned out wonderfully. I cooked it on the stovetop according to the instructions and used macadmia nut milk, butter, and added more freshly shredded sharp cheddar. I then mixed in roasted broccoli, divided the pot among two ramekins, sprinkled GF bread crumbs on top, and baked them. Felt quite fancy for a box mix. 🙂


Kaci so kindly allowed me to borrow two of her super pretty and comfortable sweaters from Val’s Boutique here in Knoxville. I love them! The orange was such a cheerful color, especially since it’s been so rainy and dreary.


This green color is so pretty, and the ruffles matched my mustard macrame earrings perfectly!


I think this stool or end table is so cute! I didn’t bother asking about the price because I know we don’t “need” it. It’s for sale at one of our vintage shops.


I’m so excited for this book to arrive! Katherine and Jay Wolf share how their lives forever changed when Katherine suffered an almost deadly brainstem stroke at 26. I started following her on Instagram, and she has such a positive, real, amazing outlook on life.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend, and I hope you all have a fantastic one! Thanks for stopping by, and as always, please feel free to share any favs or finds!

**This post contains affiliate links, but all ideas and opinions are my own.**

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