Much-Needed Twin Weekend!

Hello, and happy Monday! While I’m truly grateful for every day that I wake up well, I wish I could rewind to Friday. Last weekend was so fun and so needed!


I began the day with an oatmeal muffin made from this stellar oatmeal cup, and I topped it with Greek yogurt and pb. So good!

My look for the day. πŸ™‚

This popped up on my memories, and I had to re-share it. That crimped hair was s’cute!


I had a great day at work then made a Target run. I resisted this avocado pinata, but how cute is it?!


I found a lot of goodies including this limited edition Larabar. I was super hungry, so it was extra tasty.


I cared for our sweeties, unloaded my purchases, packed to stay with Kaci for the weekend, and I grabbed food provisions for dinner and the weekend. Drew went hiking with his dad and a few others, so it was a girls’ weekend! Matt came over, and enjoyed dinner with us, though, and it felt like old times. Loved it!

Dinner was soybean-based pasta with Aldi pumpkin pasta sauce, cheese blend, roasted eggplant, and a salad mix. I ended up getting some more sauce. We watched Jeopardy, which we used to do together as well, and my heart was happy.


Kaci played around with her Memoji on her phone, and we were in tears from laughing so hard! She upgraded her phone and can make her Memoji mimick her facial expressions, and it was just so hilarious. I needed that laugh! It also partially removed my mascara for me. πŸ˜‰

Kaci received a year of Disney + for free with the purchase of her new phone, so we watched Sleeping Beauty. I just love Maleficent! She’s so evil and wicked but fascinating.


After sleeping well and enjoying a banana with pb and a mug of coffee, Axl, Kaci, and I loaded up to pick up some amazing pastries from Wild Love Bake House. They always have so much to choose from that I feel overwhelmed! So I got an assortment.


I had this smoked salmon croissant that was in-credible.


Kaci enjoyed this butternut squash savory croissant, and we saved the other two for later.


After running one more errand, we loaded up to head out to the lake house! Axl was not pleased when Kaci had to run into Wal-Mart. He loves his mama!


I enjoyed this while we finished the drive out there.


My heart and absolute pride and joy! I sure am grateful for this piece of heaven on earth.



Kaci captured these next several photos on her fancy shmancy lovely iPhone 11.


Sweet Axl Rose!








Keeping the ducks at bay.


We enjoyed a later lunch before getting to work. I had some leftovers from the night before plus this plant-based queso with carrots. I ate an apple, then it was time to tackle the yard.


A great deal of branches, leaves, and debris had collected from the storms, so we rolled up our sleeves, got out our rakes, and we moved so much up to the burn pile!

We relaxed on the deck in the sunshine before deciding to run to the store once more for a snack. We packed well but did forget a few things. As we were pulling out of the driveway, we saw a number of deer!



Stepped back in time. There used to be a Piggly Wiggly in town, but it closed years ago. This store is located in Spring City. I saw a number of overalls and heard some heavy accents, but it was so fun to shop there.


I grabbed this peach-flavored Hint water and really enjoyed it!


Snack time when we returned: blue corn chips with gouda cheese. Mmmm mmm

We played Kings in the Corner, and I won all three games! We watched Cinderella, and despite seeing it so many times, I loved watching it. Love classic Disney movies! They must’ve put up another cell tower because our service was awesome. We could stream movies without any problem.


Not great lighting, but this meal was spectacular! Kaci brought TJ’s barbeque pulled beef and TJ’s grain blend, and I tossed together a bagged maple bacon salad kit + avocado. So much flavor!


I decided to pick up two oat milk-based Chobani cups at Target, and I tried this one with some pb. It was ok. A bit runny and different, but it was fine.

We watched The Little Mermaid, and again, loved it! I don’t care how old I get, these movies bring out the inner child.


One of us couldn’t hang, though. He was a big help keeping the geese and ducks away! Plus he whittled a stick or two. πŸ˜‰



Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep *as* well as I normally do out there because it was so cold. Kaci is tougher than me apparently, but I just hate being cold.

She got up a bit before me and captured this amazing sunrise! I wish I had been up to witness it. It looks so magical.


Despite staying at the lake house so much while growing up, I never witnessed the birds feeding across the lake. It was amazing! So many birds dove and caught minnows and such for their breakfast, and it was like watching a nature documentary.

I made an oatmeal cup with Cruze milk and topped it with pb + an apple on the side. I loved this flavor!


Thanks to Drew, we now have a stove-top percolator and a drip coffee maker out there! We forgot coffee filters, so I gave this a shot. ‘Twas fun and tasty.


Axl kept a close watch on the bird activity all morning. Is he not adorable?!


We watched Dumbo while we sipped our coffee, then we showered and ate lunch. We split the last croissant and the remainder of our salad. We also dipped carrots into the queso, and then I had my half of the fruit tart with sprinkles that I got at Wild Love.



We must’ve taken 6+ cart fulls of sticks and leaves to the burn pile plus we carried bigger branches by hand. I was so thankful Kaci suggested we spend the weekend cleaning up the yard ourselves. We do use a fabulous yard service company during the summer months to make sure she looks well-cared for and nice, but getting out there to do some work ourselves gave us pride. Kaci took these after we were finished.



I dusted and vacuumed the house while Kaci washed the dished. With sadness in our hearts, we packed up our things to head home. I’ve always dreaded leaving.

I think it’s safe to say that Axl had a blast!

Once I got home from Kaci’s, Jackson inspected the laundry situation. He’s my laundry helper!


Rachel was just interested in burrowing herself underneath the pile. Ha!


I made a quick plate of nachos by microwaving thick shredded Tilamook sharp cheddar over blue corn chips then topped with salsa. This was exactly what I was craving!


I later got a mug of Cruze chocolate milk to sip on while working on a DIY craft I hope to complete soon.


But these munchkins made it hard to make any progress! It’s okay, though. They’re allowed to interrupt m to cuddle and be by my side. ❀ ❀


For dinner, I made myself Shakshuka with the leftover pasta sauce simmered with sauteed onion, roasted garlic, fresh spinach, and the last of our pasta. I topped my eggs with Siete hot sauce, and my gosh, this meal was amazing! Matt had rotisserie chicken over a lovely salad, and he gave me a bite of his while I gave him a bite of mine. Sharing is caring!


Sweet Rachel snuggles. ❀


I forgot to snap a photo of my snack, but it was a banana with cinnamon, crunchy nuggets, and almond milk out of our pb jar.

I slept very well thanks to being nice and toasty. Jackson didn’t bang on the blinds when I was gone, but he was back to it! Something about mama being home. πŸ˜‰ I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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