Love Is in the Air

Hello and happy Monday! I sure hope your weekend was filled with fun and love.


I began my day with leftover pizza topped with Siete hot sauce, wilted greens, two sunny side up eggs, and cutie.


I was craving sweet, so I had some local salted chocolate with my coffee. Wonderful choice!


I wore a somewhat themed with dark red tights and some pops of pink in my dress.


These memories warm my heart so much!!


Look at that leg extension!


Despite what his face looks like, Mason was purring up a big storm! I miss our big, brave boy.


He was always at home in my arms, and I always felt so much peace.


Sweet baby Jackson! Look at those tootsies.


I snapped this on Friday morning of our princess. Almost without fail, she snuggles in my lap every morning. ❤


I think this was taken on Valentine’s Day 11 years ago. We were youngins.


Lastly, Friday marked six years as a Registered Dietitian!


Despite being exhausted, Matt and I went out to dinner to celebrate. This was just over a month away from his Celiac Disease diagnosis. 😥


After a great day at work, my sweet friend Andrea and I went by Mahalo for their special of buy one drink and receive one for free! I chose their Red Velvet Beet Latte, and she got a caramel latte. Both with pretty hearts!


I wasn’t feeling like cooking, but with the need for GF, finding delish take out is a chore. We decieded to order from Broadway Market, and they did not disappoint. I chose their vegetable soup, salad, and grilled sweet cornbread. Matt had a chicken poke bowl and gave me a few bites.


For a dessert, I thoroughly enjoyed a banana split with cinnamon, Greek yogurt, pb, and Love Grown Comet Crispies.


We decided to watch Zombieland: Double Tap, and we thought it was really funny! I don’t usually pay attention to ratings because they don’t always align with my thoughts. I loved the first movie, and this one gave me some good laughs.


I went simple for breakfast with fresh cherries and frozen wild blueberries thawed in the yogurt a bit, cardamom, and tahini.


I had a slice of the carrot protein bread from Earth Fare toasted and topped with strawberry jam.


Those morning snuggles! I started to read my book, Suffer Strong, and already the words are very powerful. I need to devote time each day to read!


I got ready and met Kaci and Drew at their place to go on a lovely hike. I ate a Clif Bar, carrots, and cucumber before we left.


SnapChat for fun.


Twinkies enjoying the great outdoors!


This tree was bent very funny, and it looked like an “F”.


We found these random stairs, so we took turns posing with our trail guide, Axl Rose!


We hiked for about two hours, and I think we went 3.5 miles. It felt so good! It was very chilly, so I should have layered more. Live and learn.

I ate some of Drew’s woven wheats and pb because I was a starvin’ marvin when we returned. Was just what I was craving!


I went grocery shopping at Ingles for a change of scenery, and it was fun because they do have some different products than Kroger. I found some good things!

For part of dinner, we had tomato red pepper soup with freshly grated mozzarella, which was so delicious.


Then a huge salad with Ingles rotisserie chicken salad, pickles, and…drumroll…GF croissant! It is made by the brand Schar, and it actually was made with wheat that was said to be processed to meet the GF standards. I had to do a double check and read the label carefully because there have never been GF products that contain wheat. It tasted amazing!


Dessert included apple, Crunchy Nuggets, butter toffee pecans, and milk. The apples I bought are rather bruised. 😦 I tried to check the bag well, but I guess I need to improve on my produce quality review.


We went to bed around 11 and slept well, thankfully.


I received twelve free Kodiak Cakes Strawberry Chocolate Chip cups, and I made one for breakfast. I used milk and measured it versus using the cup’s fill line. It cooked up beautifully!



I had a banana and pb on the side.


I also received all of these goodies courtesy of Bakery on Main! I submitted some of my favorite oatmeal creations using their products to participate in their Instagram contest, and I was so grateful to win!


I showered and got ready to spend the afternoon with Kaci as we checked on our lake house. Matt and I split bagged salad that I added greens to plus a slice of the carrot protein bread with hummus.



I also bought two boxes of Girl Scout cookies from one of my sweet friends, and I enjoyed a few Samoas with decaf coffee as we headed to the lake house.


Thankfully, despite this awful rainy weather, it looked good! You can see the sticks and debris along from one side of our cove to the other where the water came all the way up into the yard. Kaci and I are going out next weekend to clean the whole yard.


Had to get a few photos together. 🙂


Her hair got in my face, so I tried to gently put it to the back. Unfortunately, my ring snagged it, which of course made me cheese. She wasn’t impressed with it. Hahaha


I wish we could’ve just stayed, but sadly, we had to make our way back. We enjoyed Red Hot Blues with hummus and then I got a few carrots to finish off my hummus.


We snuggled with Axl, Jax, and Rachel, and then she headed home. Matt and Drew had been working all afternoon on installing a sump pump into their basement because anytime we have really heavy rains, it floods horribly. I hope this helps big time! I love that we four can be there for each other.

I got off my peach and got to work on house tasks and meal prep. I roasted two each sweet potatoes, bulbs of garlic and sheet pans of vegetables: carrots + parsnips and broccoli + Brussels.

I baked chicken thighs marinated in Greek vinaigrette that we enjoyed with a sweet potato half seasoned with cinnamon and the roasted vegetables.  It was really good!


After putting away laundry and prepping food for today, I settled down with a chopped apple, Greek yogurt, powdered pb, whole meal ground flax, and shredded wheat plus herbal tea with honey. It was just what I was craving and needed to feel nicely full.



I enjoyed a bowl of Bakery on Main’s Maple Multigrain Muffin oatmeal made with milk + water and topped with pb and chia jam that Matt made on Saturday evening. I enjoyed my banana on the side. Matt mixed warmed water, strawberry jam, maple, and chia seeds together and allowed to congeal over night. It’s delicious!


That sums up our fun weekend! I love a combination of plans, spontaneous plans, fun, and downtime. It seems this weeekend had a combo of all of the above. I sure hope your week is off to a great start! Please feel free to share in the comments any fun you had and/or delicious food you enjoyed.

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